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^ It's definitely possible, but will require a lot of masking tape, an X-ACTO knife and plenty of patience. I botched the paint job on one of my builds and decided to fix it after I was halfway done with the soldering. A bit messy, but it turned out fine.
 Very much so! It's the least "tubey" sounding of all my tube amps, but it's got just the perfect amount of smoothness and everything sounds very fleshed out and musical. Especially running the HD 800 balanced, loads of detail but still dynamic enough to get my head bobbing and toes the extra gain really adds a lot of meat to the low end. I suspect (and hope) this will be the last amp I purchase for quite a long time.
I recently sent back a HE-560 demo that I was fortunate to hold on to for a couple of weeks. The HE-560 is a really special headphone, but at the end of the day I wasn't too terribly sad about sending them back once the HD 800 was put back on!
No trades, sorry
For sale is my like new Darkvoice 3322 tube amp. I am the original owner. I've taken very gentle care of this amp, it's hardly ever left my bookshelf. I've never had any issues with this great looking and sounding amp, and has driven most everything I've thrown at it very well. Also, this thing is built like a tank! I bought it new from the Darkvoice ebay store for $500, plus $48 for customs import fees.I'll cover shipping, buyer covers Paypal fees unless gifted. CONUS...
double post
Really cool video about the HD800. I wish they would also post a video of the "lesson" where the guy was drawing on the graph paper, I bet that was also very interesting. Stopped watching when they got to the Urbanite though because I couldn't care less.
Funny I recently hooked a portable amp up to my Dualshock 4 along with the HD 650. My wife looked at me funny with an amp sitting in my lap and me covered in cables and adapters. Not very practical but it was pretty sweet.
+1 that is a good deal.
The 339 is a gorgeous sounding OTL amp, especially with the HD 650. I can vouch for the Tung-Sol 5998 as I use it in my Crack/Speedball. They are expensive, but the bump in detail and resolution is truly significant.
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