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Not sure if this is troll bait or not, but I think they sound fantastic and couldn't disagree with you harder. In fact, they were my exclusive go-to cans for electronic and jazz for a long time even while owning the HD 650, which is one of the most tonally correct cans out there. ****ing on the HD 700 on head-fi is so passé.
My guess would be like new.  But seriously, I'm fairly certain they come with at least a 90 day warranty. These prices are VERY good, don't kick the tires just buy it. You can always resell and get all your money back if you are that remorseful. Sennheiser almost never has deals like this. Once a year if we're lucky.
lol, right? For me, the comfort alone is worth at least $175. Most comfy headphones I ever owned.
Holy Crap, $324 for HD 700 is unbelievable. Had to get another one.     Edit- $348 after tax, still unbeatable.
I think most of you won't regret your HD 650 purchase... that's a killer price on those and worth every penny IMO Still holding out for a killer HD 800 deal!
They are the only headphones I've never sold. And I've owned and sold A LOT. $315 was a no-brainer. $350 is still good. Sorry for your wallet, brother...
The Amazon Momentum deal is $85.75 after tax. Meh, I've been looking at these for a while but they seem to go on sale a lot lately. I can hold out longer.
^best HD650 deal I've seen in a good while
bump, somebody buy this
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