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Shame your audio prices are so high there...but at least you have some of the most gorgeous women in your country  (My wife is Ukrainian)
This topic has been beaten with a stick in the HD 800 thread. If you go back to January 2014 in the posts, the same rumors popped up then too, and probably 2013 as well. If there is a new Sennheiser flagship announced, you'll know because the head-fi.org servers will crash.
I've personally never heard any output tube that sounded close to as good as the Tung-Sol 5998 does in the Crack. The only other tube said to best the Tung-Sol 5998 is the GEC 6AS7G brown base, which have ridiculous mark-ups and are quite expensive. I've never heard the GEC, however. I got lucky and found some 5998's on ebay for a good price...worth checking every now and then. There is also a good thread worth reading through on tube rolling over at the Bottlehead...
 I had a load of tubes with my Crack and if you want to pull out a lot of detail but still maintain the warmth of the HD 650 my favorite by a good margin was the Tung Sol 5998 / Tesla 12AU7 combo...it's amazing and worth the cost IMO. If you want even more detail and are willing to spend a bit more the Mazda CIFTE is a detail monster but a bit leaner than the full sound of the Tesla. If you like really smooth mids and nice full soundstage the Tung-Sol 12AU7's are no slouch...
That's awesome! Happy to hear you are enjoying the Crack, it is truly a fantastic amp. As much as I love my Sonett 2, I still miss listening to the Crack sometimes, which I've never done with any other previous amp. The TS 5998 just steps it up into a whole other level. Enjoy it! 
Those cans look much better on Stevie Wonder's head than on Jude's (no offense to Jude)
 Well, sure I'm with you on the good business part, but Sennheiser has quietly made changes in the past right? They changed the old HD 650 black drivers to the new silver ones...but they didn't call it anything else but a HD 650. And from what I understand there's debate on whether or not changing the drivers really did much of anything sonically (veil vs non-veil argument). Some people have claimed that early HD800's don't sound quite like the most recent HD800's, so...
All's I know is that I've been in this hobby for over 4 years now, read a lot of BS and seen crazy hype come and go. I've heard some of the most expensive headphones in the word at various meets, and at the end of the day the HD 800 is still one of the best headphones I've ever listened to, and strived to obtain ever since I first head them at my first head-fi meet.   All this talk of a new update/flagship is exciting, but also silly considering every CES everyone seems...
Price drop!
I agree. More information and impressions would truly be a glory to behold.
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