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Yeah it sucks here in Charlotte, streets are solid ice and we just lost power now too. Won't be back on for a few hours.
Scanning through the last few pages it just came off that way... Maybe it's just how I read into it? Maybe I just desperately want to hear the new models? Maybe it's because I've been snowed in for two days and I'm a little stir crazy?   I'll go now and build a snowman.
I just caught up on the last few pages hoping to read new info and all I've learned is that some of you HFM lovers are a very defensive lot
 It's a cool idea, but I can't justify spending $150 on a $20 dollar headphone just because it's "Crackafied". I'd be much more interested if Bottlehead come out with a DIY planar ala the Mad Dog. Though planars don't really play nice with the BHC.
^ I'll PM you to keep the thread on topic. But the short answer is the Crack pairs very well, but not as well as HD 650/Crack. I still prefer the HD 700 on my Darkvoice 3322.
Thanks! It sounds even better!   
That sounds nice! Interested to see how the dovetail joints look...can't wait to see some pics! I think being able to customize the Crack base as you see fit is just another feature that makes it so special. It can be as basic or as beautiful as you like it to be.
Thanks! The color is called crimson fire and it's made by Old Masters. About 3 sessions of sanding then staining. Then it was more light sanding and several coats of high gloss polyurethane.
^ I mailed it out on a Saturday, could have been delayed by the winter storm. I tracked it too...scheduled for delivery tomorrow.
Done!  So far I like what I'm hearing...Soundstage is really good, very deep. Nice punchy bass too. Flysweep has been kind enough to let me try out his Mazda CIFTE so I've been bouncing back and fourth  between the two. The bass seems to have more texture with the CIFTE and is really well extended from top to bottom. I'm hearing more sparkle in the high end on the HD 650 with the CIFTE tube as well. The Mazda has this great fluid cohesiveness to the music, really great...
New Posts  All Forums: