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So all things equal, SB Touch EDO Plugin connected to D2, the USB will sound a bit better than spdif?
Thanks. Any reccomendations on USB cables?
Thanks to everyone for your great insights into the D2.   Anyone using a Touch with EDO Plugin, do you think an Audiophilleo (or similar device) would be needed or is the jitter reduction enough on the D2? Also, Are are you using USB or Spdif?   Thanks!
Thanks Robert. I appreciate your experience with the Havana. I am not surprised by your findings with the OIMP. Several people have reacted the same way even with other gear. Chris strongly recommends the OIMP be used with CuFT or TFTF bypass caps. I have heard this combo in another DIY project of a friend, and the result was magical. That is also why some prefer bypassing the stock Havana cap with Vitamen Q's. Scott Faller likes this much better than the V-caps....
Thanks to everyone for sharing your mods and enthusiasm. It seems this thread has perhaps lost it way from the reasons why we were attracted to the Havana in the first place.    So to change pace a bit, I was wondering if some mods sacrifice the natural strengths (musicality, midrange, seductiveness) of the Havana. I want to upgrade some key parts from a quality point of view but still keep the authentic Havana sound. For example, some have changed the .47uf cap next...
Just wondering, what would be the benefit of having two sets of RCA outputs on a DAC?
That would be most interesting. Somebody, please!
  Regal, I asked Kingwa and he replied: "RE9 has DC serve to keep the DC offset. But it also built by exact match transistors, the DC serve can cancel don't has trouble for most gears. The RE9 is non-balance version of the RE8 but RE8 is slight new design."   What does that mean?   Thanks for your help, I am still trying to decide if it is better to splurge on the Reference 8 even though I will using it SE. 
  Can anybody verify this?   If true, it might be worth for me to buy the Reference 8 even for SE use.
I also want to purchase a Reference 8 or 9 to go with a Decware amp before it is too late. I also had settled on the Reference 9 due to having no need for balanced output. Now I am unsure as well. 
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