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Just curious if anyone has had a chance to compare the HD650 with the Lyr/Bifrost and Bottlehead Crack?   I was at a local meet this past weekend and I tried the HD650 on Crack (no Speedball upgrade) and I must say I was actually floored...definitely lives up to the hype and now I'm ordering my Crack to build soon. It just energized the HD650...bass tightened right up and it was quick and full of life. If my Darkvoice makes them hot coco with marshmallows, the...
I didn't care for Bruno much. Nowhere near the hilarity of Borat. Bruno was mostly gay/penis jokes that usually fell flat (except for the ending which was exceptionally gay and pretty hilarious). Plus, most people were in on the joke in Bruno, and you can tell (you really think Paula Abdul would agree to sitting on a Mexican man otherwise?)   ...that's what made Borat so special...everyone thought Borat was totally for real.
Sadly, I didn't have a chance to try the HD650 on the LaFigaro (even though they were literally sitting right next to each other) but once I heard it on the Crack I was sold, and I seriously doubt the 339 would have changed anything at all.   I used to think that the HD650 sounded great on my Darkvoice 3322, and it still does, but damn that Bottlehead just energizes the HD650...I've never really understood or put much stock into the whole "synergy" thing, but I suppose...
YES. Another Crow fan. LOVE the first one. LOVE IT. Too bad the other movies and TV series sucked beyond comprehension. The one with Eddie Furlong was so bad I actually wanted to punch my TV.
Ah, good ol' Chappelle. What ever happened to that guy? I'M RICK JAMES, BITCH!! Sorry, couldn't resist.
Just get a HD419 and throw your HD650 drivers in it. I'm sure it'll sound awesome.
I'm in real trouble, then. I'm not even in my mid-30's yet and I already feel completely out of touch with guys that are 5+ years younger than me. I look at these guys walking around in tight jeans and their ridiculous hair half covering their face and I just shake my head and think, man...that's really what's "cool" now??   My wife is always listening to pop music in the car, and I'm always turning it down or even off while muttering how it's all "garbage"
Diablo III was really good, though I got bored with it much quicker than I did Diablo II. Probably won't mess with the expansions this time around.
I agree, 3 hours went by quick because the story was just so good, and the characters were so interesting. Still, Pulp Fiction remains my most favorite Tarantino flick. But after seeing Django a second time, I'd say it's a damn close second.   Samuel L. Jackson's character totally reminded me of Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks cartoon lol. I'm willing to bet Tarantino has probably seen at least a couple of episodes of Boondocks...   My favorite exchange between Django...
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