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The 6kHz never bothered me a bit either...BUT the benefits of the mod was still very apparent to me. The warmth and added weight to the low end is quite nice, after a few days living with it and I wouldn't want to go back. I've owned and demoed several flagships during my head-fi journey. I've owned the HD-800 twice because I always knew they were special. These are keepers for sure.
Thanks, and I guess I should have stressed more that the only reason for the full disassembly was simply because I wanted to paint the headphones stealth black and NOT because of the mod. I have never been able to find another video showing a full disassembly of an HD 800 so I included it. To install the mod you really need't take anything apart. As far as I can tell the creatology ring is flush with the top. When I placed them, it felt like it was touching the bottom but...
You're absolutely right, and thanks a lot, Sorrodje. Apologies, when I uploaded the video it was very late here and I had every intention to give credit after linking to the Inneerfedelity article. I understand that this is probably "old hat" to the true stars of head-fi, I just did it for myself and thought I'd share a video just in case a few people may be interested in seeing it done. 
So I got bored this past weekend and decided to try and turn my HD 800 into an HD800S with the Superdupont resonator mod, if anyone is interested I made a thread with the tutorial. (Spoilers- it sounds awesome)   http://www.head-fi.org/t/808044/my-haphazard-journey-into-turning-a-sennheiser-hd-800-into-a-hd-800s-with-the-superdupont-mod-and-paint  
As the title suggests, I had on older pair of HD 800's and decided to attempt to turn it into (almost) an HD 800S. Click video to see how I did it using the "SuperDupont" mod. It came out better than I expected, and I'm very pleased with the results!    Special thanks to Tyll's article and video as a jumping off point for this tutorial. Also a big thanks to Sorrodje for his work at tweaking the mod. The entire point of this video was only to show that even a...
Looking to buy a used 4-pin XLR Norne Cable for Sennheiser HD 600 / 650. Doesn't matter if it's Draug/Vanquish/Sølv   PM me if you have one you'd be willing to sell.   Thanks.
And they're gone!
I'm reluctantly selling my very mint MrSpeakers ETHER with 5ft Norne Draug 4-pin XLR cable because I've been listening to speakers mostly these days and less time with headphones. They have the 1.1 foam mod installed and are in pristine condition including cable. I got rid of the DUM cable as soon as I put on the Draug which gives it slightly more meat and more body in the low end. As such I am ONLY selling these with the Norne cable. These were purchased in December, and...
+1 TH-X00. They are my primary headphones for work and listen to a lot of electronic and female vocal jazz music with them. Bass has a very satisfying punch and mids are just forward enough. They do need a decent amount of break in to get the tight bass, in case you end up getting a brand new pair. 
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