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*Candles optional for added class.
The Wolf of Wall Street- 9/10   tdockweiler- Yes, I do actually like Casino more than Goodfellas. And I liked The Wolf of Wall Street more than Casino.   I loved it from start to finish. It's a microscope on American greed, excess and debauchery and one man's spiral through it all. Part Glengarry Glen Ross, and part The Hangover, it's littered with lines and scenes that I can't stop thinking about. Johnna Hill was brilliant. As was DiCaprio, who after seeing his...
Really? What do they have the HD 800 running on? Because every time I've heard them at meets they sound outstanding. Definitely not dull.
Definitely not for me, but man, those went FAST, though lol
$300. Aaaaand nope.
Brother, if they go down to $100, I'll buy us both a pair and you can pay me back whenever.
I'm so happy I own these now. They just get more and more impressive the more time I spend with them. My poor HD 650 is collecting dust. I know the next logical step will be to upgrade to HD 800...but very I'm happy with these right now. HD 800 can wait till next Christmas. I think.
So what would be an insane "must purchase" price for these Westone 4r's? I don't know a thing about them, but I'm looking for a killer IEM for the gym and portable gaming.   I won't bite at anything less than $300 for IEM's.
 Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this one! I absolutely loved Casino, and people have been telling me it's even better than that... it's getting high praises pretty much across the board.
Still haven't seen the first Amazing Spiderman. Robocop 2014 looks TERRIBLE. Don't even get me started about that remake. I'm a huge fan of the original, and I don't need to go on another angry triad about the remake.
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