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 But the HE-400i sounding more like a HE-500 in a lighter, less expensive and more comfortable package doesn't sound like a terrible idea, either ;) It's not like it'll be hard to find a used HE-400. Maybe they will compliment each other very well?
Email Razordog first, as I read that some people were able to use Razordog's extra $100 off instant rebate bringing them down to $550 (even though it says it's excluded) which is a helluva deal.
  Peter from HiFiMAN has stated several times that the 400i isn't going to sound like the HE-400, but rather is going to sound closer to the HE-500. He's also said that both models will be replacing the HE-400 and HE-500, not an addition. http://www.head-fi.org/t/698831/fresh-outta-ces-the-hifiman-he-400i-and-he-560/1230#post_10216521
 If anyone needs a Crack builder PM me.
I'll happily take his place on the list, if it's on the East Coast. I'd love to compare the LCD-X to the LCD-XC.
Custom silver cable for Sennheiser HD 650/600 with upgraded Cardas terminals and Yarbo plug from Germany. Approx. 5 ft. Asking $OLD paypal'd and shipped.
Settle down, kids.   I hate to say it, but graphs don't mean diddley s**t to me. I audition and trust my ears. I'm a fan of the HD 700. A lot. Some people hate them and that's ok too. They aren't worth $1,000 as I've stated many times. But I got mine for significantly less, and can be had now for ~$600 which is much more competitive.   Honestly most everything I've read here was a turn off, until I got to demo them at home and I was hooked. I see more and more praise...
Same here...total impulse buy haha! Actually this was my very first amp when I got into head-fi...I used it to drive my K702 lol...yeah, don't try that...
Woohoo! Second on the XC list...thanks, Justin! Looking forward to it.
Most of the censorship on this site is directly related to their sponsors (I too have been censored here in the past), so of course they aren't going to allow half-assed, ill informed, and thoughtless reviews of certain products, regardless of how legit they may seem to the reviewer.   I've seen entire threads shut down because of one person talking badly about a certain company.
New Posts  All Forums: