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Sold pending payment...
For SOLD is my gently used Like new HD 650. Purchased brand new from Sennheiser USA, and have been the only owner for about a year. Approx 75-100 hours of use. Just recently put new Sennheiser pads on these. Includes original stock cable AND custom built silver cable with gold plated 1/4" Yarbo plug- approx. 4ft in length. Cable is very sturdy build and high quality sound/materials. Comes from a child/dust/smoke free home. Very well taken care of. Selling because they see...
Too bad on the HE-1000, it's still in the early stages so I wasn't holding my breath. I was just very interested based on all the buzz/hype surrounding it right now from those lucky enough to try it. Also, I'd like to add a +1 on my end, as my wife said she'd like to come with.
^Nice work!
+1, I have the non-Fazor LCD-2.2 and would love to compare. I could also bring my balanced Norne Audio Draug cable for Audeze if anyone is interested in trying.
I'm also very interested. As of now, I should be able to make it either day, and I could bring the DNA Sonett 2 and Sennheiser HD 800 w/ DHC balanced cable, along with my Emotiva XDA-2 DAC. I've really been wanting to hear the LCD-X as well, have not yet had the chance.   If we are to pick a firm day, I guess I'd lean more towards Saturday.       Any chance at all we could get a HE-1000 there??
^^^ PM received, thank you!
I've tried contacting the good folks at Norne Audio website but so far have received no reply. I have a single ended 8-wire Litz OOC (original version, Norse cable) for my Audeze LCD 2 and am curious if I can send it in and have it changed to a 4-pin XLR termination, since I have a balanced set up now? Do you still honor labor for Norse Audio products?   Feel free to PM me here!   Thanks
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