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Has anyone tried the leather/lamb skin ZMF pads on the TH-X00? Just curious because they seem pretty similar, but a little bit smaller than those massive alpha pads. 
I think its just a matter of getting used to the Fostex house sound. I like these quite a lot in stock form now. Yesterday I listened to some older (late 90's/early 2000's for the EDM kids) Chemical Brothers and Crystal Method albums and I forgot just how deep and nicely textured the bass was on a lot of that stuff.   Trip Like I Do is like having a 5 minute ear massage    
For sale is a good condition used AKG K553 with brown HM5 memory foam pads. They have a few hundred hours on them and come with box and accessories. The stock pads are NOT included, but trust me the HM5 pads are a huge improvement over stock pads. So much so that I gave the stock pads away because I'd never use them with these again. The HM5 vastly improved comfort and improvement in bass texture as well. Very open and holographic sound for a closed can. Few very minor...
They are very far apart in terms of signature and performance but I find them to be wonderful compliments to each other. When I want complete neutrality, world class detail retrieval and massive soundstage, I listen to the HD 800. When I want fun and musicality (and that bass) it's the TH-X00. Oddly though I've found both are not nearly as forgiving with bad recordings than the LCD-2. I still prefer the LCD-2 for all my Jazz albums. TH-X00 is awesome with rock and electronic.
If they are smart they will definitely do more runs. This co-worker seemed a little annoyed when I explained the whole limited massdrop thing. He didn't understand why he couldn't just go online and order a pair. Considering the mostly positive response of owners, including a glowing review from The Verge, these could be a huge seller for Fostex.
I've been loving these at my office, and their performance at lower volumes. I'm really glad people that said these would have terrible leakage were wrong. On a side note, I've been getting a lot of compliments and interest in these at work just from the mahogany cups. I even let a non-audiophile coworker try them out the other day, and he was floored. I noticed his computer later that day and he was checking out the Fostex website
Now that I've spent some time with the HE-1000 demo, I'd love to try out the Edition X next. 
The HE-1000 have arrived safely. Shame this is turning out to be the busiest possible week for me to demo these, but I'll try to get as much listening time as possible.   Initial out of box impressions:   -Packaging and presentation is slightly underwhelming for a TotL flagship. -Cable is fine, I like that the balanced cable is super long. I love the mini plugs, very easy to connect in and out of headphones. -Headphones themselves are very striking and gorgeous in...
I agree that the pads aren't nearly as bad as people are making them out to be once you rotate them to fit your ears properly...though they do get pretty hot after a couple of hours use.   Actually I dislike the cable more than's already getting kinked and twisted up real bad near the Y split, no matter how carefully I wrap the cable up. It's way too long for portable use too.
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