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Sold pending payment...
lol same....
No longer in production. A few outer scuffs and the pleather on the edge of the headband is warn. Replaced the old cups with brand new ones from Sony- cost $45. The headphones sound perfect.   Any bassheads should definitely try these sometime. Deep, cavernous bass that never sounds too bloated. Price includes shipped and paypal'd. No trades, please.
+1 for bottlehead crack, it's amazing with the HD 700. Also, I just so happen to have one for sale Only selling because I've fallen hard for my DNA Sonett 2.
The irony here of course is that there's always one person every so often suggesting the chatter is kept to a minimum and the result is always a response of 2 pages worth of chatter directly after! :P
If it's energy and sparkle you seek, with the HD 700 you will get. I reckon you're gonna be pleased.
I have both coming and I strongly suspect this is truth.
^ without question...they debuted at what $1,000?! Crazy.
So far it's been a wonderful season for Sennheiser fans/newcomers. Last year was slim pickin's.
People may not be answering because they either didn't insure them or they insured them for way less than they should. Who knows? FWIW Justin from HeadAmp always has people insure his demos for around 70% full retail. I believe that would be sufficient but I can't say for sure. I'm next in line so I'm just anxious to try them out on my new DNA Sonett 2!
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