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  HEY!! that's not true....without cables, you can't hear anything at all!
+1, it's never too early...
No, he didn't direct the new Total Recall, that director just ripped off every sci-fi film in the past 20 years. Abrams did direct Super 8, however which also had a tons of lens flares...and it sucked. I really hope he doesn't go lens flare crazy in Star Wars Ep. 7. Can you imagine giant lens flares with every light saber hit?
Valentines Day- 14% off entire order from Westone with promo code: xoxowestone
Actually someone here said that that promotion was not even supposed to be leaked out to the public, which is why it only lasted a few hours on Black Friday. So it likely won't come again at all.
Uh, simply Googleing "DT770 vs K550" pulled up quite a bit of links to various threads covering this in great...
I listened to them at Target, and the MDR-XB700 blows them violently out of the water (I've never heard the XB500 or XB800). I thought the Skullcandy Aviators that were sitting next to them sounded much better, if that tells you anything. They also felt very cheap and flimsy compared to the old XB line.
  +1 if you can wait it out another 10 months, they may do a crazy deal again. Just this past Black Friday, I got a brand new HD 650 from for $340 with a $50 iTunes gift card. After I sold the gift card, it ended up at $290 for a brand new HD 650.   Best $290 I've ever spent on this hobby.   Edit: Also check the Deals Thread here. That's how I got mine dirt cheap. Right now people are talking about a Razordog deal here it's $50 to $100 off any headphone...
Definitely will need to check them out on the Bottlehead Crack. Hopefully I'll have the Speedball upgrade by then as well. It is a very, very nice match.
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