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Since we're talking investment-   HD 650- $291 (Senn Black Friday sale 2012) Crack + Speedball (SB free from that site) $279 TS-5998 tube $65 (because I'm a boss) Tung-sol 12AU7 tube $19 Ebay   Total $654. Wow when I break it down like that, that makes me exceptionally happy considering I haven't even felt the slighted itch of upgraditus in almost a year.
Just an update-   LCD-XC sent today to the next person on the list. UPS, insured for 75% retail, signature required. In case anyone is wondering it cost $37.00 Thanks for the demo, Justin!  
The LCD-XC was waiting for me when I got home tonight  I listened to it for about 45 minutes.   Initial impressions- -Very pretty cups, (even came with wax!) -Weight doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would...actually rather comfy -Case it came in smells like a new car -Soundstage very good for closed -Very natural sound -High end gets a little shouty (especially with some jazz trumpets/sax) -female vocals sound heavenly, very intimate and...
Still Available!
The more the merrier, and it's very common to see price tags on equipment at meets. Nice place to haggle for deals ;)
whoa, that is one fancy crack...
Wow, fans of Salvation are a VERY small minority. Sure it had its flaws, but there was some interesting stuff there that expanded the terminator universe, and a lot of nods to T1 and T2 if you pay attention. I liked it so, so much more than T3, which Ahnold couldn't even save. T3 just plain sucked more than words could ever express. Of course, T2 is the greatest there will ever be. 
Welcome to the Jungle - 7.5/10 Van Damme is one of my guilty pleasures, so it was fun to watch him ham it up in this. Van Damme plays a caricature of himself and seems to have a blast doing it. He doesn't do anything like the "epic split" but he does punch a tiger in the face.   Movie has a lot of penis/sh*t jokes but overall there were more than a few scenes that I found genuinely funny and made me bust out laughing. Pretty solid performances overall for a low-budget...
 I'm really looking forward to auditioning the HD 800 on my Crack at the upcoming Charlotte meet. The HD 650 is certified BAD ASS with the Crack/Speedball and even more so with the Tung-Sol 5998. I never put to much stock into tube rolling until I tried it with the 5998, and man, it's definitely noticeable. Like I said in my previous post, I've never heard the bass sound as tight and punchy on the HD 650 on any setup. Mids sweet and silky smooth, soundstage is phenomenal....
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