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^same. Apparently the Canada tour is indeed complete.
Reading things like this is not helping! I have been considering this deal all day, the only thing stopping me is the fact that the last thing I need on my shelf is another friggin' amp!
I was thinking the same thing. With the massively discounted HD 700 last week along with sales across the entire HD line, I wonder if there may be a new flagship (or perhaps a new planar) in the pipeline that they may be getting ready to announce? That would be nuts.
Well to be fair, bdavidson said he just went ahead and bought the HE-560. But now it looks like I'm going to have to mail the East Coast HE-560 to Canada which is probably going to cost much more than I was expecting to pay. Though I can't complain too much, I've been having a great time so far listening to these.
bdavidson just informed me that he has dropped out of the tour. So I will contact Zida next.
 Edit, didn't realize there are two East coast pairs now... so maybe I should send mine to GloryUprising? I will also contact Chen.
I would also love to hear more on this- Could the HE-400i be a replacement for the HD 650? Or would you still hold onto the HD 650? @MattTCG?
 +1 for tubes = cream.
I personally use the HRT MSII+ with the Bottlehead Crack/Speedball along with the HD 700 and I love it. Very musical, spacious and detailed. In addition, the spikey treble has never been a big issue for me. I had the O.G. HRT MSII a while back, after I upgraded to the MSII+ I've never felt the need to upgrade my DAC at all. It's a very good combo with the entire Senn HD line, IMO.
  Just listened to the first track on my HD, so good. When the vocals come in mid-way through I got goosebumps.
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