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 I see a lot of complaints about the coax connectors, I'm just curious why so many people take them on and off? Is it for travel purposes? When I owned mine I took the cable off exactly zero times after I attached it. They never came loose and I had no problems whatsoever with it (other then the cables unnecessarily long length). It may not be ideal, but they seemed solid to me.
The HE-400 and the HE-500 actually sound quite different from one another. Nobody here is arguing that the HD 700 isn't colored. I don't listen to it when I want neutrality. But for a genre like electronic music, (which I was referring to) I often prefer a more colored and fun sound, which the HD 700 provides in spades on the right setup. Like I said, HE-400 isn't bad at all...I just preferred the HD 700 much more. I'm ok with being the minority!   Anyway seeing as this...
 I used to have this exact setup (but before I owned the HD 700) It's quite a warm combo, which would tame the high end of the HD 700 if that's the sound you're after. I upgraded to the HRT MS II+ which is a decidedly brighter DAC, but is also noticeably more detailed with a much deeper soundstage. I find it very energetic and musical with the HD 700.
 What amp did you listen to the HD 700 on? They tend to be polarizing around here, but I also think they are pretty source/amp dependent. Maybe on a brighter amp like the Magni it could sound somewhat harsh. But after 50 some hours of use now, even on the BH Crack (which I find tames the HD 700 a bit too much) is clearly more enjoyable to my ears than the HE-400 including the bass. I find its a perfect balance of detail and musicality. Electronic music especially. My...
 Don't know what your budget is looking like, but I had the HE-400 for a while that I used exclusively for electronic and jazz until I got the HD 700 after the price drop. After that, the HE-400 immediately went up for sale. The HD 700 bass blows it out of the water IMO, digs deeper with more punch and also very detailed. Smooth treble without the tizz and crazy spike of the HE-400. It only just lacks the HE-400 soundstage. But the bass response, energy, detail and insane...
 Hey Sonido, how long do the batteries typically last in the Quickie? Have you needed to replace them often? Anyone else tried it with the HD 650/Crack combo with good results? I'm curious, and it's cheap enough that I'm willing to give it a whirl. Hell, it's cheaper than many premium tubes!
The whole damn thing. Just wonderful.
There will be 4 total resistors that you will NOT install that the original instructions would have you install. And as others have said you will also bend a few caps down to make room for the Speedball. Best bet is read through the speedball instructions first and write down the resistors that are no longer needed, and skip those steps during the initial build.
lol I can't even remember what stock Crack sounds like anymore. All my builds except the very first a couple of years ago have had the Speedball installed in the get-go. Just be aware that installing the Speedball after the fact does require some unsoldering and dismantling of a few components. Nothing too crazy, though.   Even with Speedball, I did hear a noticeable improvement upgrading the output tube to a Tung-Sol 5998. Worth every penny IMO, and a highly recommended...
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