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I've been reading a lot about the HD 700 needing around 150-200 hours of burn-in, but I can't really find a lot of description on the changes after the break-in period. Can some of you comment on how the sound changes over time? Can I expect the soundstage to open up wider? I've only got about 20 hours so far on my pair.   Personally, I think they sound pretty great out of the box...
^ this.
Just found this DIY amp on Ebay. I'm going to leave these right here....      
FWIW I've listened to, and owned amps twice the price and I'd say at $279 it's still very much worth it. The speedball upgrade, while great, might be pushing it though if you are concerned about cost. The BH drives a lot of other headphones really well too. Hell, even the Q701/K702 sounds pretty nice on it. Only headphones I didn't like on it were the HE-400/500/6. HE-400 treble was a bit harsh and the 500/6 sounded underpowered. I had never soldered anything before my...
 You definitely won't be disappointed with the Crack/HD 650 combo. I think you'll find that it lifts the HD 650 to that next "wow!" level. And down the road, it gets even better with the Speedball upgrade. Do you plan on building yours or buying pre-built? (Assuming you can convince the wife!)
I blocked the nuff said guy a long time ago. I found their drivel unbearably annoying, and they brought nothing to discussions except a false sense of superiority. Nuff said.
I'm just addicted to the rich, silky smooth way the HD 650 presents vocals. Especially female vocals. Both cans compliment each other very well.
 I agree 100% Jazz sounds excellent on the HE-400. But female vocals will always sound better on HD 650, especially Jazz/Soul vocalists. As for piano trios...most Jazz I listen to isn't that piano heavy, so I guess for me it's a toss up. Eh, just get both headphones and be done with it.
female vocals= HD 650
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug -8/10   Better paced than the first Hobbit movie, much more memorable action sequences too. Cuberbatch once again delivered a fantastic performance as the voice of Smaug. Smaug is also a total badass. Actually looking forward to the conclusion.
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