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The misinformation that's circling these new models is staggering. Truth is, nobody knows what the HE-400i sounds like for sure, as they are still tuning them (from the horses mouth). All speculation, folks.
 I think you'd like the RS1 then. I found them much smoother and a lot less bright than the SR325. I believe someone at the Charlotte meet is also bringing an RS1, so you'll get to try both! HD 800 is great, but if I owned it, I would still keep my HD 650 for sure...they are VERY different headphones.
I think most people have the album/track- either physical CD or FLAC/HD and tried it on a particular headphone and said "omg wow" and then post a "sample" link of it from you tube so people can get a sense of what makes it "omg wow". Personally, I do most of my listening on Spotify these days, to my ears it sounds 98% as good as my FLAC files, but then my equipment isn't super reference either. Some You Tube songs sound decent enough, but here it's more for reference than...
Every Grado I've ever gotten rid of/auditioned I haven't missed. They've never been my cup 'o tea except maybe teh RS1. It's that flexibility from the HD 650 that makes it hard for me to imagine ever getting rid of them. I've yet to find a headphone where I can confidently say that it's a clear replacement for my HD 650. I always go back to them.
 Thank you. OP may want to change the heading of the thread to the actual date instead of March/April. Just a suggestion :)
As someone who never owned an HE-500, the prospect of having a similar hp that is lighter, and less expensive is still very appealing to me. If it ends up being an improved HE-400, I wouldn't shed any tears of regret, either. As long as it's more comfortable it's all good. Comfort has always been an area where HFM missed the mark a bit IMO.
Have we picked a solid date yet, or is it still TBD?
Yup, just got mine today...I checked the scratch-off sticker on the box, it's legit. Sounds just like my old one. I was surprised it came with all the accessories, even the cloth pouch! I forgot how nice this little guy sounds...and for 22 bucks! Thanks for posting the deal, op  
 But the HE-400i sounding more like a HE-500 in a lighter, less expensive and more comfortable package doesn't sound like a terrible idea, either ;) It's not like it'll be hard to find a used HE-400. Maybe they will compliment each other very well?
Email Razordog first, as I read that some people were able to use Razordog's extra $100 off instant rebate bringing them down to $550 (even though it says it's excluded) which is a helluva deal.
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