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There will be 4 total resistors that you will NOT install that the original instructions would have you install. And as others have said you will also bend a few caps down to make room for the Speedball. Best bet is read through the speedball instructions first and write down the resistors that are no longer needed, and skip those steps during the initial build.
lol I can't even remember what stock Crack sounds like anymore. All my builds except the very first a couple of years ago have had the Speedball installed in the get-go. Just be aware that installing the Speedball after the fact does require some unsoldering and dismantling of a few components. Nothing too crazy, though.   Even with Speedball, I did hear a noticeable improvement upgrading the output tube to a Tung-Sol 5998. Worth every penny IMO, and a highly recommended...
The HD 650 with BH Crack/Speedball + Tung-Sol 5998 tube is a STUNNING combo. I have the same set-up and it's used pretty much exclusively for my HD 650 The HD 700 also sounds great with it, but still lacks a touch in sparkle and energy compared to running it on my Darkvoice 3322.+1 for me as well- it was pretty clear that the HD 700 was an upgrade to the HD 650 right out of the box. Though, I fell in love with both of their sound signatures at the very beginning even...
New DT-990 Pro 250 Ohm version $145.95 with free shipping on Amazon. Lowest they've been according to Camelcamelcamel.
Sorry, TMRaven "like new". Thank you for correcting me on someone elses sales thread. They do look mint upon inspection. I'd rather pay amazon fees than sell them for $190. Though that's an absolute steal for the buyer.
Yeah, I got about 100 PM's from frazzled head-fiers telling me I was crazy for trying to sell mine for $285. Good luck, pal...Still have my mint in box ones sitting at 275. I'll probably just throw them up on Amazon, eat some fees and be done with it.   Most annoying selling experience ever here.
 Will your work not allow you to swap the days? It's not like you're giving them a weeks notice...
I had the same experience with them on my BH Crack, they lacked energy and sparkle, until I upgraded to a 5998 Tung-Sol tube. I was pretty amazed at the difference a little tube rolling did for it. Sounded less laid back that tight, accurate bass was there and brought out more of the details. That said, I still prefer in on the Darkvoice though...just gives them that speed and energy and the bass is just delicious.
I'm pretty flexible as long as it stays on a Saturday. And if it lends a better time schedule to get vendors involved, that's never a bad thing. Besides that, it gives a better chance at the new HiFiMAN models to get shipped out. I'm hoping to get the HE-400i and I'd love to try out the HD-560 which hopefully should arrive by then.
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