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There's going to be a meet in Charlotte, NC in early April....perfect timing, plus a fantastic place for a lot of people to demo the new models....just sayin' HiFiMan! 
^ +1
I understand the excitement over the HE-560, but I REALLY want to hear more about the HE-400i. If it's a clear upgrade to the HE-400 I'll be there day one. The HE-400 is pretty much my go-to can for electronic music, so if they tweak the treble a tad and keep improving the already superb bass I will be one happy man.   The reduced weight would just be the cherry on top!
 Many would disagree ;) But really, cables are the very last thing I'd upgrade, you really have a great setup now so enjoy it! If you really need to keep spending money, get a bunch of tubes and tube roll. Other than upgrading headphones, you'll be getting into diminishing returns territory for your cash.
 Yes, they are new K702 pads from AKG.
Something tells me there's going to be a lot of dirt cheap vFree headsets on Amazon in 1-3 weeks...
^ could this mean we may get some impressions soon?
So has anyone other than Steve Guttenburg listened to these puppies yet?? Surely there are some fellow head-fiers out in Vegas with tablets/laptops and decent wi-fi. The suspense is killing me. I want impressions, man!
Don't worry too much, the HE-400 is still a fantastic headphone. Besides, barely anyone has given the HE-400i a really in depth listen to post any real comparisons to the HE-400. And from very early reports, it seems the HE-400i and HE-560 both have different sound signatures than any previous models, so you may not even prefer it as much as HE-400 anyway. Customs charge does suck though.
Is it only when listening with the HE-400? I've only experienced some slight distortion in the low end on a handful of tracks. And it's mostly on overproduced pop songs anyway, so I suspect it's probably in the mastering. The chorus on Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey is one example off the top of my head. It gets a tad messy.
New Posts  All Forums: