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I don't really understand what the importance of getting a low serial number is...people really care that much? Do they sound better or something?
Thanks for the insight Jude! I've actually owned the HD 650 twice, and it is indeed a wonderfully scalable headphone so my expectations are now at a more realistic level.Even on the best setups though I've always felt the HD 650 bass could be just the slightest bit tighter. Would you say this is something where the TH-X00 excels?
The TH-X00 is limited to an initial run of 1950, so it may not be readily available if you decide the dt1770 isn't for you. The massdrop deal will definitely sell out today.
Considering Jude's review said that he'd comfortably recommend them at double the price, I'm very much expecting these to perform better than the HD 650. Although hype can be a powerful thing. In a perfect world these will be more fun (and much more comfortable) than my LCD 2. Worst case, they shouldn't be too hard to re-sell at minimal loss.
Screw it, after I read (or at least gathered) that Jude seemed to prefer the TH-X00 bass to the LCD-2 pre-fazor, for that price ...I had to bite.
Nah. My buddy had a similar setup. I like it.
No, I would not be sitting that close. I'd be 6 ft away, using wireless keyboard/mouse. Mostly for gaming/streaming is all. 
I've had my eyes on this set to use as a computer monitor. I wish there were more reviews but it was released just for doorbuster sales. From what I understand it's similar to the m-series but with cheaper materials to keep the costs down. Best Buy is also selling this one for $999 on BF. 
Last year Sennheiser USA cleared out their open box HD 700 stock for ~$320 on Black Friday. I'd keep an eye out for that. Absolute steal at that price. Very fun set of headphones.
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