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People also tend to recommend/detract depending on what they themselves own/don't own, so really the best way to form your own conclusions by doing your best to attend meets and listen yourself.   Also, "absolutely destroys" is a pretty bold statement. A bit hyperbole if you ask me. But I understand that's your personal opinion. After having the HD 700 in my home for a time, I'd consider myself fortunate to own a HD 700.
Thank you, Tus-Chan!
Oh boy. Inland Empire was the only David Lynch movie I couldn't get through. It was too weird even for me...   Since we are on David Lynch, he just recently directed the video for the new NIN single. It's appropriately strange.  
I've spend the better part of three days listening to the HD 700's now and I've attempted to put my thoughts into words. Anyone interested can read my kind-of review below which I've also posted in the HD-700 thread. It will be interesting to read other impressions as well. Maybe there will be those that will tell me how I've completely missed the mark! As soon a Justin sends me the next persons address I'll mail them out ASAP.   Also, this just happens to be my 700th...
My HE-400 have never chipped, but I baby my equipment.   These are probably questions best suited for the experienced owners in the HE-500 appreciation thread, though. You can find a plethora of information there from the pros.
Yup.   I was responding to the ham-fisted generalization that it "spectacularly failed".  I simply proved that to be false.    Anyway...
I have spent only a little time listening to the LCD-2 (second rev.) and even less with the HE-500, so take this at face value...but I can tell you certain things that stick out in my mind-   HE-500 vocals are placed more forward and everything else seemed to blend nicely around the vocals. Bass, from what I remember, is just as natural and detailed. I'd love to spend more time with the HE-500 as I think it would probably give the HD-700 the most run for its...
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