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+1 TH-X00. They are my primary headphones for work and listen to a lot of electronic and female vocal jazz music with them. Bass has a very satisfying punch and mids are just forward enough. They do need a decent amount of break in to get the tight bass, in case you end up getting a brand new pair. 
Looking for a good condition Edition X. Preferably second or third owner, as I'm not looking to pay near MSRP. PM me and maybe we can work out a deal.
For sale are a matched pair of NOS 6h30p-EB Sovtek  tubes, test strong. Bought these as back ups, but no longer need them.   Includes shipping to CONUS and paypal fees.
Wow, that's a very attractive price for those!
I'd like to test the X7/AM2 module. I do not own the X7.   Headphones: MrSpeakers ETHER, Fostex TH-X00, HE-400 DAC/AMPS: FiiO E18, DNA Sonett 2, XDA-2 Location: Charlotte, North Carolina USA Language: English   Thanks.
For sale is a like new MrSpeakers DUM cable with 4 pin XLR connector. Measures 10ft. Costs $250 ordered from MrSpeakers. Has less than 10 hours use, I'm selling because I picked up a Draug 2 cable for my ETHER. No trades. Price includes shipping and paypal fee.
Actually I am. I picked it up because I didn't like the DUM cable. It could be placebo but I feel like the Norne cable puts a little more meat on the ETHER signature. A touch more impact on bass. I haven't done any critical A/B mind you, once I put on the Draug 2 it stayed put.
PM Sent.
According to others that have tried, and Dan, the angled ETHER C pads open the soundstage a bit with ETHER open, everything else stays mostly the same. Haven't tried yet myself but hope to soon. 
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