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Well my HD 700 with custom cable should be arriving here tomorrow (thanks pdrm360!) and I'll officially be a member of the 700 Club. Since we are on the subject of amps, I was wondering if anyone's tried the HD 700 on a Botthead Crack/Speedball?   I will be starting my 3rd Crack + Speedball build next week once my vacation starts. I know very well the magic of HD 650 and Crack/Speedball combo, just curious if the HD 700 pairs just as nicely? Either way I should be able...
I know what you mean! The HE-500 is actually next at the top of my short list. I've only listened to them briefly at meets, but I'd love to get them in my home and listen to them in a quieter and controlled environment. Can I ask what mods you've done on your Q701's? Edit: at the risk of getting off topic, maybe you could PM me?
One of the best things about the HD 650 is it's hugely scalable throughout different setups. A non audiophile friend once plugged my HD 650 directly into his iPhone and said it was pretty good. Then I plugged it into my tube amp and let him listen and his eyes got wide and said it sounded like a totally different headphone. I've sold my Q701 and still have my K702, but the longer I own them the less and less I've been using them. Over time their "faults" have become more...
oops, fixed the's a Dared MP-6. Chinese company, I believe. Don't know much about their products...
  Dared MP-6   Certainly isn't best looking tube amp, but it is definitely.....unique.... (and it has bluetooth)
 I didn't read a lot of the reviews, I just demoed them at home for a while...I think at least some of the criticism came from the fact that they debuted at $1,000. At that price it was facing some very stiff competition for less money, and/or people were just going for the HD 800 for a little more money. But at $650 (or $550 with the Razordog deal) it's much more competitive and IMO great value.
Anyone looking to downgrade, or go back to the warmer HD 650 sound sig from their like new HD 700 that is willing to trade. The HD 650 is brand new in box, still has 2 year warranty, invoice will be included.   I realize the HD 700 is $650 NIB now, but I can't spend the cash since it's close to Christmas. But I am willing to trade!
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