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  Hmm, no I actually don't remember that one...I'll have to Google it. I agree, other than the SNES, the PS1 had some of the greatest RPG's of all time. Truly a golden age.
Dreamcast was such an awesome system...MvC2 is still my all time favorite fighting game just a notch above Mortal Kombat II in the arcade. Skies of Arcadia was also a good RPG for the Dreamcast.   I will defend Chrono wasn't amazing, but it wasn't terrible either. It sucked because it really didn't have much to do with Chrono Trigger at all, but as a game it was fun and looked pretty good for it's time.
^ I don't know if I'd consider that a big tremendous spoiler, I pretty much expected that to happen the second I saw her on screen. In fact I cheered when it finally happened.   I hope the DVD sales are enough for the studio to green light a sequel, though I doubt it considering its abysmal performance at the box office...which is a shame, it was better than a lot of the garbage that actually made lots of money last year.
^  because the first three will break within 2 weeks, because I'm quite sure they are fakes. BUT anyone brave enough to try? If it is real, I'll give you $100 for one of them...
when you put it in the cart, it says minimum order quantity 4 (!) uh.....yeah, I'd just stay away from that one. Seems a little shady, like those wholesale sites that sell Chinese knock-offs
Awesome, didn't think I'd get a chance to hear the SR-009 anytime soon. Not every day you get to listen to what some call the "worlds best headphone" ...unless of course, you own them!
  +1 they do sound pretty decent unamped with Pandora (if you have your Pandora sound quality set to high) I also use Spotify with the ESW9 plugged directly into the iPad and it's nice quality sound.   You may also look at getting a FiiO USB amp/DAC for your laptop, the FiiO E7 can be found used for really cheap now. Even using Pandora/MP3/Youtube, I guarantee you'll hear quite a difference. It's a great little starter amp for what it goes for these days.
For you guys asking for some Crack/Speedball, I'll be bringing Crack to the ATL meet (I'll try my best to get the Speedball upgrade done by then as well)   I posted about it in the Canlanta thread too.   Really looking forward to hearing the HD650 with the Lyr/Bifrost also and hell even MattTCG's vintage setup. It will be fun to try out different flavors of HD 650!
Curious if anyone has tried gold-plated copper wire? Would there be any benefits over silver or copper, warranting the much higher price? (aside from aesthetics, I guess...)
Just curious if there will be WiFi available or not at the venue? Although I have some FLAC albums on my laptop, I primarily use my Spotify Premium account for ease and variety. It also enables others the option to listen to whatever they want on my rig, and not necessarily whatever I have available in FLAC.
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