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friends don't let friends drive after listening to HD 650
  Congrats! They are great, enjoy them... The pads will definitely get more supple. I'm finding that the more I use them, the easier it is becoming to get a decent seal. I don't have to fumble around with them constantly like when I first got them.   As for use with glasses, can't say with 100% certainty, I don't wear glasses...but I would assume this would also improve with use.
Thank you! If you change your mind, don't be afraid to shoot me an offer...
I used 2 coats of Minwax walnut stain.
I know this is an appreciation thread, but in case anyone is interested, (perhaps the gentleman above this) I am selling my ATH-ESW9's with the custom silver cable. As fantastic as these things are, I am looking to get a new pair of full size headphones and the wife is making me sell some things first :(
Putting my Bottlehead Crack up for sale, reason being, I want to build another one with the Speedball upgrade, of course.   Very clean solder joints, sounds amazing (especially with HD 650's) and is dead silent. US 110V version.   Price covers shipping to anywhere in the US as well as PayPal fees.   PM me if you have any questions.
Sorry to say, it looks like I won't be able to make it   I've had some car troubles the past week and I just don't feel safe about driving 250 miles from home before I get it into the shop. Maybe I can make it to the next one. I hope you all have a great time, can't wait to see pictures!
  8.9/10 - Better than the 2nd one by a decent margin, IMO. Really funny dialogue, cool action scenes...didn't realize it is the same director that did Die Hard and Lethal Weapon and you can definitely tell. It's basically an action/comedy.   Only thing, they could have called the movie "Tony Stark 3" because he is only Iron Man in the movie for maybe a total of 25ish minutes. There may have been less Iron Man in this movie than there was Batman in Dark Knight...
This is a custom cable I built for my HD 650, I am looking to sell so that I can build another.   This wire is 99.9% pure silver coated copper wire and it really does bring out the detail in the HD 650's. I just made it for aesthetics, I was surprised when I heard a noticeable difference in SQ. Cable measures approx. 4.5 feet. Terminated with gold plated Cardas plugs and 1/4" gold Yarbo plug from Germany.   Feel free to PM me with any questions I will try my best...
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