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PM Sent.
According to others that have tried, and Dan, the angled ETHER C pads open the soundstage a bit with ETHER open, everything else stays mostly the same. Haven't tried yet myself but hope to soon. 
FWIW, I use mine with the DNA Sonett 2 and it sounds better than the HD 800 did on it (and I loved the way the HD 800 sounded) Ridiculously resolving, smooth and musical. Would love to try the Stratus one day. 
I neither need, nor want this...but I'll give them to my headphones-less buddy at work if I a win.
PM Sent
You've got PM
Sold pending payment...
Stock or DIY SE cable will do. PM me with your price. Nothing fancy.   Thanks!
Title says it all. Not looking to pay more than $25 please, I don't need anything fancy/exotic/majick.   Thanks!
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