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oops! sorry,'s just a hair over 5 feet from tip to connectors.
I'm selling an extra pair of genuine XB700 pads. The pleather is worn away on the insides of the cups, but the outsides are in good condition and otherwise look and feel great. Perfect for modders, or anyone looking for another inexpensive set for their XB700. Also included are the small screws that hold the cups to the drivers.   Price includes shipping and PP fees.
 What about in terms of soundstage? To me that was one of the best features of the K550...
I'm selling a custom SPC cable that has a gold plated Yarbo plug from Germany and Cardas terminations. High quality silver plated copper cable, very sturdy build. Get more detail and cleaner bass from this great looking cable. Measures just over 5 ft in length.   Price includes shipping and PP fees.
I'm selling a barely used (less than 5 hours) HD 439 that I bought just to try the extra bass impact mod. IMO they sound much better now than stock, but the mod is complete reversible. Great headphones for the price. Smoke/dust free home. Price includes shipping.
Curious- has anyone successfully modded any XB700 pads to fit the K550 yet? I have a spare pair I may try, I just need to get another K550   They are so plush it seems like the could get a very good seal for people with smaller heads...
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1. Which State will the headphone be shipped to? Do NOT provide you full address here. We will PM you later.    North Carolina   2. Your equipments including headphones, IEMs, Source and Amps.   Headphones- Sennheiser HD 650 / HD 700, Sony XB700 Amps- Darkvoice 3322, Bottlehead Crack + Speedball DAC- HRT MSII+   3. How would you describe your headphone experience?   I would describe myself as a headphone enthusiast. I've owned 20+ headpones, including HiFiMan...
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