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 I used Rust-oleum matte black for the metal parts on my latest Crack build and it looks pretty boss. But if you use that, make sure you have it laying on top of something soft while you're building the Crack because that stuff scratches if you just look at it wrong. Way easier to scratch than glossy paint. I'd use at least 3 coats of the matte black if you go that route.
Hey Justin, while you're here, are you waiting on the HD 700 to finish it's tour before releasing the demo list of people for the LCD-X / XC?   Just curious. Thread's been quiet for a while... Thanks!
Funny, the fastest turn around time I ever had for a Crack/Speedball kit shipped to me was when I got one from "the group site that must not be named".
 If you guys start forming conspiracy theories about companies using old technology to take over the head-fi world, I'm leaving and not coming back until these are officially released.
 ^This is interesting stuff. I never planned on spending current prices for the GEC brown base tubes, and I suspected that they would not be that much of an improvement over the TS 5998, expecially for the price. I also didn't think upgrading the volume pot would do a whole lot, but never-the-less I did install an ALPS Japan Blue pot in my current build. I don't know the difference between it and the valab, but its supremely quiet, which I would more attribute to the...
So based on the recommendations on others in this thread I finally decided to test some tube rolling on the Crack/HD 650 and I put a TS 5998 and a NOS Tung-Sol 12AU7 in there. I wasn't expecting to hear a huge difference but these tubes raised the HD 650 to that next level for me. I had one of those rare head-fi moments this morning where my eyes glossed over and I became utterly lost in the music. I swear, I feel like I've squeezed the last bit of detail out of the HD...
lol, no way! She's priceless ;)
Just listened to this on the HD 650...Wow indeed!!    
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