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When was this? I didn't cancel your order, I'll be mailing it out today. Maybe it was another pair I was selling that I had already sold on head-fi? It's rare but it happens. Don't fret too much. PM me if you have questions
^ You actually bought my K550. The same ones I have for sale here on head-fi (check my signature). I'll mark them as sold, don't worry. Forgot I also put them up on Amazon! Haha. You got a good deal
SOLD pending payment...
Still for sale...
  10/10 Transformers, this is not.   I felt like I was 13 again, watching the original Jurassic Park in the theater for the first time. Guillermo Del Toro (Hell Boy, Pan's Labyrinth) has created such a rich and unique universe that I hope to god gets expanded upon. First off, I'm not a huge fan of giant monster movies. I did come for the tech, and oh my is the tech amazing in this. But I left actually loving the monsters and their various designs as much as the...
I bought these about a month ago for the sole purpose of comparing them with my K702. I found no real audible difference, so I am selling these back for the same price I got them.   They are in like new condition, about 30 hours on them. Box is a little beat up. All paperwork and warranty card come with it.   Price includes shipping within USA. Buyer pays 3% PayPal fees unless gifted.
People also tend to recommend/detract depending on what they themselves own/don't own, so really the best way to form your own conclusions by doing your best to attend meets and listen yourself.   Also, "absolutely destroys" is a pretty bold statement. A bit hyperbole if you ask me. But I understand that's your personal opinion. After having the HD 700 in my home for a time, I'd consider myself fortunate to own a HD 700.
Thank you, Tus-Chan!
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