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Thanks! And perhaps you should try listening to the HE-400 on other gear before you assume that every setup creates ear piercing sibilance
You've been beating us over the head with EQ for your last 50 posts, maybe you could start a HE-400 EQ thread for those that find it beneficial? As for me, I messed with EQ and discovered I like them much better without colorizing them with EQ....
I too had a horrible buzzing/crackling noise coming out of one of my crack builds and I resoldered most of the joints, changed the tubes and even replaced some of the caps. In the end I discovered it was coming from the headphone jack, all I had to do was loosen it up.Apparently if it's screwed on too tight you can get terrible distortion.
lol, hey at least I was honest.
I second this. I really don't care if anyone's package has been shipped and/or received. PM each other if you really want to know the comings and goings of your mail. The only time it would be pertinent information is when people were charged and nothing was sent to anyone after a long period of time.EDIT: I realize I'm guilty of this with the Sennheiser deal, but I still stand by this and will refrain from such behavior in the future.
Oceanhorn? Wow! Isn't that the tablet only RPG that's a blatant ripoff of Wind Waker?
^If you don't own them and are looking to get the HE-400 get the one with the free velours. They really are essential for the HE-400. You'll end up buying them anyway...
Are we supposed to say what we signed up for here? If so, XC!
So since there's nothing else to talk about right now, just curious is this $109 UE900 rumor based on any firm evidence? Is it directly from the site or a sale on Amazon? Because, I'll jump all over that if it's true...
Dude relax. Don't be mad you missed out. Take a nap.
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