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Disagree... not sure if you guys may be listening to some early run, low serial K702's, but I A/B the Q701 and K702 extensively today and I heard absolutely no difference whatsoever. And my K702 have hundreds of hours of "burn in" time while the Q701 has about 5 hours on it. So maybe I need 100 hours to hear some kind of change??   Such is head-fi.
Damn, if I lived there I'd start scoping out Goodwill around that area every few days if people are bring equipment like that in...must be a pretty well-to-do hood if people are donating thousand dollar amps and SACD players all willy-nilly. All we have in our Goodwill stores around here is...crap.
I'm looking to buy a v-moda audio only cable for my Mad Dogs, preferably in red.   They are currently sold out on V-Moda's website, but if anyone has one they aren't using I'll happily take it off your hands.   Thanks!
Thanks for the graphs and descriptions of the sound between each version, Mr. Speakers!   I must say that the more time I've been spending with the Mad Dogs, the more they are really growing on me. I'm finding that they actually sound quite nice at lower volumes on my portable amp, and with their amazing comfort they are the perfect headphone for winding down at night. I think they have found a new home on my night stand next to the bed. I'm really interested in the...
Star Trek Into Darkness- 8/10J J Abrams will have no problem at all with Star Wars Ep VII. I'm confident it's in great hands.Big character reveal in Star Trek wasn't much of a surprise. Spock screaming was ridiculous and I laughed. [[SPOILER]] Also, anyone else sick of seeing the World War Z trailer? I feel like I've seen it 15 times now and I totally don't care about that movie at all...
Amazing game. Such rich atmosphere, I haven't been that drawn into a fictional world in a very long time!
I rarely use headphones for gaming, but I had a similar experience when I used my HD 650's for bit with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Bioshock Infinite, and wow, yeah.... it's pretty fun I gotta say. Still feels a little strange for me to play games with headphones on though. Gotta try it with a movie sometime!
Jumped on it, thanks for the heads up. I figure I'll compare to my K702 and sell whichever one i like less (even if it's purely aestethics)Great deal considering I happily paid $220 for my gently used K702.
Maybe AKG revised some models, or it's burn in, or I'm just used to it, but I've never felt my K550 to be "screammy" or overly bright...true the treble does spike a bit but I've only heard one track that really pierced my ears and it was a piss poor recording anyway. Give it time, you'll understand them and enjoy them. It may also be because I use them exclusively on tube amps too, I think that helps tame them and smooth out the highs. I find them a wonderful compliment...
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