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No, I would not be sitting that close. I'd be 6 ft away, using wireless keyboard/mouse. Mostly for gaming/streaming is all. 
I've had my eyes on this set to use as a computer monitor. I wish there were more reviews but it was released just for doorbuster sales. From what I understand it's similar to the m-series but with cheaper materials to keep the costs down. Best Buy is also selling this one for $999 on BF. 
Last year Sennheiser USA cleared out their open box HD 700 stock for ~$320 on Black Friday. I'd keep an eye out for that. Absolute steal at that price. Very fun set of headphones.
 As I said earlier in this thread I had the exact same problem. The HM5 pads took care of that problem completely and I love them. You can see above that they may or may not change the sound...I don't know. I can't tell any difference. You may. But they are comfy as hell now and still sound great, to me that's all that matters.  EDIT- BTW here's how they look with HM5 pads in case you're wondering.  
I made this same argument for a long time until I realized that most people interested in flagships like the HD 800S or LCD 4 probably aren't concerned at all about the relative value of mid-fi gear. I owned the HD 650 for a long time and scoffed at the price of the HD 800 until I bought it and quickly sold the HD 650. This hobby is a rabbit hole. Get out while you still can.
Great, thanks guys!
Wait, so is $1,799 the confirmed price or is this just baseless poppycock?
It's been pretty quiet on the HE-1000 front, just wondering if we could get an update on who has/where they are? 
That's one hell of an impression. I've never seen Jude so giddy. Never thought listening to a set of headphones would make it to my bucket list, but here we are. 
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