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Thank you! Sure, so the drivers of the Z1R are slightly angled backwards, in such a way that they rub the front folds of my ears closest to my temple. So basically every now and then I just have to rotate the cups back just slightly on the x-axis towards my earlobes and all is good. It's not a big problem for me, once I adjust I'm good for the duration of listening unless I'm really bobbing my head.  Those with ears that stick out kinda far may possibly have some issues...
I made a short video of my impressions of the Z1R vs Focal Elear...I hope it's ok to post this video here. Just my opinions-    
Does anyone know if the pre-orders charge your card immediately, or do they charge you once your Aeon ships?
 Do you reckon my humble FiiO E18 would do the trick while I'm on the road, or should I expect to shell out for a Chord Mojo?
I've been following this thread for a while, couldn't resist and finally pulled the trigger on the Z1R. Really interested in comparing them to the Focal Elear, which continues to impress me every day. I haven't seen a whole lot in the way of comparing the two, info is somewhat sparse. I'm hoping the Z1R is a clear upgrade and not a side-grade, as I'm often finding the Elear shockingly good sounding in multiple genres of music.   I'll be sure and post any helpful...
As a long time lover and twice-owner of the HD 650 I can positively say that the Focal Elear is a worthy upgrade and would totally be a wise financial decision! Just open your heart and wallet... 
Selling my TH-X00 pads because I decided to use Alpha pads instead. Brand new, only placed on my ears once. These would run you $80 retail. Price includes shipping and paypal fee to anywhere in the US. International shipping is extra.
Brand New JDS Labs Element. I've only used it for 3 days and decided that it's a little too big to carry around and keep on my desk at work. Otherwise I hate to get rid of it because it sounds amazing and looks fantastic in person. Just doesn't suit my needs.   Price includes shipping to CONUS. Buyer covers paypal fees unless gifted.   No Trades. Price firm. 
PM sent.
As the title suggests, I'm looking to purchase a used Element ASAP. PM me if you have one you've been thinking about selling. I would be interested in hearing an offer. Thanks!
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