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Really cool video about the HD800. I wish they would also post a video of the "lesson" where the guy was drawing on the graph paper, I bet that was also very interesting. Stopped watching when they got to the Urbanite though because I couldn't care less.
Funny I recently hooked a portable amp up to my Dualshock 4 along with the HD 650. My wife looked at me funny with an amp sitting in my lap and me covered in cables and adapters. Not very practical but it was pretty sweet.
+1 that is a good deal.
The 339 is a gorgeous sounding OTL amp, especially with the HD 650. I can vouch for the Tung-Sol 5998 as I use it in my Crack/Speedball. They are expensive, but the bump in detail and resolution is truly significant.
 Wouldn't it make more sense to just get the K7XX from Massdrop? I'm out of the whole K7-whatever-loop, but aren't they essentially the same thing?
Personally, I haven't owned my HD800 long but in all my time reading about them on head-fi I can't recall any problems with the HD800 that weren't attributed to user error and/or carelessness.
Good god! Very sorry I mentioned people selling the NIB HD598 on the classifieds guys...
The demo pair I am using right this moment from the HiFiMan tour sounds bright-ish running balanced on the Sonett 2. Again, it varies from track to track.   And I'm digging them more and more...
I gotta admit I'm a little jelly I missed out on that deal. Not that I need them, but that price! Funny a couple of NIB HD 598's have popped up in the classifieds for ~$150. Seems a bit dodgy...
No that's never been an issue for me. It's completely dead silent on my desktop and laptop.
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