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As the title suggests, I'm looking to purchase a used Element ASAP. PM me if you have one you've been thinking about selling. I would be interested in hearing an offer. Thanks!
Maybe they look better up close, but from far away the Ebony doesn't look special or exceptional in any way. Pretty meh. But cool for those going for a more low key look.
And they're gone!
Yes! Those ETHER's in your pic look familiar! Thanks, man.
Mint condition, practically new Edition X. Decided that I don't use them enough (less than 20 hours) to warrant keeping, so passing the savings along to someone that will get tons of enjoyment out of them. These things look and sound fantastic, even right out of an iPhone.  Comes with box and both cables (10ft and portable cable) Price includes Shipping to CONUS and Paypal fees, and is FIRM. Not interested in any trades at this time, thanks.
Very Interested to try these. I haven't had a chance to test wireless earbuds yet-   Dxanex Charlotte, NC I am currently in line to demo the FiiO X7, but I have not received it to write the review yet.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/804809/fiio-x7-all-amp-modules-am2-am3-am5-review-world-tour-starts-right-now/60#post_12634498
Brand new, never used and still in packaging.   Price includes shipping and paypal fees. 
Hello,   I inquired about doing maintenance on my Skoll cable through the Norne website last week, and haven't heard anything at all. Hoping someone can help me out and contact me.   Thanks!
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