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Get the denons ! I think the top end is smooth, real smooth.I see they are getting $350 on amazon, paid $220 for mine a year ago on amazon. Or better yet look for a used pair on here, plus they may even be broke in (about 200 hrs) . Lots of good used items on this site, and I think most people take good care of their gear. just bought a used amp (stepdance) on head-fi , So happy with it I sent him a thank you card.he also just sold a pair of the 5000's. The 2000's are...
f 900 try the Comply tx 400 tips.I have pretty normal ears and I am using the large ones.I own the whole line of monsters.(turbines,pro golds,coppers,and miles Davis) I am in love with all of them coppers or miles Davis are my favorites,depends what I'm listening are missing out on some amazing sound.
family system - chevelle lucy - candlebox bleeding me - metallica links 2 3 4 - rammstein fine again - seether mr jones - counting crows wax ecstatic - sponge
have you sold it yet? I live in oakdale, no need for shipping.
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