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Yes, this is the only cable that I have with the LCD-2.
Selling these to fund my ETHER purchase. The cups have a few scuffs and a few tiny chips of paint missing which can be seen in pictures. This is common for used HD 800's, but they are in otherwise perfect working condition. I've owned them for about 2.5 years now. Smoke free/dust free home. Includes stock cable and box. No trades, please. Price includes shipping and paypal fee to anywhere in the US.
Selling my 10/10 condition LCD 2 (non fazor) and 6ft balanced XLR Norne (previously Norse) Audio Vanquish cable. Both the headphones and cable are in pristine condition and sound fantastic. The cable measures 6ft and is incredibly soft and flexible. The rosewood cups have been kept polished and are in excellent shape, not a scuff or scratch. No trades, please. Comes from a smoke/dust free home. Price includes PayPal and shipping to CONUS.
PM sent
I see, thank you for the informative post. I'm new to using portable devices to play hi res audio and didn't realize that the audio is converted to PCM. The most I've ever used on my iPhone is Spotify and Tidal. I'll play around with some other players other than Vox this week and see what results I get.
Isn't Tidal HiFi supposed to stream at a higher sample rate than Spotify premium? I'm using Vox on my iPhone, playing files hat I can confirm are 24/96kHz and DSD but I've never seen the power light change to any color other than bright red. Maybe I'll try another hi res audio player.
Gave that a shot, but still only showing red no matter what sample rate is playing. I may try and contact Chord directly.
Is my Mojo defective? I just picked one up and when it's connected to my iPhone via the included micro USB cable and CCK adapter from Apple, the power light stays red no matter what sample rate is playing. I thought it was supposed to change color based on what files you're listening to? I've tried Spotify, Tidal HiFi, FLAC and DSD on my iPhone 6+ and the ball light is always displaying red (44kHz) I've tried searching for similar issues and haven't found anything. Am I...
I'm looking for a used Hifiman Edition X (HEX) in good condition to buy or trade for my HD 800 + some cash.   PM me for details/pics. Must have feedback.
But but the mahogany is so pretty...why would you??
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