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Settle down, kids.   I hate to say it, but graphs don't mean diddley s**t to me. I audition and trust my ears. I'm a fan of the HD 700. A lot. Some people hate them and that's ok too. They aren't worth $1,000 as I've stated many times. But I got mine for significantly less, and can be had now for ~$600 which is much more competitive.   Honestly most everything I've read here was a turn off, until I got to demo them at home and I was hooked. I see more and more praise...
Same here...total impulse buy haha! Actually this was my very first amp when I got into head-fi...I used it to drive my K702 lol...yeah, don't try that...
Woohoo! Second on the XC list...thanks, Justin! Looking forward to it.
Most of the censorship on this site is directly related to their sponsors (I too have been censored here in the past), so of course they aren't going to allow half-assed, ill informed, and thoughtless reviews of certain products, regardless of how legit they may seem to the reviewer.   I've seen entire threads shut down because of one person talking badly about a certain company.
^ +1
Reading this review is like watching my teenaged Nephew after he's run out of his ADHD medication.The funniest part of this is the fact that it somehow got an extra .2 on your 3/10, which honestly I can't imagine what your numerical score even means based on this review. But seriously, thumbs up. Anyone that ends a review with "I WANNA CRY" is legit in my book. Movie looked like total crap in the trailer, anyway.
 I used Rust-oleum matte black for the metal parts on my latest Crack build and it looks pretty boss. But if you use that, make sure you have it laying on top of something soft while you're building the Crack because that stuff scratches if you just look at it wrong. Way easier to scratch than glossy paint. I'd use at least 3 coats of the matte black if you go that route.
Hey Justin, while you're here, are you waiting on the HD 700 to finish it's tour before releasing the demo list of people for the LCD-X / XC?   Just curious. Thread's been quiet for a while... Thanks!
Funny, the fastest turn around time I ever had for a Crack/Speedball kit shipped to me was when I got one from "the group site that must not be named".
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