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^ which means they probably are Hong Kong specials, which also means, as I said, they probably sound exactly like regular Beats by Dre Studios.
Hell, for $75 you can get a pair of Beats Studio Hong Kong specials (Chinese knock-offs) shipped that sound the exact same...probably because they are built in the same factory using the same sub-par parts...
The new version looks silver when you look through the grills. The old version looks black through the grills.   I've only ever heard the newer silver version, though I have heard people here claim that they can hear the infamous "veil" on the black version, while it is not present in the silver version- fwiw.
This. Gray touch up paint will fix it.   And invest in a nice headphone stand, and you won't have to worry about it happening again in the future and/or chipping off more paint.
  Nah, son.....ain't got nothin' on Lil Wayne's $1M diamond encrusted Beats, yo...   (which I just noticed isn't actually plugged into anything at all...that's hardcore.)
^ hey, that rig looks really familiar....oh yeah, that's right I got to listen to it and it sounded great! Especially with those K-1000's
Looking for an adapter that has 100 Ohm impedance that will fit a 1/4" plug. DIY is fine.   PM me if you can help me out!   Thanks!
LCD2 and LCD3. I've auditioned them both on several occasions on several different amps/sources and I just don't hear what it is that makes them all that special. It used to frustrate me, now I've just let it go.   For my ears I much prefer the HE-6 or HD 800.
  Did you also land a plane upside down? All jokes aside my dad did when he was about the age I am now...of course, it was a single engine Cessna and it was in the middle of a corn field.
  Gotcha, thanks!
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