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Anybody here used the A1 or A2 with the Anedio D2? It uses the U2 (xmos) inside. Trying to find out if it would be worth it to try the Audiophilleo.
What cable are you referring to?You might to play with your speaker toe-in. My soundstage increased but the center stage is rock solid. I find Johnny Cash American Recordings IV, V, VI are really useful to tweak the centre stage as you adjust toe-in.
Yeah, it surprised me too. I bought into all the nos/tube dac hype and I really, really wanted to like it. I bought the best tubes and good cables, but when I upgraded my amp (Decware Torii with v-caps) I realized the source was not good. My Zu Superfly's are pretty revealing as well and it quickly became apparent the Havana was the weak link. Actually the analog out of the touch was much better. The Torii has some innovative tone controls and with Anedio, I can actually...
Received my D2. Definitively magnitudes better in every way then the Havana with Bendix tubes. The transparancy is so beautiful. No more over bloated muddy bass. Most interesting though is the treble. So much smoother and refined. Now I see the Havana was very harsh. Also handles complex music far better. About 100 hours so far. I am going to order an Audiophilleo 2 and need to decide if I should go with the PurePower battery option. Philip says how much the effects of...
My Anedio will be arriving this week I hope..
Still waiting for mine to be shipped. Anybody using isolation feet? Are the feet screwed on or threaded?
Me too!
It is primarily a digital volume control the same as the NAD, they just over engineered it to make sure the digital signal is never truncated too much which could become audible.John Darko's review of the D1 explains:
I was in the same dilemma as you. Nad 51 or Anedio D2. I am going with the Anedio which to me looks like better volume control implementation, better USB implementation and better all round specs if you compare them side by side. I like the looks of the Anedio better and the satisfaction from supporting a cottage designer. Also, I really want to use EDO with SB Touch. Can't do that with NAD.
Awesome, I wonder how quickly they will sell out. 
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