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Ok here goes-   I have a large electronic music CD collection featuring some fairly rare gems. Most are in good-to-excellent shape. I don't really know what to value this collection, so I am just interested in any reasonable offers at the moment. Not even sure if I want to get rid of these yet.   Here is the list-   ❏ Accelera deck- addict ❏ AFX- Analogue Bubblebath 3 ❏ Amon Tobin- Permutation ❏ Amon Tobin- supermodified ❏ Aphex Twin- Come to Daddy ❏ Aphex Twin-...
Aliexpress is known for selling Chinese knockoffs. I'd skip it.
Sorry these have already sold.
Selling a like new K601. Bought them a few months ago to try out, decided not to keep them. Very lightly used. Dust/Smoke free home. Price includes shipping and PP fees. Headphones only, no box.
Selling a like new pair of UE 4000, purchased a few months ago from another Head-Fi'er. Selling them for the same price I paid. They are in great condition. Price includes shipping and PP fee.
Threads been quiet lately. Any updates on the East Coast pair?
Actually, I followed the K267 thread for a good while and decided to pass on those after many people complained of very shoddy construction.
Justin can you please remove me from the East Coast list? I'm afraid It'll be a little too close to when I'm supposed to go off on vacation. Thanks!
Razordog's Ebay store is selling another open box HE-400i for $419 shipped. I'd jump right on that had I not smashed my car up yesterday
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