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I've tried contacting the good folks at Norne Audio website but so far have received no reply. I have a single ended 8-wire Litz OOC (original version, Norse cable) for my Audeze LCD 2 and am curious if I can send it in and have it changed to a 4-pin XLR termination, since I have a balanced set up now? Do you still honor labor for Norse Audio products?   Feel free to PM me here!   Thanks
Even though I like Sea Change a little better, the production on his newest release Morning Phase is also mind blowing. Very similar sounding to Sea Change.
^ Haha, nah I'm good. I got one of the lower end balanced DHC cables in the second hand market for my HD 800, and even that was met with a healthy dose of hesitation. To be fair though it does feel nearly indestructible.
Googled it. $799...YIKES!
Mamma Sed by Puscifer   Close up strumming guitars and Maynard James Keenan's brooding voice = great stuff
Man, just reading these impressions, the HE-1000 just sounds like it'll be expen$$$$ive.... the fact that Fang made a direct comparison to the Orpheus doesn't bode well either.   Dr. Fang, please make these attainable for the blue-collar head-fi'ers!!
Welp, I was pulled back and forth considering these, then I had the opportunity to snag a LCD 2.2 non-fazor for the same price as the EL-8, so I jumped on it. And I feel pretty darn good about it, too. They will be my first foray into Audeze sound. I still look forward to hearing the EL-8 at a meet sometime. Until then...
Agreed. $2,000 is already a clear threshold for me personally but if these are as good as you and others have said, I'd probably make it happen...anything much more than that, and it will need to sound like the voice of God whispering in my ears to consider it. Or I'll have to wait a year or two for the used ones to come down in price.
If I'm not mistaken I believe the prototype "Z" is housed inside a LCD-X for now, so the design will likely change. Question is will it be a newer design ala the EL-8 or will they stick to the basic LCD design?
Yeah I've tried every mod out there, stuffing, bending, rubber bands...I could get a seal but if I'd move my head even a little the pads would come away from my jaw / ears and drastically reduce the sound quality. Became too annoying, as I can't keep me head perfectly still for more than a few songs!
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