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Hm, so it seems that my dreams of HE-400S meaning "Super" HE-400 are just that. I have no doubt that it's killer for the price bracket, but like others have addressed, I've no need or desire for another neutral sounding headphone.
I understand that the HE-400S has a nice wide soundstage, can anyone comment on the airiness? Besides the bass, one of my favorite things about the HE-400 was the sense of space and air around all the instruments.   Could be something that surfaces more through some burn time too...
Haha, yeah...from what I recalled from the HE-400, the HE400i sounded quite different. I'm hoping the HE-400S sounds more along the lines of the HE-400, with the same airiness and deep bass. I'd love for the "S" in HE-400S to stand for "Super".
Someone needs to send MattTCG an original HE-400 for direct comparisons ASAP. 
Didn't make the HE-1000 this time, but very gracious of TTVJ to do this for head-fi'ers anyway!    If anyone drops out, or if there is a second tour, please keep me in consideration.
They look just like XB-700 marshmallow pads- which for all their comfort, I found got pretty hot very quickly. Great for the winter months, though!  
Pressing that there subscribe button post-haste. 
Very interested in auditioning the HE-1000! Email sent. 
I just changed out the thinnish stock pads for the brown HM5 pleathers. I can't hear any glaring changes from stock at all, really. If there is any slight change, it's completely negligible compared to the improvement in comfort...(my ears rubbed a little against the drivers with the stock pads). These things sound stupid good for the 125 I paid for them, even straight out of my Mac Pro. 
PM sent
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