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Speaking of tubes, has anyone had the chance to try the ridiculously expensive 6n30p-dr in the Sonett 2? The few impressions I have been able to find online are pretty hyperbolic...and this was a few years ago when they were $100 each instead of $250 each
Talk about hype! Now you've got me very excited ...and my wallet shriveling up in pain...
 I'm very calm. I thought you were the paranoid one ;) And yeah, my job requires me to read hundreds of news sites, including IGN, so I kind of have to be into it. Anyway, back to the deals.
 No my problem is your condescending attitude. And they report on new games, movies, tech...last I checked that's called news.
Ah, so you're also an expert on the credibility of news sites that have been around for 15+ years as well? How did we ever get along without you?
Jesus you guys are paranoid. The sign up is right there on the front page of Jet.com. And as a correction I read the article on IGN.com, I'm pretty sure a site that big wouldn't report on a pyramid scheme. http://m.ign.com/articles/2015/01/13/jetcom-is-doing-to-amazon-what-costco-did-to-walmart But yeah nobody is forcing anyone to sign up, so like...don't if you don't want to.
Hm, really? I read about it on Gizmodo or Verge...figured it was legit. I still signed up with my secondary email. Eh, I don't really raise eyebrows until they ask me to put in my cc info
If you guys haven't heard of Jet.com yet it's worth checking into. It's kind of like an online Sam's club or Cosco and they say all their prices will be 7-10% less than the lowest prices of Amazon. I don't know yet if they will offer headphones/audio equipment, but if you sign up in the next 20 days you get a free 6 month membership. Otherwise I believe it is $50 a year.   Worth a shot...here's the 6 month sign up link:   https://jet.com/#/ji/cnzmj
^ true they are bigger but to be fair, I'm guessing the Asian model in the OP is probably a somewhat smaller girl. They look a little more reasonable on this gentleman.       However if you've ever heard the similarly sized Orpheus, you'll know that cup size doesn't amount to a hill of beans when listening to world class TOTL sound (if they in fact sound as good as early reports).
+1, though very finicky fit in my experience. Takes some work to get a proper seal with smaller heads. But sound remarkably open.. very punchy bass for a AKG too. Great bang for the buck headphones IMO.
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