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Thanks for the anime suggestions. I do need to check out Paprika sometime since I've heard from several people that it's visually stunning. And yeah I'll probably end up watching all of Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star again. I remembered another mini series that I liked alot was FLCL (Fooly Cooly).
Congrats. You'll sell the 580's ;)
  Are the D600's really that bad? I would think they should at least be better than the D2000...
Thanks, Metalsonata I'll have to look into some of these movies/series. I've been out of the anime loop for several years now...just lost interest in it once I hit my mid-twenties. But I'm willing to dip my toes in some good anime again.   Since we're on the topic of anime, can anyone suggest a really good recent sci-fi and/or space travel anime? Something in the vein of Cowboy Beebop or Outlaw Star?
  It's nothing short of magical when paired with the Sennheiser HD 650. I got to hear it a few weekends ago at a local meet and the owner and I were both stunned at how good the HD 650 sounded on it. I was sold right then. And I'm also going to attempt to install the Speedball upgrade with my build.     Sounds good! I'm always down for a good meet. Barring some unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, go ahead and count me in as well.   I'll list what I can bring...
  Let me know how that works out.   XIII-2 is trash. Hardly a story, just a bunch of time hopping and BS quests and unbelievably annoying characters. Gameplay was simply not fun in the least. In fact, I'd honestly rather play Call of Duty: Whatever Edition, and be shot repeatedly in the face by sh*t-talking 12-year-olds, than have to play anymore of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Instant re-list back on Amazon.
Subscribed. Is there an early master list of gear that will be there yet?   I'm in NC, but I'm always down for a road trip. Someone mentioned Bottlehead Crack, I should have one by May, I could bring it along if I come.
Also, I know this is top 5 best, but if it was top 5 worst I'd now add Final Fantasy XIII-2 somewhere in there. I don't know if you can even consider it an RPG at this point. What a turd of a game.   God I hate modern Square games.
  Have they modded it to be as good of a game as Skyrim? If so, then maybe I'll try it again ;)
I think everyone here knows the LCD-3 is FAR from a POS, and I believe Francoy was just joking so no harm done!   I suppose I'm still getting used to the Audeze house sound. I spend more and more time with them at every meet, but there is still something that bugs me about the sound that I can't put my finger on, and I think it may just be the presentation. Someone mentioned that they sound like the music is being "funneled" into your ears and they may be right....
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