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These haven't been in the hands of many people aside from the few reviews on the first page. 99% of the people posting here have not heard them yet. 
  I got a case of FOMO when I saw them go from 200 to 700 in about a half hour. But also realize this headphone will no doubt get multiple runs. And multiple like new units hitting the for sale threads.  But I want mine now, so just order the first run anyway and be done with it.  
PM sent
I'd love to know this as well. I asked a few pages back with no answer. Google didn't turn up much either.
There will ALWAYS be somebody here that knows more than you. And ears that hear everything better. That much will never change, no matter what you own.
Haha...my wife doesn't know. And she won't know...until the big box from massdrop hits the doorstep. Then I'll tell her not to ask questions this close to Christmas.
Forgive my naivaté, but are warranties not transferable for items purchased through Massdrop?
This is really encouraging to hear, coming from others as well. It sounds like it may actually be a substantial upgrade to the original, more than just a piece of felt. It will be interesting if there are some who prefer the sound of the original over the "S" as more impressions roll in.
 Nice. I'm in. I keep re-reading these early reviews and the wood cups are just too gorgeous to pass up. I really can't wait to get these on my head. I was in the 700's when I jumped in, maybe I'll get #777 and win the Powerball.
I agree, and this is exactly why I'm firmly on the fence now. The HD 650 on the Crack/Speedball could damn near be endgame for many people. The TH-X00 would be a fun "side-headphone" for me, but I'll also never use it as a portable. But knowing that it's at least on the level of a well driven HD 650 isn't making me as excited as I was when I saw the drop hit this morning. I may still cancel while there's still time...Grizzly you may get one step closer to your 0001 edition ;)
New Posts  All Forums: