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Selling my Grado SR80i with wood cups. The cable was repaired where the y-split had come apart. There is also a crack on the bottom of the right wood cup, but you can't see it when wearing the headphones. Both drivers work and they sound great.   Asking price covers shipping. Add 3% for PP fees, unless gifted.
Selling one of my custom SPC (silver plated copper) cables for the Sennheiser HD 650 / HD 600. Used 99.99% pure silver plated copper, royal purple nylon sleeving, gold plated Cardas termination and a 1/4" gold Yarbo plug from Germany. Measures a little over 4 feet. Looks and sounds great!   Asking price covers both shipping and paypal fees.   International Shipping available for additional cost.
I've never seen a Fast n Furious movie...not a one. But seeing an airplane ejaculate a car from it's tip in the trailer made me think perhaps this is the one to watch... Couldn't care less about the characters back stories.
Funny, there is a discussion going on in the Mad Dog thread about EQing the HE-400 (?) I've never used EQ for headphones before, but I imagine the HE-400 is a nice place to start. Would anyone here care to put up a screenshot of their favorite EQ settings for the HE-400?
Anyone here have experience with the HE-400 on tube amps? Does rolling tubes improve the bass slam? Or does the bass on these improve over time?   I'm asking because all I've read about the HE-400 is how amazing the bass is. It's quite good, but I must admit, after a long time with my K550 and Mad Dogs, I'm somewhat disappointed. It's definitely detailed, but it lacks the punch that I'm used to on the other cans. I'm also using the velour pads, in case anyone is...
^ I agree mostly although I'd say in terms of clarity- properly driven, the HD 800 is leagues beyond the K550. Haven't heard the T1 yet, so I can't comment there. It does help that the K550 is one of the most "grain-less" I've ever heard though. Makes my Grado SR80i sound like sandpaper.   Though out of all the headphones I've ever owned the K550 constantly surprises me. I'll spend a few weeks away from it, then I'll put them back on and just be amazed that I ever...
I'm selling my extra Q701 / K701 / K702 stock cable from AKG. It is lime green color about 10 foot in length. Comes with 1/4" adapter.   Price includes paypal fees and shipping.
Disagree... not sure if you guys may be listening to some early run, low serial K702's, but I A/B the Q701 and K702 extensively today and I heard absolutely no difference whatsoever. And my K702 have hundreds of hours of "burn in" time while the Q701 has about 5 hours on it. So maybe I need 100 hours to hear some kind of change??   Such is head-fi.
Damn, if I lived there I'd start scoping out Goodwill around that area every few days if people are bring equipment like that in...must be a pretty well-to-do hood if people are donating thousand dollar amps and SACD players all willy-nilly. All we have in our Goodwill stores around here is...crap.
I'm looking to buy a v-moda audio only cable for my Mad Dogs, preferably in red.   They are currently sold out on V-Moda's website, but if anyone has one they aren't using I'll happily take it off your hands.   Thanks!
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