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^ I've already got at least a 5 week wait anyway, so 2 more days doesn't really make a difference to me. I think it really depends on how rschoi75 feels about it.
Absolutely. I was unable to make it to the one in Raleigh. If the timing works out just perfect, maybe it will fall on the same week that I'm supposed to get a HE-1000 loaner to demo 
Sold. pending payment...
Thanks, MermaidMan. I found that these benefitted greatly from the mods. I'd love to hold onto them longer because they are a ton of fun, but I just have too many headphones at the moment with other priorities looming.
Todd, I sent you an email (to your gmail account) about the ENIGMAcoustics Dharma. Also had a question about the HE-1000. Thank you for all you do here!
Selling my HE-400 for a much needed computer upgrade. Like new, perfect condition. Mods:-Custom open grills for more air and bigger soundstage- cups are fully lined (pic only shows partially lined) with 1/8" 30 duro self sticking Sorbothane = Significant improvement to sq with more body, tighter slam, nicely tamed treble read more about it here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/744839/damping-mechanical-resonance-distortion-of-stax-and-other-phones-with-sorbothane- Sennheiser HD...
This is a very transparent sounding copper cable made from pure OCC copper 4 core Litz braid wire same as what's used in Double Helix cables. Very sturdy build with a nice solid German made gold plated Yarbo plug. Asking price includes paypal and shipping to anywhere in the US. Overseas shipping is a little extra. Cable measure about 4.5 feet. The cable shows very little signs of wear. 
Damn...the negative feedback starting all the way back in March should have been a major red flag. If I were sending out 3k worth of demo equipment the person had better have flawless feedback and been a member for more than one year minimum. I just hate to think that TTVJ has been taken advantage of, and demo tours like these will cease to exist for the honest members if this becomes a trend. It's upsetting and I wasn't even on the list! Even if this person does have...
Maybe my hype gauge has finally busted, but honestly...none of this excites me. The original Orpheus looks like art. This looks like someone cobbled a bunch of stuff together from Home Depot. I'm sure it'll sound out of this world though.
New Posts  All Forums: