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^ very nice finish...Looks great!
You bring up some valid points, but as I listen to the HD 650 on the Bottlehead right now I also can't help but feel sorry for you  But seriously, I do agree that their showing of "awesome new Momentum colors!!" at CES was disappointing to say the least.
Really good deep bass in this one.
 Fixed that for you.
 Yes. Just my .02- I had zero soldering experience before my first build and I never owned a multimeter. I practiced on a couple of spare wires I had laying around just to see how the solder behaved. The directions are very clear and concise, as long as you pay attention and take your time it's hard to screw up. I only measured half of the connections with the multimeter because I became impatient. So I just turned it on and the tubes glowed and I didn't smell smoke. Maybe...
According to the rep at HFM, they are actually phasing out the HE-400 and HE-500 after the new models are released, so I'm sure there will be crazy good deals on the old models once the new ones come out.
haha, no nothing like that. I've just owned several pairs. One had faulty drivers which I replaced, another I messed up during my very first attempt at recableing. The drivers are cheap enough that it wasn't so bad, though. Good learning experience ;)
They are extremely easy to open up, I did it several times to replace the drivers. As long as you don't yank the drivers out all crazy and rip out the wires you'll be fine. Nothing to it really. Just a couple of screws.
Nothing against having a really nice fancy cable, especially if you're all about looks...But for the same amount of money, just the base Crack build would have done much, much more to scale up the sound quality
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