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Actually, I followed the K267 thread for a good while and decided to pass on those after many people complained of very shoddy construction.
Justin can you please remove me from the East Coast list? I'm afraid It'll be a little too close to when I'm supposed to go off on vacation. Thanks!
Razordog's Ebay store is selling another open box HE-400i for $419 shipped. I'd jump right on that had I not smashed my car up yesterday
 My stock Chinese tubes never sounded right, in fact there was always a faint buzzing sound coming from one of them. If you think the Western Electrics are good, you should try out the Tung-Sol 5654, they are still my favorite of all the tubes I've rolled (GE 5 Stars are a very close second) and sound fantastic with vocals. Best part is they are pretty cheap.
Thanks for the new code...$4.45 is better than $6, but 6 ain't too bad. And unlike you gents, my wife actually liked it when I showed her the picture...It'll probably still end up being a workout/yard work shirt.
Shame Headroom doesn't have the HE-400i in stock...that would be a helluva deal.
Finally decided to sell my like new Fischer Audio Oldskool 33 1/3 on ear portable headphones. This is the limited edition that comes in wooden box and outer sleeve. They have been very gently used, less than 50 hrs on these and they've never even left my house. Adult owned, dust/smoke fee home.   Very fun signature, can be driven on almost any device and still sounds great.   Check out Flysweeps review here:...
PM sent
  I don't think you have a point, I think you're just being a little whiny. Conspiracy? Really?? You lost me there. I was even considering passing one of my spots to someone else, but your posts in both threads has put a bitter taste in my mouth. I fully intend on spending as much time as I can with both demos and posting thoughtful impressions after the trial periods.
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