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Yeah, an accident that's happened twice in two years now around the same time of year.
 Then why are you still complaining?
Actually if you go back and look at the deals thread a year ago, just as many people were b*tching about the crap deals for that Black Friday.   I recall a number of people complaining about the lack of HiFiMan deals.
guys I'm not complaining about the banter...I've always thought the midless chatter was part of the fun. I love bragging about a good deal (did I mention I got a new HD 650 this week for $290 shipped?)   I think this biggest waste of time was desperately trying, in vain, to keep the deals thread deals only and nothing else...
So basically this thread is turning into what the original deals thread was to begin with in the first place: some deals, and an a$$load of people talking about the deals.   We've finally come full circle.
^looks amazing man! Great job Can I ask how you got the black finish on the brushed metal top? Did you re-cut out of new material?
it's actually a $650 headphone. They have been discontinued by Sennheiser.
yeah, I think I'm about to bite as well. I was hoping for an incredible deal on the UE900 but I can't seem to find anything at the moment. Maybe Cyber Monday?
Oh I didn't see them this morning, thought it ended...thanks!
Anyone else wishing they would have snagged the Westone W3 when it was $179 on Amazon yesterday? Is it discounted anywhere else?
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