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Holy Crap, $324 for HD 700 is unbelievable. Had to get another one.     Edit- $348 after tax, still unbeatable.
I think most of you won't regret your HD 650 purchase... that's a killer price on those and worth every penny IMO Still holding out for a killer HD 800 deal!
They are the only headphones I've never sold. And I've owned and sold A LOT. $315 was a no-brainer. $350 is still good. Sorry for your wallet, brother...
The Amazon Momentum deal is $85.75 after tax. Meh, I've been looking at these for a while but they seem to go on sale a lot lately. I can hold out longer.
^best HD650 deal I've seen in a good while
bump, somebody buy this
Sorry, cash only.
Yes, it's indeed great. Even without my DAC (I'm currently visiting family) the Sonett 2 / HD 650 combo sounds natural and full bodied. Bass is tight, mids are sublime... and the biggest difference initially to my ears is a much deeper soundstage. Even more so that my Crack/Speedball. I'll have better impressions when I get home and more time to spend with it. But I think I'm completely smitten with this combo.
Another happy owner of a Sonett 2 (thanks to Mink70) I'm not even at home to test it on my home rig, but I can already tell this could easily be my endgame amp. Now I've got my eyes and ears set on a balanced HD800....   Great amp, and pictures don't do it enough looks even better in person!
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