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Well it seems the missus and I are going to make 2 days out of this trip, so I was curious if the hotel is still offering discounted rooms, or is that offer done? (I know I'm a bit late on this, just curious)   Thanks!
Speaking of silver wire, if anyone is interested in DIY, here are some mods/re cable I did on my ESW9a's. I used some air conditioning foam and cut them into small circles and placed them into the wood cups under where the drivers rest. The foam helps to smooth out the treble and smooth the mids out very nice without losing the detail in the bass.    The cable is 24 AWG silver stranded wire that I ran through paracord. Don't know if I can tell a huge difference in...
I'm not sure why anyone would need to examine them that much to identify fakes. Unless some of the first fakes actually sounded good.   The fakes I got off eBay (for $25) sounded terrible, it was a dead give away. They sounded like apple earbuds but with less bass. Everything else looked and felt like the read deal though, so I threw in some authentic ESW9 drivers from Audio Technica and gave them to a friend for his birthday. Whole thing cost me about $55 lol
I feel only hatred towards Tree of Life. So I suppose I would loath it.
  7.5/10 because I was expecting it to suck based on how the critics treated it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Ended up being a really fun gangster flick with great performances all around. You could tell Sean Penn had a lot of fun being the bad guy, and Ryan Gosling is also undeniably cool in it... definitely his best role since Drive. And Emma Stone is friggin' hot in a red dress.
I haven't heard it with the HD 600 on it yet, if you bring them I would really like to try them out on the Crack myself. The HD 650 sounds awesome on it, for sure
The plug and Y-Split both came from Yew audio. This is the one I got...
Sorry, I haven't checked this thread in a hot minute, but here's the gear I can bring:   Amp(s) Darkvoice 3322             Bottlehead Crack (no speedball) <----may be willing to sell if there's interest   DAC: HRT Music Streamer II+   Headphones: HD650 (silver custom cable)                     AKG K550 & K702                     Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 (with silver re-cable)
Here's my ATH-ESW9 recable with silver stranded wire I did last week.... the paracord was a b*tch to work with for a first timer, but I still think it came out pretty nice. Plugs were from Yew Audio.   Also, I had to melt the plastic on the cups where the cable goes in with my soldering iron a tiny bit, because the cord wouldn't fit otherwise, lol  
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