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Bonus points for the Metal Gear reference.
You got the last one until they make more available for 20 minutes and someone else buys the last one.
^ excellent work! Mini XLR would be sweet too!
That right there...no need to dash my hopes and dreams
Now that some of the dust is settling from the HE-560 it looks like the HE-400i hype train is getting ready to pull out of the station. We already know the HE-400i will be extremely comfortable, almost certainly better soundstage and hopefully less tizzy treble.   As long as it retains it's darker signature, HE-400 bass and mids tuned more towards the HE-500, this is definitely going to the be the HFM headphone for me...and those pads...
Quote: I hope to purchase a used T1 this week when I get paid if it's still available. I'd like to do an extensive comparison between the HD 700 and the T1 and probably sell whichever one I prefer less. Maybe I'll do a head-to-head writeup since there isn't exactly a ton of info on how the two compare. Personally, I very much enjoy the HD 700 after 75+ hours of use and find it hard to imagine getting rid of at this stage. They are also really damn comfortable.
wrong post
The HD 800 easily outclasses the HD 700 in transparency and soundstage, but the HD 700 is without a doubt (to me) a much more "fun" listen. A lot less source dependent as well.   That being said, I enjoy the HD 800 quite a lot, I'm just not willing to fork up the cash.
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