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I am selling a custom SPC cable for the HD 600/650, with 1/4" gold plated Yarbo plug from Germany and gold plug Cardas teminations. Cable is very stury construction and makes my HD 650 shine. Tight, thumpy bass and sparkly treble. Measures a little over 4 ft.   Price covers pp fee and shipping within USA. International shipping is extra.
Finally some real world, useful impressions of the HE-400i. Pretty much got me hyped for them again after these delays.   Thanks, chowmein83. A very worthy first post!
I bought one of the MEElectronics grab bags once, the headphones they sent me lasted a whole week before cutting out completely. Can't remember which ones, I think it was the 29.99 they are in a landfill somewhere. Enjoy!
Anxiously awaiting the HE-560 and 400i demo sign-ups!   Any solid release date for the 400i yet?
That's a smoking hot deal, dent or no. It's only cosmetic. I own both, they compliment each other very well.
Matt has a BHC and I'll most likely be bringing mine as well. Chances of anyone selling it? Good luck with that!
 Yup, as far as power tubes I agree the TS 5998 is one of the best I've used. I'm running the Tesla 12AU7 and the TS 5998 together and it's just gotten better over time. I'd like to hear the GEC Brown Base someday, which some people say is noticeably better than the 5998, but I'm not willing to drop that kind of cash on a single tube!
Matt, how are you liking your Tesla 12AU7? I think it's my favorite tube with the Crack now...loving it!
For $90 I would absolutely buy them again!   Kind of miss them now...
  Jazz rendition of the Game of Thrones theme. Made me say wow for multiple reasons.
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