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 Yup, as far as power tubes I agree the TS 5998 is one of the best I've used. I'm running the Tesla 12AU7 and the TS 5998 together and it's just gotten better over time. I'd like to hear the GEC Brown Base someday, which some people say is noticeably better than the 5998, but I'm not willing to drop that kind of cash on a single tube!
Matt, how are you liking your Tesla 12AU7? I think it's my favorite tube with the Crack now...loving it!
For $90 I would absolutely buy them again!   Kind of miss them now...
  Jazz rendition of the Game of Thrones theme. Made me say wow for multiple reasons.
 No problem, I misread that first part. Your opinion is your own and you shouldn't have to defend it. I'm interested in hearing the HE-560 as well as the HE-400i. If the HE-400i keeps or even improves upon the bass of the HE-400 then that will be a serious contender for "most satisfying bass" in a headphone. If the K812 indeed has moar bass plus bests the detail of the HD 700 that may jump up to the top of my short list very soon. I loved my time with the K702, but it was...
^Just sharing my observations. The bass on the HD 700 is much tighter and controlled than the robust bass of the HD 650 but I find both to be quite "present" in their own right. I'm also not a basshead, though... maybe you are?     But if it upsets you that much, maybe you should go back to the HD 650. Nobody here is calling you out, bud. It's just headphones talk!
HD 700 lacking in bass presence? I definitely don't find that to be the case at all, and as of right now the only other headphone I have to compare to is the HD 650. I'll make sure the HD 700 comes with me to the meet, Sonido...I forgot you own the K812 so I'm definitely looking forward to hearing that one and comparing the two. I do fully expect to hear more detail and refinement with the AKG. I still believe that with the Crack/Speedball and some pretty hefty tubes the...
I still plan on being there, but this is an insanely hectic time right now as my wife and I are buying our first house and are supposed to close on it in 2 weeks. We will be packing too. I may swing by for a bit, sans gear, if that's ok...I'll do my best to still bring some of my equipment but that depends on the home situation. Not like there will be any shortage of Crack amps anyhow!
That's disheartening news. Hopefully it's an isolated case, but nevertheless makes me nervous of preordering first run hifiman (speaking about the 400i in this case).
Welcome to Head-Fi! Nice write-up, and you should continue to enjoy the K550. They are great sounding headphones. If and when you do itch for something with a little different flavor (sorry about your wallet and all that...) you might look into the HE-400 as it's currently sitting at ~$250, especially if you really like electronic music. The FiiO would drive it fairly well.I do recall the K550 sounding especially good with rock and elecronic. Nice choice!
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