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  "If you've ever played a system loud enough to get slightly noxious -- not because your ears clipped but because the pressure build-up in the room made you feel like swimming through molasses -- you're already keyed in to what the resonators address."   Man, I've read some seriously ridiculous sh** on head-fi and other audio sites through the years, but this "review" may very well take the cake.
I just read that article. I find it hard to believe that every one of those flares were done live during filming, and not in post. That's insanity. You can get the same effect in about 5 minutes with a little After Effects plug-ins.   I also can't help but think Abrams had to have taken some inspiration from the Mass Effect series of video games...there are a lot of those same "sci-fi-esq" lens flares in those games, and if I'm not mistaken the first game came out way...
Star Trek Into Darkness wasn't nearly as lens flare crazy as Star Trek 2009.... Abrams turned it down a notch. Still, if I don't see at least one lens flare come off a light saber I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be disappointed.
I would also be interested to see how they fit, but they are huge...pillow-like...I suspect they would push the K550 drivers even further away from the ear making it sound thinner.Those pads heat up real quick of the reasons I ultimately sold my XB 700.
I didnt do anything special to my K550, I just placed Velcro and foam on the headband to tighten the clamp and coiled thin rope under the pads to push them out for better seal. Good seal is crucial for great sound out of the k550, unfortunately that's harder with a smaller head. I think the K550 is pretty underrated, especially for it's cost...i even prefer it over the K702 mostly. But this is the HE-400 thread and I digress... Back on topic
  I did a few modifications to my K550, so that may be why I hear a bit more impact. My Mad Dogs are version 3.1, at least that's what I was told by the original has a bit more slam, goes very deep but nowhere near the detail as the HE-400 bass.   Meanwhile, I downloaded a neat little EQ add-on for Spotify called Equalify and I boosted the 60-170 Hz range by 2db and it transformed the HE-400 for me. I know EQ is a touchy subject but for me the HE-400 retains...
Selling my Grado SR80i with wood cups. The cable was repaired where the y-split had come apart. There is also a crack on the bottom of the right wood cup, but you can't see it when wearing the headphones. Both drivers work and they sound great.   Asking price covers shipping. Add 3% for PP fees, unless gifted.
Selling one of my custom SPC (silver plated copper) cables for the Sennheiser HD 650 / HD 600. Used 99.99% pure silver plated copper, royal purple nylon sleeving, gold plated Cardas termination and a 1/4" gold Yarbo plug from Germany. Measures a little over 4 feet. Looks and sounds great!   Asking price covers both shipping and paypal fees.   International Shipping available for additional cost.
I've never seen a Fast n Furious movie...not a one. But seeing an airplane ejaculate a car from it's tip in the trailer made me think perhaps this is the one to watch... Couldn't care less about the characters back stories.
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