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It's a snow day for me here, so I'm just relaxing at home burning in my NOS RCA 6F8G on the BH Crack....nope, definitely isn't sounding boring to me!  
I was thinking the same thing. Back when I lived in Chicago they did a huge raffle at ChiUniFi and it would more than pay for the room plus renting the room for the next year! Of course, the organizers were able to get some serious prizes...one year HiFiMan gave away a HE-500
I've noticed that too. Although lately all my tube rolling has been going on with my Bottlehead Crack!
2+ hours with the HE-400 on?? No. HE series are heavy, bulky and not the best in the comfort area. They sound great, but comfortable is not a word I would associate with them. I'm talking pleather or velour pads.   The K550 was quite comfy, but they did make my ears sweat after the first hour or so (when I had a perfect seal).
I'm really interested in the K812 myself, though it was pretty disheartening to read about issues with the plastic cracking :(   That's pretty uncalled for for a $1,500 headphone. Seems to be a trend lately with AKG, there are a lot of people that have been saying the Tiesto DJ line is built like crap. Lots of issues with plastic breaking and cracking. I wonder, is the K812 built in Austria or their Chinese plant? I never had any issues with my K702...they were...
For those concerned about aesthetics, I totally get it. All of my headphones are on stands on a bookshelf in my living room. So when I'm at home just doing other things, I see them all the time. Friends who come over see them, and ask about them. I really wouldn't want ugly headphones on my shelf   But I also understand that looks don't matter when they are on your head (especially if they sound fantastic!) But I do admire a headphone even more when they look as great...
 Not to mention the HD 700 contains 100% more comfort.
 I still laugh every time I see Jared Leto getting his face smashed in Fight Club, because I always seem to forget that he's it that movie. He was really good in Lord of War. I much prefer Leto as an actor rather than the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars.
New Posts  All Forums: