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Also, I know this is top 5 best, but if it was top 5 worst I'd now add Final Fantasy XIII-2 somewhere in there. I don't know if you can even consider it an RPG at this point. What a turd of a game.   God I hate modern Square games.
  Have they modded it to be as good of a game as Skyrim? If so, then maybe I'll try it again ;)
I think everyone here knows the LCD-3 is FAR from a POS, and I believe Francoy was just joking so no harm done!   I suppose I'm still getting used to the Audeze house sound. I spend more and more time with them at every meet, but there is still something that bugs me about the sound that I can't put my finger on, and I think it may just be the presentation. Someone mentioned that they sound like the music is being "funneled" into your ears and they may be right....
+2   I LOVE the HD 650 with all my heart, but I've heard a fully balanced HD 800 running on a Ray Samuels Audio B-52 and there is simply no contest. One of the most euphoric listening experiences I've ever had since I started this hobby. The HD 650 can't even begin to replicate the imaging.
I just looked this app up and read this in a review that made me lol...   "How good is it? I listened for about ten hours the day it was introduced, and also compared the Apple EarPods with the Dirac app directly to the $1,100 Ultrasone Edition 8 on an iPhone 5. The optimized Apple EarPods are better: far smoother overall sound, loads of deep bass with no fake bass boost, but with far smoother midrange and treble than the Ultrasone!"   I haven't heard the Edition 8, but...
  8.7/10 Really surprised me how much I enjoyed this one. Ben Affleck is always hit-or-miss for me, but he knocked it out of the park with Argo. It lives up to the hype. Good story, great acting all around. Affleck does a great job of building up the tension in each scene and keeps the tension building all the way up to the final act. Nice use of actual news footage from the Iranian hostage crisis in it as well.
I hated Oblivion. I thoroughly enjoyed Skyrim...put almost 100 hours into it. I guess they just got the formula right with Skyrim. I was just really drawn into the setting/atmosphere. Dragons were just the icing on the cake.
Wasn't Battlefield Earth about what Scientologists actually believe, or something? This is the kind of thing that makes me unable to consider actors like Travolta and Tom Cruise as noing more than clowns.
Would you recommend me installing it during my initial build, or am I better off installing it down the road? Shame you don't have a pair of HD650's to test it on!
  Uh, are you looking to pick up chicks at head-fi meets, or something? Probably not the best place, bro.   I think for a woman this hobby falls into the "geek" or "techie" category and is generally not what most women would find appealing in a hobby. How many women do you know love building computers? How many women do you know would spend $1,000 on a pair of headphones instead of a designer handbag bag or clothes?   Not being sexist here, I'm sure there are some women...
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