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1. Which State will the headphone be shipped to? Do NOT provide you full address here. We will PM you later.    North Carolina   2. Your equipments including headphones, IEMs, Source and Amps.   Headphones- Sennheiser HD 650 / HD 700, Sony XB700 Amps- Darkvoice 3322, Bottlehead Crack + Speedball DAC- HRT MSII+   3. How would you describe your headphone experience?   I would describe myself as a headphone enthusiast. I've owned 20+ headpones, including HiFiMan...
 I also checked these out for a good bit at the HiFiMan table during the ChiUniFi meet as well, and I loved them at first listen. I won't regurgitate what's already been eloquently described by others here, other than that the bass didn't extend super low like the HE-400's, which I was hoping (maybe they can, to be fair the meet got pretty loud at times) but it's still weighty, clean and really accurate. I'd describe them as a more refined HE-500 with greater soundstage....
Wow looking like it's going to be a great meet! I'll be there a little after 11, hopefully there will be a small space in the corner for my gear   Also, is anyone bringing extra power strips? Forgot to pack mine...only need 2 free outlets.
As it turns out, I'll be arriving in Chicago the night before the meet to visit family. If I can get away, and I'm not zombified from the drive, I'd love to attend! It's been a few years since my last ChiUniFi.   If I am able to make it, I will bring the following- Sennheiser HD 700 w/SPC cable, Darkvoice 3322 amp and HRT MSII+ DAC.
I am selling a custom SPC cable for the HD 600/650, with 1/4" gold plated Yarbo plug from Germany and gold plug Cardas teminations. Cable is very stury construction and makes my HD 650 shine. Tight, thumpy bass and sparkly treble. Measures a little over 4 ft.   Price covers pp fee and shipping within USA. International shipping is extra.
Finally some real world, useful impressions of the HE-400i. Pretty much got me hyped for them again after these delays.   Thanks, chowmein83. A very worthy first post!
I bought one of the MEElectronics grab bags once, the headphones they sent me lasted a whole week before cutting out completely. Can't remember which ones, I think it was the 29.99 they are in a landfill somewhere. Enjoy!
Anxiously awaiting the HE-560 and 400i demo sign-ups!   Any solid release date for the 400i yet?
That's a smoking hot deal, dent or no. It's only cosmetic. I own both, they compliment each other very well.
Matt has a BHC and I'll most likely be bringing mine as well. Chances of anyone selling it? Good luck with that!
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