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double post
 Very the grain patterns!
They assured me that a signature would be required!  Oh well, at least they arrived safely!
 Like a $890 HD 800 NEW...which I missed!  But probably for the best...
Yeah it sucks here in Charlotte, streets are solid ice and we just lost power now too. Won't be back on for a few hours.
Scanning through the last few pages it just came off that way... Maybe it's just how I read into it? Maybe I just desperately want to hear the new models? Maybe it's because I've been snowed in for two days and I'm a little stir crazy?   I'll go now and build a snowman.
I just caught up on the last few pages hoping to read new info and all I've learned is that some of you HFM lovers are a very defensive lot
 It's a cool idea, but I can't justify spending $150 on a $20 dollar headphone just because it's "Crackafied". I'd be much more interested if Bottlehead come out with a DIY planar ala the Mad Dog. Though planars don't really play nice with the BHC.
^ I'll PM you to keep the thread on topic. But the short answer is the Crack pairs very well, but not as well as HD 650/Crack. I still prefer the HD 700 on my Darkvoice 3322.
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