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I actually really like the all silver side, but the "dial" portion reminds me of my old iPod classic. A little dated looking. A bit on the fence with the design, but very interested in hearing them sometime. 
Sale pending...   SOLD.
Selling a good condition legendary AKG K240 Sextett, which I bought a while ago from a fellow head-fier. The cord and cups are actually in excellent condition. The cups have slight wear and the band also shows some slight wear. These things sound amazing for their age, and the bass is some of the best I've ever heard from a mid-tier AKG, much more fun signature compared to the K702/Q701.   Price includes shipping. Buyer adds 3% Paypal fee unless gifted.   CONUS only,...
So by my count I reckon we'll get to hear impressions from, what....1... maybe 2 people now?    There's always a catch.
Interested as well! Probably the only chance I'll get to hear these amazing looking headphones!
Updated trades for what I'm interested in ^^^
Sorry if I missed it, but didn't Audeze elude that there was some big secret reason for them creating a new connector? Did they ever give the purpose?
^ lol was just thinking the same thing. Take it to PM guys, if it's that important to you.
For the moment, I'd like to keep them together. I'll keep you updated if this changes.
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