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That's good to hear. I tried them on the Sonett 2 last night in low impedance mode and it was eye opening. They came alive big time, but man the bass was so boomy it was frankly too much. I ordered a Fiio E11K since it's mainly going to be for work, hopefully it will be a good pairing since the TH-X00 is pretty efficient and don't need gobs of power. Plus the hardware bass boost if I feel like getting nutty. Also, after ~1 hour the pads are getting hot as hell now. I may...
Haha, I just got home from work to find these waiting for me. But I can let you know tomorrow! Edit- My office is fairly quiet most of the time, and many of my coworkers also wear headphones so I don't anticipate leakage in or out being much of an issue.
 I've only been listening for about 30 minutes, but I can confidently say that I'll be selling my K553's and keeping these as my work headphones. The mids trounce the K553. A lot more forward and liquid sounding. I'm not a basshead, but the TH-X00 is quite a lot of fun so far. Makes the bass on the K553 seem thin. I'd say this is a very tasteful basshead can. Soundstage is almost as wide as the K553 but not quite there. Still a little closed in but who knows maybe that...
My UPS also shows scheduled delivery for Tuesday between 2pm and 5pm. For anyone wondering it's really easy to electronically "sign" for your package through the UPS app since it is signature required.
I just got my shipping info/tracking. I was in the 700's.
 Me too, man...
Username "Xann"   -I'd like to see a drop for the Hifiman Edition-X or Mr Speakers ETHER/ETHER C
Charge just hit my credit card as well. That would be sweet if we get shipping confirmation emails tomorrow or Wednesday.
I'm good for one but I'm still curious- I've actually still not found any factual information that states that warranty on massdrop headphones (which as far as I can tell is dealt with directly through Fostex) is not transferable to a different owner. If you can provide anything that states otherwise, I'd be grateful. I've searched and the info is incredibly vague.
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