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Title says it all. Not looking to pay more than $25 please, I don't need anything fancy/exotic/majick.   Thanks!
   Really? I use these at the office everyday, sometimes in a cubicle, sometimes at an open seating location, and I've never once had any sour looks or complaints. Maybe you're listening at unhealthy levels because these things barely leak at reasonable volumes. 
+1 Also PM'd
Payment pending... Sold.
For sale is the Double Helix Molecule SE OCC Litz cable for Sennheiser HD 800 / HD 800S. Very flexible and built like a tank. It is in like new condition, measures 6 ft. Cable costs $309 + shipping new, plus you won't have to wait upwards of 3 months to have it built. I no longer own the HD 800, so I no longer need it.   Price includes shipping to CONUS and paypal fees. 
Excellent, looking forward to some impressions.
Still Available.
Anyone tried the Alpha Pads or ETHER C pads on the ETHER? Any notable differences? 
I'm looking for a single end cable for MrSpeakers ETHER (or Alpha Dog) nothing fancy, could even be DIY as long as it works. Preferably 6ft or less.   PM me if you have one you'd like to let go. Thanks.
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