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Headphone 101, really? I must have played hooky that day cause I've been turning my amps on and off with headphones plugged in without issue for years. But maybe I'll start plugging/unplugging first to be on the safe side. That video is a bit freaky indeed.
This is the second time I've heard someone describe sound as "bodacious"...can someone explain what that even means? Is it similar to being radical, or totally gnarly?
Ah, gotcha
maybe he's not being sarcastic? Is it that hard to believe that someone may not be all that impressed with the Lyr?
Subscribed and old page was indeed SLOW, man...
^ ballsy move there, sir...kudos. I wonder if I could do something like this to my K550's to perfect the seal. You're right though, it's definitely not pretty to look at...
As this is my 550th post, I thought it was only fitting to post something here.   Uh...The K550's are really great! I bounce back and fourth between them and the HD650 and they continue to impress.
  HEY!! that's not true....without cables, you can't hear anything at all!
+1, it's never too early...
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