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Really good movie. In college I was obsessed with Takashi Miike's films. Did a whole thesis on his films too. Happiness of the Katakuris and Audition are also very good. If you want to see just how f**ed up Miike can get watch Visitor Q.
Just passing this along, if anyone may be looking for a pair of Voskhod 6ZH1P-EV or Tung-Sol EF95 I'm selling some extras that I don't need...    
Selling off a few extra tubes I no longer need.   1 Matched pair of Voskhod 6ZH1P-EV military grade Rockets (Soviet tube) about 5hrs on these. Silver plate, D getter. (very punchy and in your face)- $SOLD shipped   1 Matched pair 5654w Tung-Sol silver plate, D getter 75-100 hrs. (one of my favorite tubes- warm, very spacious 3D soundstage) -$SOLD shipped
Good to see some newcomers!
Get a decent tube amp, the HD 700 sounds superb ;)
True, but even if I'd be partying all the time, I'd still be able to get a general feel if a headphone was just a little better, or leaps better than a previous model. What I find bothersome though is what Fang told him about the headband changing for the full production models. Hopefully it doesn't stray from the CES version too much...I dig the headband now that I've seen it from different angles
Also, there's a guy in the HE-400 impressions thread, with more pics, that is saying the HE-400i and HE-560 didn't sound like a huge upgrade from the HE-400 and HE-500. He didn't sound terribly impressed. And he was also told the headband is not staying they way they showed it at CES.
^ Loving this thread! Like watching a pack of hungry wolves!
I've listened to the Senn HE90 a few years ago in Chicago (it was Ray Samuels personal set at ChiUnifi) and I've also heard the Jade Electrostats. From my recollection the Orpheus HE90 had some of the smoothest and luscious mids I've ever heard on any headphone or speakers. Like a level 9,000 Super Saiyan HD 650. It's extremely intimate sound, and the bass was heavenly. Soundstage was good, but felt a little more closed in. Vocals were very forward sounding (and super...
The HD 650 was the only headphone I've owned that I wasn't concerned at all about burn-in because they sounded fantastic fresh out of the box. Whether or not you believe in burn in, it's definitely true that their sound improves very much (scales up) on better sources/equipment more than any other headphone I've owned.
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