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It's every bit as bad as the ending to A.I.   Still a good movie up until then. And Nic Cage is pretty solid in it.
Bradley Cooper was also in The Hangover movies and The A Team movie. That's all I've seen him in. I heard Limitless was good too.I thought Knowing was great up until the completely retarded ending.
Right, Paradise mistake! It's been canceled? I didn't hear that...that sucks. Oddly enough, that movie was supposed to star Bradley Cooper as Lucifer, who was also in talks to play Eric Draven in the supposed Crow remake, which too has (thankfully) been canceled. Guess Cooper can't catch a break lately.   I still think The Crow had just as much substance as style. The story may have been a simpler revenge tale, but the characters were dynamic (Brandon Lee was...
Dark City was a GREAT cult movie and suspiciously similar to the Matrix, though a much darker (no pun intended) tone. The director Alex Proyas is one of the most underrated directors out there, and his visual style is very dream like. He also directed The Crow, which is one of my top 5 movies of all time. He's directing Dante's Inferno next, which should be a nightmarish visual treat to say the least.   I love the fusion of film noir with sci-fi and I don't think...
  *Siblings. Lana (aka Larry) is no longer a "bro", bro....I vote we rename this thread "rate the last Matrix movie you saw"   j/k   Hobbit (2012) 7/10   Looked pretty, but was stretched far too thin. Reminded me why I don't care for the LotR films in the first place. Game of Thrones is a universe I'd much rather spend hundreds of hours in.
It took me several days to adjust to the sound of the HD650 as well, but I do believe you are the first person I've ever heard call the HD650 aggressive! It is one of the most laid back, chilled out headphones I've ever heard...unless you are just cranking the volume up to unsafe levels..
obviously, The Matrix trilogy can't be all that bad since someone manages to bring them up in this thread just about every single day...   For the record, I enjoyed all three.
Welp, see ya guys around mid-February!
I just stumbled upon this thread now..., this kind of thing really goes on around here, huh? I feel like I walked into a room and saw something I really wasn't supposed to see.
Yes, I love the HD-650 out of my Darkvoice...all smiles while listening!
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