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Today, HD 650 new from Sennheiser USA- $291.00 shipped.
Congrats, the K550 is definitely an awesome starter headphone. I owned them for a long time and loved my time with them. Huge bang-for-the-buck headphones. Eventually you'll get a case of upgraditus and want to try more and different headphones. Plus there's a whole other world of amps...enjoy! Sorry about your wallet!  
I'm selling these great cans because it's time to clear out some inventory. They are in excellent condition and have very light use. It also has the leather "comfort strap". I no longer have the box, you are getting the headphones only with the stock 1/4" plug cable that came with them.   PRICED TO SELL...THESE GOTTA GO!   Shipping is included in price. Buyer pays 3% PayPal fees unless gifted.
I live in Charlotte, so count me in!   I can bring a couple setups including my Crack/Speedball with Senn HD 650
Thank you for the quick response, amcananey.
hey guys quick question:   I've built a couple of Crack amps, but for the first time I am having issues with loud popping/hissing. I've ruled out the tubes and I believe I've narrowed it down to the Speedball transistors (need resolder)   I'm just wondering how long I should wait before it's safe to poke around in there... does the Crack/Speedball need a long time to dump it's electrical charge after being unplugged?
Custom built cable using 99.99% pure copper cable from Canare, approx. 2.5 feet in length. Very durable and good looking cable.   Price includes shipping and PP fees.
I didn't bend it too much, but I did use the rubber band trick to pucker the pads, which helped. In the end, as much as I like them, I decided to let someone else (possibly with a larger fitting head) enjoy them. Also, I got Mr Speakers Mad Dogs which made the decision a lot easier.
That's because the K550 really has no real clamping force. Some people bend the $h** out of the headband in order to get some clamping force. One of the main problems with the K550. It's a great headphone, I maintain it sounds amazing for its price tag, but I grew very tired of messing with the finicky fit.
When was this? I didn't cancel your order, I'll be mailing it out today. Maybe it was another pair I was selling that I had already sold on head-fi? It's rare but it happens. Don't fret too much. PM me if you have questions
New Posts  All Forums: