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Hm, really? I read about it on Gizmodo or Verge...figured it was legit. I still signed up with my secondary email. Eh, I don't really raise eyebrows until they ask me to put in my cc info
If you guys haven't heard of Jet.com yet it's worth checking into. It's kind of like an online Sam's club or Cosco and they say all their prices will be 7-10% less than the lowest prices of Amazon. I don't know yet if they will offer headphones/audio equipment, but if you sign up in the next 20 days you get a free 6 month membership. Otherwise I believe it is $50 a year.   Worth a shot...here's the 6 month sign up link:   https://jet.com/#/ji/cnzmj
^ true they are bigger but to be fair, I'm guessing the Asian model in the OP is probably a somewhat smaller girl. They look a little more reasonable on this gentleman.       However if you've ever heard the similarly sized Orpheus, you'll know that cup size doesn't amount to a hill of beans when listening to world class TOTL sound (if they in fact sound as good as early reports).
+1, though very finicky fit in my experience. Takes some work to get a proper seal with smaller heads. But sound remarkably open.. very punchy bass for a AKG too. Great bang for the buck headphones IMO.
Oh, no need to apologize, that wasn't directed to at you...it's just cropped up so many times now I had to make a general rant. Nobody will talk about it in a few weeks and go back to enjoying the HD 800!
 I know it's in the eye of the beholder and all that, but man these are some gorgeous headphones. The folks over at BMW DesignworksUSA should have done a little more research when they were designing the Audeze EL-8.
Yup, this has been confirmed by members of the trade/contributors as well as people contacting Sennheiser directly. The HD 800 is not going anywhere anytime soon. This is just baseless hearsay that absolutely refuses to die. For the sake of my sanity I wont speak on it again.
My guess is people don't memorize the entire number, but at least know the general number. Like I know mine are in the 17,000's so it's 17xxx. But since I'm wearing mine I can tell you that it is in fact 17587...otherwise known as the "magic butter mids era" run. Just please don't tell anyone.
^ true dat. Just go look at the thread dedicated to most overrated headphones. Pretty sure almost everything is listed there.
Welcome to hype-fi. Sorry about your pre-order.
New Posts  All Forums: