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Audiophilleo and PurePower on the way!
The Anedio has a much better USB implementation than the WFS. Other than that I think it is personal preference. The WFS to me sounds a bit slower, heavier but in the way of lacking transparancy and openness. I love the sound signature of Decware and First Watt amps: fast, tight, open and transparent. I feel the Anedio is in this category. The sound is lit up and energized, super tight bass and really smooth highs. The WFS reminds me more of the old McIntosh sound: bass...
Thinking more about the Aqvox. I use balanced power, I wonder how much of a difference it makes. Equitech claims in one test, balanced power reduced average jitter by 1/2 and peak jitter by 2/3. I know nothing about this stuff. Anyone else using balanced power?
I was running spdif but from this thread I learned about the EDO app and now run USB and it is slightly better. I have never had the privilege to hear mega buck dacs like others here, but I love what I am hearing now. Maybe ignorance IS bliss!
The D2 with SBT and EDO is the best source I have heard (I have had a WFS DAC-2; Havana with the best tubes; Wadia 121 and also a Rega pass through for comparisons). For my system and preference the D2 is the most transparent and realistic sound I have heard on my 2 channel system. No glare or harshness. The other Dacs all seemed a little clumsy and muddy with the Decware Torii with V-Caps feeding the Zu Superfly's. This amp is so revealing and transparent, that it...
  Tried it tonight for a listening session. I discerned no difference with a mid level Belkin USB cable. 
Received my Aqvox power supply. After a couple of days I honestly can not hear any difference. So either the Anedio D2 USB is really well designed or the SBT USB power is pretty clean. I am using DH Labs newly designed USB cable. Note, I have no cans but by my two channel system is pretty revealing.
Anyone using a Aqvox or Vaunix with their Anedio?
Any idea on when the new Legato will be ready?
I agree, but still am tempted to try an Audiophilleo for fun. I can't even say the USB sounds better than the SPDIF. Both sound the same to my ears. However, I have no cans, just a two channel speaker system. All I know for sure, is that SBT + EDO + Anedio D2 is sublime.
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