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Nice...I love Lana Del Rey. Definitely going to give her new album a listen to on these tomorrow
I've been listening to a lot of Jazz, Metal and Electronic on them.Some standout tracks are Valerian by Kelpe...really well produced track and was the best soundstage I've heard yet on the TH-X00. Fire Forever by Adagio...the double kick drums are just badass. Anything from Bill Evans Trio has sounded sublime.Others were saying the TH-X00 wasn't the best for vocal music but I've very much been enjoying Elizabeth Shepherd quite a lot on these. Her voice is very in your face...
So after around 15 hours of use now the bass is already starting to shape up. I pretty much let them run all day even when they weren't on my head. It's without question becoming tighter and more textured, and I know it's not my imagination...out of the box these things were much more boomy and loose in the low end. The burn-in is definitely real with these. This is also causing the soundstage to open up a little more, and it's really sounding pretty great now.   I'm...
Not to mention all the built in filters on smart phones, and apps like snapseed that can dramatically make to wood grain look to have much deeper contrast/tones than in real life. I can make my cups look bright orange or deep walnut depending on the filter I'm on.   Honestly, though the cups look pretty fantastic no matter how they are photographed. 
Can someone post a pic or two of how they look with the Alpha Pads? Sorry if it's been done already, this thread is moving pretty fast, especially with the hour-by-hour shipping updates from people. :p
Also, is anyone else finding that these sound really good at a lower volume? Reminds me of the LCD 2 in that respect, able to maintain a full body sound with nice detail at low levels. I listened to the TH-X00 in bed last night straight out of my iPhone 6 at a reasonably low volume and my wife said that it didn't bother her at all.   My wife also loves the wood.
That's good to hear. I tried them on the Sonett 2 last night in low impedance mode and it was eye opening. They came alive big time, but man the bass was so boomy it was frankly too much. I ordered a Fiio E11K since it's mainly going to be for work, hopefully it will be a good pairing since the TH-X00 is pretty efficient and don't need gobs of power. Plus the hardware bass boost if I feel like getting nutty. Also, after ~1 hour the pads are getting hot as hell now. I may...
Haha, I just got home from work to find these waiting for me. But I can let you know tomorrow! Edit- My office is fairly quiet most of the time, and many of my coworkers also wear headphones so I don't anticipate leakage in or out being much of an issue.
 I've only been listening for about 30 minutes, but I can confidently say that I'll be selling my K553's and keeping these as my work headphones. The mids trounce the K553. A lot more forward and liquid sounding. I'm not a basshead, but the TH-X00 is quite a lot of fun so far. Makes the bass on the K553 seem thin. I'd say this is a very tasteful basshead can. Soundstage is almost as wide as the K553 but not quite there. Still a little closed in but who knows maybe that...
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