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Purchased these on Black Friday just to try out, not really my cup of tea. Literally have been used for less than 10 minutes. Comes with adapter for Nokia/Sony phones.   Probably wont ship with the original packaging because it's big, unless you absolutely have to have it.   Price includes PayPal and shipping!
 Definitely keep the suggestions coming, but I'd also like to point you guys to another thread here where I've discovered some really great music that some may like to check out... http://www.head-fi.org/t/142023/songs-that-make-your-headphone-wooooow/
Count me in as well. DailydoseofDaly, I wouldn't mind trying out the Project Ember :) I've been considering building one myself.   I will bring my Bottlehead Crack + Speedball with Senn HD 700 and HD 650. I'll also bring the HE-400 in case people would like to try it on their setup (I find that it's not the best match on the Crack, IMO).
 The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Either way, I'll be seeing this when I can watch it for free. After Catching Fire I've had enough of the Hunger Games chick for a while.
Thanks, yeah it's hard to see at first! I nabbed the HD 439 so I can try out some mods ;)
 Where do you put in the code? I have the item in my cart, but I'm not seeing a place to put in the promo code at checkout...Never mind, found it.
I've been reading a lot about the HD 700 needing around 150-200 hours of burn-in, but I can't really find a lot of description on the changes after the break-in period. Can some of you comment on how the sound changes over time? Can I expect the soundstage to open up wider? I've only got about 20 hours so far on my pair.   Personally, I think they sound pretty great out of the box...
^ this.
Just found this DIY amp on Ebay. I'm going to leave these right here....      
FWIW I've listened to, and owned amps twice the price and I'd say at $279 it's still very much worth it. The speedball upgrade, while great, might be pushing it though if you are concerned about cost. The BH drives a lot of other headphones really well too. Hell, even the Q701/K702 sounds pretty nice on it. Only headphones I didn't like on it were the HE-400/500/6. HE-400 treble was a bit harsh and the 500/6 sounded underpowered. I had never soldered anything before my...
New Posts  All Forums: