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They are extremely easy to open up, I did it several times to replace the drivers. As long as you don't yank the drivers out all crazy and rip out the wires you'll be fine. Nothing to it really. Just a couple of screws.
Nothing against having a really nice fancy cable, especially if you're all about looks...But for the same amount of money, just the base Crack build would have done much, much more to scale up the sound quality
Awesome news! Do you plan on bringing the HE-560 and 400i with you to the Charlotte meet, Justin? If so, I'll hold off on the sign-up to let others get in on it.
Ha! This happens to me a lot as well. Searching endlessly for a track that sounded great and can't find it again. Was this by chance while listening on the BH Crack?
^ You guys bring up some really good points, and I believe that there is a lot of psychology that goes on with this kind of hobby. 10 years ago I would have told anyone that they were crazy for spending more than $200 for a pair of headphones, but now I've heard setups that cost several thousand dollars that sound absolutely amazing and it makes sense to me now. When people spend a lot of money, they expect the best; and that is relative to what they themselves think is...
   Right, well, now you have me thinking fun and fast vs luxurious and fast. I really like the more colored "fun" signature of the HD 700 especially in the bass. Treble peaks only become an issue 15% of the time for me. My hope is that the T1 bass doesn't seem disappointing going to a more transparent and natural sound. What about soundstage? I feel the HD 700 have opened up quite a lot more over 50 hours of use, but have read the T1 is also very good there. I really wish...
^ Thanks guys for the input. I'm leaning heavily towards the T1 now. One other question, how forgiving is the T1 with less-than-stellar recordings? I'm guessing they are more forgiving than the HD 800 at least.
True, but I've heard the HD 800 and I'm more interested in the T1 at the moment, so any insight is appreciated. I don't plan on purchasing the HD 800 anytime in the near future.
Hi guys,   I've been looking at the T1 for a while now and I may take the plunge soon. Thing is, I would need to sell my HD 700 to fund it, and I actually really enjoy the HD 700, especially with electronic music. Is the T1 a true upgrade? I understand the signature is different but I want something that truly sounds "high end". How does the bass compare to the HD 700? With my tube amps I like the detail and punchiness in the low end on the HD 700. Finally, is the T1...
^this au·di·o·phileˈôdē-ōˌfīl/nounnoun: audiophile; plural noun: audiophiles 1. a hi-fi enthusiast.   So by this definition, if you enjoy the K550, they are up to audiophile standards. Considering the K550 pretty much sounds like a closed K701 with more body in the low end, I don't see why anyone should get bent out of shape for calling them audiophile quality. After all, once upon a time the K701 was a high end audiophile quality flagship headphone. Semantics can...
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