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Only Shiit I've ever heard is a Magni/Modi, it sounded fine especially for price/performance but it doesn't effortlessly push the HD 650 the way the Crack does. It sounds amazingly dynamic and musical and fluid all at the same time. I try to stray from hype but it really is great. Even more so than my more expensive Darkvoice amp. I've read that the bass is markedly tightened depending on the tubes used in the Bottlehead (I haven't done much tube rolling yet). It's even...
Remiss indeed and no, certainly not biased at all! *ahem* But really, I still very much want to hear the HD 650 on the Lyr. But I can't imagine how it would/could possibly pull me away from my Crack addiction. And I still haven't even upgraded to a 5998 tube yet
I wouldn't use anything over $50-$75 for exercising/biking because you're asking for it in just a short time. I've literally peeled cable sheathing apart like a banana on some IEM's because of sweat and dirt.   I chuckle when I see bros at the gym using beats and other on-ears while pouring sweat. I'd hate to sniff those pads.
I was going to comment on some of the air of entitlement going on in here as well, just...maybe not as harsh.
I have to second what Tjj226 Angel said about the Ultrasones. I found them to sound out right offensive, especially given their price tag. Some of the worst treble I've ever heard on a headphone.
Last I heard April 5th is what it's leaning towards. Though, I can't say that's officially set in stone yet.
I've been very happy with my HRT Music Streamer II+ for a long time. Far from laid back, it was a huge step up from my old Music Streamer II. Makes the old MSII sound super tame. I've also heard the Modi and ODAC and neither made me sway my opinion for better or worse. I also find it to be a fantastic match with my BH Crack.
Dude! You just got the HD 650 and you want to upgrade!? Listen to what most people are telling you and ENJOY your current set up. The HD 650 is a flippin' great headphone! Seriously...sit down right now and listen to some music with them. That's not advice, that's a prescription. If down the road you really want to try something different and/or want to work towards an "end-game" setup, then get the HD 800 and be done.
There's going to be a meet in Charlotte, NC in early April....perfect timing, plus a fantastic place for a lot of people to demo the new models....just sayin' HiFiMan! 
^ +1
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