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2+ hours with the HE-400 on?? No. HE series are heavy, bulky and not the best in the comfort area. They sound great, but comfortable is not a word I would associate with them. I'm talking pleather or velour pads.   The K550 was quite comfy, but they did make my ears sweat after the first hour or so (when I had a perfect seal).
I'm really interested in the K812 myself, though it was pretty disheartening to read about issues with the plastic cracking :(   That's pretty uncalled for for a $1,500 headphone. Seems to be a trend lately with AKG, there are a lot of people that have been saying the Tiesto DJ line is built like crap. Lots of issues with plastic breaking and cracking. I wonder, is the K812 built in Austria or their Chinese plant? I never had any issues with my K702...they were...
For those concerned about aesthetics, I totally get it. All of my headphones are on stands on a bookshelf in my living room. So when I'm at home just doing other things, I see them all the time. Friends who come over see them, and ask about them. I really wouldn't want ugly headphones on my shelf   But I also understand that looks don't matter when they are on your head (especially if they sound fantastic!) But I do admire a headphone even more when they look as great...
 Not to mention the HD 700 contains 100% more comfort.
 I still laugh every time I see Jared Leto getting his face smashed in Fight Club, because I always seem to forget that he's it that movie. He was really good in Lord of War. I much prefer Leto as an actor rather than the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars.
Since we're talking investment-   HD 650- $291 (Senn Black Friday sale 2012) Crack + Speedball (SB free from that site) $279 TS-5998 tube $65 (because I'm a boss) Tung-sol 12AU7 tube $19 Ebay   Total $654. Wow when I break it down like that, that makes me exceptionally happy considering I haven't even felt the slighted itch of upgraditus in almost a year.
Just an update-   LCD-XC sent today to the next person on the list. UPS, insured for 75% retail, signature required. In case anyone is wondering it cost $37.00 Thanks for the demo, Justin!  
The LCD-XC was waiting for me when I got home tonight  I listened to it for about 45 minutes.   Initial impressions- -Very pretty cups, (even came with wax!) -Weight doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would...actually rather comfy -Case it came in smells like a new car -Soundstage very good for closed -Very natural sound -High end gets a little shouty (especially with some jazz trumpets/sax) -female vocals sound heavenly, very intimate and...
Still Available!
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