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The plug and Y-Split both came from Yew audio. This is the one I got...
Sorry, I haven't checked this thread in a hot minute, but here's the gear I can bring:   Amp(s) Darkvoice 3322             Bottlehead Crack (no speedball) <----may be willing to sell if there's interest   DAC: HRT Music Streamer II+   Headphones: HD650 (silver custom cable)                     AKG K550 & K702                     Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 (with silver re-cable)
Here's my ATH-ESW9 recable with silver stranded wire I did last week.... the paracord was a b*tch to work with for a first timer, but I still think it came out pretty nice. Plugs were from Yew Audio.   Also, I had to melt the plastic on the cups where the cable goes in with my soldering iron a tiny bit, because the cord wouldn't fit otherwise, lol  
I've heard pure silver stranded wire "the good stuff" versus silver plated copper cables and I personally couldn't tell a difference to save my grandmother's life. Unless you're talking about really pricey OCC stuff like what Toxic uses, (I've never heard OCC silver stranded) but I don't quite understand the difference anyhow. I try not to give in to the marketing hype side of things.
\ Ok, that's what I needed to know. Thanks!
Hm, I don't really see anything that looks like a color mark or bump to be honest. I've included a picture... would a digi multimeter work in this situation though?  
Hey guys, quick recable question-   I have a brand new pair of drivers with two solder points on them, I know the two each must be Left+/Left- and Right+/Right- but they are not labeled. What is the best way to tell? Should I go and get a digital multimeter?   If so, would I be able to tell this by holding the positive and negative tips on the multimeter to the solder points directly on the drivers?
For sale is a gently used HRT Music Streamer II in like new condition. No longer have use for it, as I've upgraded to MSII+. MSII comes with box only.   Open to offers, buyer pays 3% PayPal fees.
Disclaimer: The thoughts and comparisons within this review are my own subjective experiences using these DACs. I have done my best to flesh out the most obvious differences between these two DAC's, and others' experiences may differ slightly, as we all experience sounds differently.   Intro   The HRT Music Streamer II and HRT Music Streamer II+ (aka MSII/MSII+) have been on the market for a few years now but everyone that has used them still praise their...
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