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Hell, some people even like them without EQ!
 ^ this is reasonable. Also, I will say that I did enjoy the HE-400 more AFTER I switched to the velour pads. It wasn't a sound issue though, more comfort than anything...
I love how everyone around this forum quotes Tyll like he's the final word in head-fi. I've read a handful of his reviews and I find the HE-400 far from annoying.   Besides, doesn't head direct offer a 15 day money back period? $100 off a new HE-400 is a steal bro.
I constantly switch between the two. I really love them both, and suit my needs depending on what mood I'm in. Like sometimes I want a warm cup of coffee in the morning. Other times I want a Monster energy drink.   Bottom line, I think they are perfectly suited to compliment each other!
Yes it does. I used a demo pair with my 3322 for the better part of a week and they sounded fantastic on it. Now I'm really itching to purchase an HD 700 now that prices have dropped on them.
The Wolverine ?/10   I fell asleep...
 As an owner of both, (and I did enjoy the ESW9) I'd say there's no comparison. The HD 650 is much more comfortable and the mids make the ESW9 sound muddy by comparison. I'm not knocking the ESW9 at all, but you are kind of comparing apples to oranges here. If you can get a genuine ESW9 for 150 I'd say it's a great deal, but I always reach for the HD 650 over the ESW9, which is why I ultimately sold them. Not trying to steer you one way or the other they are both great, I...
Anyone tried the HD 700 on a Crack with impressions? I'm thinking of purchasing a pair since the price dropped. According to the folks at Headfonia, the Crack drives the HD 700 as beautifully as it does the HD 650.
Today, HD 650 new from Sennheiser USA- $291.00 shipped.
Congrats, the K550 is definitely an awesome starter headphone. I owned them for a long time and loved my time with them. Huge bang-for-the-buck headphones. Eventually you'll get a case of upgraditus and want to try more and different headphones. Plus there's a whole other world of amps...enjoy! Sorry about your wallet!  
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