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That's great news, as I had the same idea! I'm very much interested in your impressions and if possible, can you include some pics from the process? If it sounds great, I'll probably opt for the same mod.  P.S. What pads are you using? I've heard that Focus pads (original Focus, not Focus-A) do a bit to tame the highs on the HE-400. 
Is this mod possible to do inside the HE-400 cups? Not the most attractive mod on the outside of the cups...
 This right here. Hifiman has done wonders for getting superb planar tech out to consumers, but in their pursuit to appease to a broad audience it seems that they are abandoning the very sound signatures that put them on the map. Not trying to say anything bad about them, they obviously are making good products but there's plenty of people out there, myself included, that are frustrated that they seem to be playing it pretty safe as far as sound signatures go. I want...
Hm, so it seems that my dreams of HE-400S meaning "Super" HE-400 are just that. I have no doubt that it's killer for the price bracket, but like others have addressed, I've no need or desire for another neutral sounding headphone.
I understand that the HE-400S has a nice wide soundstage, can anyone comment on the airiness? Besides the bass, one of my favorite things about the HE-400 was the sense of space and air around all the instruments.   Could be something that surfaces more through some burn time too...
Haha, yeah...from what I recalled from the HE-400, the HE400i sounded quite different. I'm hoping the HE-400S sounds more along the lines of the HE-400, with the same airiness and deep bass. I'd love for the "S" in HE-400S to stand for "Super".
Someone needs to send MattTCG an original HE-400 for direct comparisons ASAP. 
Didn't make the HE-1000 this time, but very gracious of TTVJ to do this for head-fi'ers anyway!    If anyone drops out, or if there is a second tour, please keep me in consideration.
They look just like XB-700 marshmallow pads- which for all their comfort, I found got pretty hot very quickly. Great for the winter months, though!  
New Posts  All Forums: