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I live in Charlotte, so count me in!   I can bring a couple setups including my Crack/Speedball with Senn HD 650
Thank you for the quick response, amcananey.
hey guys quick question:   I've built a couple of Crack amps, but for the first time I am having issues with loud popping/hissing. I've ruled out the tubes and I believe I've narrowed it down to the Speedball transistors (need resolder)   I'm just wondering how long I should wait before it's safe to poke around in there... does the Crack/Speedball need a long time to dump it's electrical charge after being unplugged?
Custom built cable using 99.99% pure copper cable from Canare, approx. 2.5 feet in length. Very durable and good looking cable.   Price includes shipping and PP fees.
I didn't bend it too much, but I did use the rubber band trick to pucker the pads, which helped. In the end, as much as I like them, I decided to let someone else (possibly with a larger fitting head) enjoy them. Also, I got Mr Speakers Mad Dogs which made the decision a lot easier.
That's because the K550 really has no real clamping force. Some people bend the $h** out of the headband in order to get some clamping force. One of the main problems with the K550. It's a great headphone, I maintain it sounds amazing for its price tag, but I grew very tired of messing with the finicky fit.
When was this? I didn't cancel your order, I'll be mailing it out today. Maybe it was another pair I was selling that I had already sold on head-fi? It's rare but it happens. Don't fret too much. PM me if you have questions
^ You actually bought my K550. The same ones I have for sale here on head-fi (check my signature). I'll mark them as sold, don't worry. Forgot I also put them up on Amazon! Haha. You got a good deal
SOLD pending payment...
Still for sale...
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