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Whoa, that must have been a pretty old post you quoted! I've owned them both for a while now...really love them both too  
I suppose I would sell the HE-400 over the HD 650... although, I think they both compliment each other very well. Treble on the HE-400 isn't an issue for me, I think the DV3322 tube amp does a nice job of taming them.   I'm also building another Crack/Speedball which I've heard drives the HD 700 just as wonderfully as it does the HD 650.   Well, you guys have given me something solid to consider, so thanks!
Does anyone know any great deals going on this week for nice headphone stands?
So are we still posting deals here too? I may be the minority here, but I kind of like a little banter with my deals thread. I understand the argument against it, but I find it  slightly anal that they have to break up deals/IEM deals/discussion of said deals/etc... but it was just as annoying having the deals thread closed every time a mod got pissed off too.
So, just curious, who is the 650 in your family analogy?
Hell, some people even like them without EQ!
 ^ this is reasonable. Also, I will say that I did enjoy the HE-400 more AFTER I switched to the velour pads. It wasn't a sound issue though, more comfort than anything...
I love how everyone around this forum quotes Tyll like he's the final word in head-fi. I've read a handful of his reviews and I find the HE-400 far from annoying.   Besides, doesn't head direct offer a 15 day money back period? $100 off a new HE-400 is a steal bro.
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