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Disclaimer: The thoughts and comparisons within this review are my own subjective experiences using these DACs. I have done my best to flesh out the most obvious differences between these two DAC's, and others' experiences may differ slightly, as we all experience sounds differently.   Intro   The HRT Music Streamer II and HRT Music Streamer II+ (aka MSII/MSII+) have been on the market for a few years now but everyone that has used them still praise their...
For Sale are my twisted pair pure copper low inductance interconnects, wrapped in nylon sheathing and terminated with gold plated Nakamichi RCA plugs.   Price includes shipping and paypal fees.
PM sent
Hello,   I'm looking to upgrade my MSII to the MSII+ but I am looking for the newer model. I know there are several trapezoid models for sale here, but I would like the oval version.   PM Me.   Thanks!
Ha! Well luckily it's behind my amp so you can't see it anyway. Besides, I don't mind since its my first attempt at any cable/soldering... It gives it character! At least it sounds good My second attemp, I will make you guys proud...lots of heat shrink!!
  All this MSII+ talk is making my wallet hand twitch. I have owned the MSII for about a year, and I've been really happy with it (I heard a vast improvement with my K702's, it breathed new life into those things). Now I'm wondering if I too will hear a noticeable difference in my setup with the MSII+ ...time to his the FS section I guess...   or should I skip it and get the MS Pro and be done with it? Perhaps that's the point of diminishing returns? Has anyone listed to...
Great, thanks Tim. The wire is indeed 16 gauge primary wire, I imagine 22 and 24 is a little easier to work with in terms of keeping a tight twist. I'll try heat shrinking the ends and a little hot glue on the next pair I build. I realized it was unraveling once I had the ends inside the plug as I began to solder, but at that point there wasn't much I could do .
Thanks, I did have them twisted really tight, but as you can see they kind of unraveled. It seems like the red wire is a lot more pliable than the black one. Any pointers on how I can get the wires to stay nice and tightly twisted while/after I solder the tips?
My first attempt, built a pair of interconnects. My wife even helped a bit, lol. This thread has been a great resource!   Next, I'm going to tackle re-cabling my ATH-ESW9's. DIY is kinda fun    
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