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I made this same argument for a long time until I realized that most people interested in flagships like the HD 800S or LCD 4 probably aren't concerned at all about the relative value of mid-fi gear. I owned the HD 650 for a long time and scoffed at the price of the HD 800 until I bought it and quickly sold the HD 650. This hobby is a rabbit hole. Get out while you still can.
Great, thanks guys!
Wait, so is $1,799 the confirmed price or is this just baseless poppycock?
It's been pretty quiet on the HE-1000 front, just wondering if we could get an update on who has/where they are? 
That's one hell of an impression. I've never seen Jude so giddy. Never thought listening to a set of headphones would make it to my bucket list, but here we are. 
So silly. People don't even wait for impressions or even price/release date info anymore. Just gimme gimme gimme. I'm nowhere near willing to let my HD 800 go at a significant loss on something that's "a little bit better" -especially not knowing the price yet. This behavior is exactly why companies are driving headphone prices up astronomically. 
They look very similar to me. The center circle in the middle of the driver *may* be a little smaller? Hard to tell... 
Speculating on price and being optimistic is always nice, but judging from recent trends I'm erring on the side of caution- it's going to be damn expensive. Certainly more so than the "obsolete" HD 800.
For the DIY'ers I have some brand new, unused HD 800 plugs. The actual pins inside are gold plated. Very high quality plugs.    Price is firm, includes shipping and paypal.
Beautiful! Love the look of that amp. So the HE-1000 does come with a balanced cable? 
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