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Yup, just got mine today...I checked the scratch-off sticker on the box, it's legit. Sounds just like my old one. I was surprised it came with all the accessories, even the cloth pouch! I forgot how nice this little guy sounds...and for 22 bucks! Thanks for posting the deal, op  
 But the HE-400i sounding more like a HE-500 in a lighter, less expensive and more comfortable package doesn't sound like a terrible idea, either ;) It's not like it'll be hard to find a used HE-400. Maybe they will compliment each other very well?
Email Razordog first, as I read that some people were able to use Razordog's extra $100 off instant rebate bringing them down to $550 (even though it says it's excluded) which is a helluva deal.
  Peter from HiFiMAN has stated several times that the 400i isn't going to sound like the HE-400, but rather is going to sound closer to the HE-500. He's also said that both models will be replacing the HE-400 and HE-500, not an addition. http://www.head-fi.org/t/698831/fresh-outta-ces-the-hifiman-he-400i-and-he-560/1230#post_10216521
 If anyone needs a Crack builder PM me.
I'll happily take his place on the list, if it's on the East Coast. I'd love to compare the LCD-X to the LCD-XC.
Custom silver cable for Sennheiser HD 650/600 with upgraded Cardas terminals and Yarbo plug from Germany. Approx. 5 ft. Asking $OLD paypal'd and shipped.
Settle down, kids.   I hate to say it, but graphs don't mean diddley s**t to me. I audition and trust my ears. I'm a fan of the HD 700. A lot. Some people hate them and that's ok too. They aren't worth $1,000 as I've stated many times. But I got mine for significantly less, and can be had now for ~$600 which is much more competitive.   Honestly most everything I've read here was a turn off, until I got to demo them at home and I was hooked. I see more and more praise...
Same here...total impulse buy haha! Actually this was my very first amp when I got into head-fi...I used it to drive my K702 lol...yeah, don't try that...
Woohoo! Second on the XC list...thanks, Justin! Looking forward to it.
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