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Lars von Trier is a god-awful storyteller and a pompous prick to boot. I'm convinced anyone who is a huge fan of his work needs to be heavily medicated and/or locked up. I'd rather sit through Uwe Boll's entire filmography, at least then I can have fun laughing at his childlike attempts at directing.   Dude got banned from Cannes for saying he understands and sympathizes with HITLER....I mean, c'mon...  
Yeah, I was interested for while in these....dodged that bullet.
That's really tempting. I wish I could hear them first so I can see if they really do sound that much different from the K702.   I've had my K702 for years now but I'm curious about the Anniversary...
How'd you pull that off? Pricing mistake?   The best I did was this past Black Friday HD 650 - $340 new with $50 iTunes card, which I sold so $290 for Senn HD 650 NIB.
  Not to split hairs, but isn't that technically impossible? Seeing as how a Eunick wouldn't have his working man bits?
  This line made me laugh. I mean, I knew from the get go I'd never see this movie since I've tried to watch Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge several times, and every time all I can think about is how much I'd rather hit myself in the knees with a hammer than to have to sit though any more of it.   DiCaprio is too old to play these kinds of roles now anyway. He lost his boyish charm long ago.
The HD 800's scale majorly in sq the better your source and amp...with the right equipment I'd go so far as to say it's not just a noticeable improvement, but night and day.
PM sent
friends don't let friends drive after listening to HD 650
  Congrats! They are great, enjoy them... The pads will definitely get more supple. I'm finding that the more I use them, the easier it is becoming to get a decent seal. I don't have to fumble around with them constantly like when I first got them.   As for use with glasses, can't say with 100% certainty, I don't wear glasses...but I would assume this would also improve with use.
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