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Ah, good ol' Chappelle. What ever happened to that guy? I'M RICK JAMES, BITCH!! Sorry, couldn't resist.
Just get a HD419 and throw your HD650 drivers in it. I'm sure it'll sound awesome.
I'm in real trouble, then. I'm not even in my mid-30's yet and I already feel completely out of touch with guys that are 5+ years younger than me. I look at these guys walking around in tight jeans and their ridiculous hair half covering their face and I just shake my head and think, man...that's really what's "cool" now??   My wife is always listening to pop music in the car, and I'm always turning it down or even off while muttering how it's all "garbage"
Diablo III was really good, though I got bored with it much quicker than I did Diablo II. Probably won't mess with the expansions this time around.
I agree, 3 hours went by quick because the story was just so good, and the characters were so interesting. Still, Pulp Fiction remains my most favorite Tarantino flick. But after seeing Django a second time, I'd say it's a damn close second.   Samuel L. Jackson's character totally reminded me of Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks cartoon lol. I'm willing to bet Tarantino has probably seen at least a couple of episodes of Boondocks...   My favorite exchange between Django...
You can bend the band, but it's not recommended as you can permanently jack up your headband. As Tim3320070 said, try the rubber band trick. Works like a charm for me...
Nice meet, everyone. Great gear.   Looking forward to reading others' impressions in the impressions thread. Nice talking to many of you. Good to put real faces to computer avatars ;)
Great meet, guys. Definitely some of the best sounding setups I've ever heard in the meets I've been to. Thanks again to Fatcat for getting the room reserved and putting it together.   My biggest standouts/quick impressions:   1. Jade headphones. Jade headphones. Jade headphones. I agree, amazing. Those with DannyB's Moth 2A3 amp could very well be endgame for just about anyone. 2. Senn HD650 on the Bottlehead Crack amp really surprised me (now I know why...
I plan on bringing my Nikon D5100 and taking some nice shots of the gear for the post-meet impressions too. Must always have pics!
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