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Any estimate on price yet? Will it be in the same range as the Crack kit?
lol, I wasn't singling out anybody but yeah, I suppose that's one drawback of the velours...they do get dusty from time to time, but a few flicks with my finger usually takes care of any visible specks pretty easily. No tape required.
for people with really bad dandruff
Sure, that's just my opinion. My point is for $10 bucks, it's a really good investment. If you don't like them, your not out much. Not like a $100 pair of vegan pads...which is absurd, IMO.
For all the new owners- you really, seriously should invest 10 bucks and get velours. I thought they were great with pleathers, but damn once I put the velours on I haven't touched the pleathers since. In fact, I think I may have lost them.   I wouldn't say they transform the HE-400s into a whole other headphone ...but they do seem to tighten up the bass and create a greater sense of airiness (my guess is they are more firm and push them further away from your head) They...
It wont.
Yeah, for most people it's either you really like the HD 700 sound or you just don't. It's very different from the HD 650, almost opposite sound signature, but once I got used to it I loved it. I don't own them (yet) but they are still the most comfortable that I've tried. I didn't think they were worth $1,000 but after the recent price drop they are looking very attractive to me now. I agree, a HD 650 in a HD 700 shell would be heavenly, though. But this is an HD 650...
I noticed you own some Mad Dogs and you think the HD 650 are the most comfortable? I would pick the Mad Dog in comfort hands down! But that's not to say the HD 650 isn't is comfy, but the clamp can be an issue for some. The most comfortable headphone I've ever put on is by far the HD 700, though.
Great impressions, applaudio! Glad you enjoy them, and now that you've had a taste of high quality headphones there's no turning back!
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