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The great thing about the HD 650 (if you love them) is that they scale extremely well with better and better gear, so they can actually grow with you through this crazy journey called head-fi.
Right now Emotiva is having a site-wide sale on most of their products with 15% off plus free shipping. I was able to get the XDA-2 Gen 2 DAC for $269 shipped, which I've had my eyes on for a while.
What can I say, I've had some eggnog and I'm feelin' a little sassy tonight. And I still absolutely stand by my previous statement.
LOL No. No, they don't. I've had both, and the LCD-XC is leagues ahead of the Fischers. Only the weight kills the XC for me.
Hey, these look familiar! ;)
This is my labor of love Bottlehead Crack amp with the Speedball upgrade. This is one of many Cracks that I've built and is the one I've kept for myself for over a year. I used Cardas quad eutectic silver solder on all the joints. Very solid build, and all multimeter readings are spot on. Also put in an Alps Blue potentiometer and a custom volume knob.    Also included are several tubes including the amazing Tung-Sol TS-5998 which really puts this amp in another class....
And if you're like me, balanced also lets you run ridiculously long cable runs without any risk of degrading signal or sound quality.
 Not bad at all considering there is a very easy and completely reversible mod to make these sound significantly better.
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