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Thanks, Justin! I'm looking forward to trying the HD 700 finally. The opinions on it are all over the map. Guess I can formulate my own opinions soon.
Loved Super. Hugely underrated superhero movie. Loved the scene with the brain surgery/tentacles.Can't wait to see what James Gunn does with a huge budget for Guardians of the Galaxy.
I used to use my K702 pretty much exclusively with classical and film scores, but I'm finding the HE-400 just sounds more musical as opposed to the more analytical nature of the AKG's. Soundstage is still king on the K702, but for pure enjoyment the HE-400 is really fantastic.   The HD 650 is just too laid back for classical IMO, sounds nice but it puts me to sleep in a few minutes flat!
I'm starting to like the HE-400 more than my beloved HD 650. Especially with electronic music and classical.   Only downside is that they are far less forgiving on lossy music than the Senns.   Edit- I haven't lurked here for a while, so sorry if this is redundant!
  Oz: Great and Powerful (2013)   4.5 / 10   Only thing that kept me going all the way through was that it was a Sam Raimi film, but man this movie made Tim Burton's newer stuff look like masterpiece theater. James Franko is a low-rent Johnny Depp in this, and Mila Cunis was laughably bad as the witch. CG was all over the place too, some was decent, other parts looked like they were short on time and had to throw something together in a couple of...
I have a pretty good idea of what the Momentum sounds like, but I have no idea what to expect from the HD 700...and I'm very intrigued!
  I thought the same thing, especially the final showdown. I'm pretty sure Zod and Supes did more damage in the final showdown than the whole of The Avengers third act.   I say let Zach Snyder reboot a live-action DBZ movie next!
  8.9/10   Always been a fan of Zack Snyder's style of film making, and it almost seems as if this was the movie he was always meant to make. The battle between Zod and Superman in Metropolis was ****ing insane. The slower and quieter moments were also very nicely done, even made my wife cry at one point. The Krypton stuff at the beginning was simply stunning, Michael Shannon was incredible and scary. Lois Lane was miscast, though. No chemistry at all between...
The last Crack kit I ordered had a shipping error, so shipping was free. Though I much rather would have liked a free Speedball upgrade!
They look really nice and super comfy...I wonder if they would also fit the HE-400? I've never bought anything through Tenso but I'm considering these..
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