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 I've also been following the HE-400i / HE-560 announcement, and from what I've read I am cautiously optimistic. If they can fix the weight/ergonomics, which it sounds like they are really focusing on, then that is a big step in the right direction. With a single magnet, it's hard to say how this will effect sound quality over two magnets. If it sounds great, kudos to them! Nontheless, It will be interesting to read the comparisons of HE-400i / 560 vs HD 700.
Unfortunately, it seems the HE-400i will not be present at the preview event in NY this Thursday, unless I've completely missed something. So we'll still have to wait for comparisons between the two new models.   Still, if what Peter says is true, the HE-400i sounds like it could be a game changer at that price range!
 Yes, the more time I've spent with the HD 700 the more glaring the HE-400 flaws have become. After wearing the HD 700 for an hour and putting on the HiFiMan's they are just so damn uncomfortable. Like all I can concentrate on is how they feel, instead of enjoying the music. Even the tizz and treble spike that never really bothered me before is so much more apparent now, even while running it off of my Darkvoice. I'm leaning more and more towards selling my HE-400 every...
 So would it be fair to say that the general consensus is that there's no reason to own the HD 700 once moving up to the HD 800? I am more interested in the HD 800 now that I've been reading positive results from people running it on a Bottlehead Crack... also, it'll be fun to compare the HD 700 and HD 800 on Sonido's Quickie/Bottlehead at the Charlotte meet (if you're coming for sure). I may be building a Quickie myself depending on the results. On the subject of bass, I...
That's not low considering it dropped below $900 NEW on Amazon a few weeks back. But only for a few hours.
Really good movie. In college I was obsessed with Takashi Miike's films. Did a whole thesis on his films too. Happiness of the Katakuris and Audition are also very good. If you want to see just how f**ed up Miike can get watch Visitor Q.
Just passing this along, if anyone may be looking for a pair of Voskhod 6ZH1P-EV or Tung-Sol EF95 I'm selling some extras that I don't need...   http://www.head-fi.org/t/700730/fs-voskhod-6zh1p-ev-rockets-and-tung-sol-ef95-for-little-dot-darkvoice-6ak5-5654w-ef95    
Selling off a few extra tubes I no longer need.   1 Matched pair of Voskhod 6ZH1P-EV military grade Rockets (Soviet tube) about 5hrs on these. Silver plate, D getter. (very punchy and in your face)- $SOLD shipped   1 Matched pair 5654w Tung-Sol silver plate, D getter 75-100 hrs. (one of my favorite tubes- warm, very spacious 3D soundstage) -$SOLD shipped
Good to see some newcomers!
Get a decent tube amp, the HD 700 sounds superb ;)
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