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I had the same experience with them on my BH Crack, they lacked energy and sparkle, until I upgraded to a 5998 Tung-Sol tube. I was pretty amazed at the difference a little tube rolling did for it. Sounded less laid back that tight, accurate bass was there and brought out more of the details. That said, I still prefer in on the Darkvoice though...just gives them that speed and energy and the bass is just delicious.
I'm pretty flexible as long as it stays on a Saturday. And if it lends a better time schedule to get vendors involved, that's never a bad thing. Besides that, it gives a better chance at the new HiFiMAN models to get shipped out. I'm hoping to get the HE-400i and I'd love to try out the HD-560 which hopefully should arrive by then.
How about calling it Sennheiser HD 650 DETOX... oh, wait...
HE-400 with Crack also not so good. HD 650 with crack = stunning. ;)
double post
 Very nice...love the grain patterns!
They assured me that a signature would be required!  Oh well, at least they arrived safely!
 Like a $890 HD 800 NEW...which I missed!  But probably for the best...
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