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I haven't heard it with the HD 600 on it yet, if you bring them I would really like to try them out on the Crack myself. The HD 650 sounds awesome on it, for sure
The plug and Y-Split both came from Yew audio. This is the one I got...
Sorry, I haven't checked this thread in a hot minute, but here's the gear I can bring:   Amp(s) Darkvoice 3322             Bottlehead Crack (no speedball) <----may be willing to sell if there's interest   DAC: HRT Music Streamer II+   Headphones: HD650 (silver custom cable)                     AKG K550 & K702                     Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 (with silver re-cable)
Here's my ATH-ESW9 recable with silver stranded wire I did last week.... the paracord was a b*tch to work with for a first timer, but I still think it came out pretty nice. Plugs were from Yew Audio.   Also, I had to melt the plastic on the cups where the cable goes in with my soldering iron a tiny bit, because the cord wouldn't fit otherwise, lol  
I've heard pure silver stranded wire "the good stuff" versus silver plated copper cables and I personally couldn't tell a difference to save my grandmother's life. Unless you're talking about really pricey OCC stuff like what Toxic uses, (I've never heard OCC silver stranded) but I don't quite understand the difference anyhow. I try not to give in to the marketing hype side of things.
\ Ok, that's what I needed to know. Thanks!
Hm, I don't really see anything that looks like a color mark or bump to be honest. I've included a picture... would a digi multimeter work in this situation though?  
Hey guys, quick recable question-   I have a brand new pair of drivers with two solder points on them, I know the two each must be Left+/Left- and Right+/Right- but they are not labeled. What is the best way to tell? Should I go and get a digital multimeter?   If so, would I be able to tell this by holding the positive and negative tips on the multimeter to the solder points directly on the drivers?
For sale is a gently used HRT Music Streamer II in like new condition. No longer have use for it, as I've upgraded to MSII+. MSII comes with box only.   Open to offers, buyer pays 3% PayPal fees.
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