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Yeah, I just ordered the 2.5, since the stock 3m was nearly perfect for me, just got annoying when it hung on my lap
I'm usually pretty skeptical about no-name stuff coming from china off eBay, but I know there is good stuff out there. How is this cable? I may as well get a full new cable if it's better or on par with the stock Sennheiser one. Googled a bit and bought it. Seems like its the best value cable there is out there.
Hey,   I lost my stock Sennheiser HD 598 1/4 to 3.5 adapter, and now that I'm getting a new amp without a 1/4 input, I'm gonna need a new one. I googled around and couldn't find the stock one for sale anywhere. Right now I'm looking at this Sennheiser adapter, but before dropping $22 on a pretty basic adapter, I'd like to know if anyone has any better value suggestions. 
Is there a few second warm up time and does it overheat if its on for too long or? I just like the idea of being able to switch out the tube and get a new and different sound from a different tube. The main reason why I'm looking to upgrade is because the E9 has no RCA line out so I'm using a short and cheap 3.5 to RCA cable with my audioEngine speakers which gives me a bit of feedback. I've been scoping MassDrop for the past month or so and this seems to be the only thing...
I'm coping with the FiiO E9/7 setup right now though, so would I see any decrease in performance/quality at all? What cans are you powering with the T1?
Should I buy this from MassDrop or elsewhere? $170 for the amp/DAC + the Gold Lion tube that OP said was his personal favourite sounds like a pretty badass deal, when the cheapest I could find the actual amp for was $160. I guess it's a no-brainer to buy it based off that, but should I be considering other tubes or will the Gold Lion do?
Amazon.Ca has got a better deal going on for the audioengine a5+s than I've seen for any American site which is incredibly surprising. I already ordered mine on friday, however they haven't been shipped yet. I think the price went up since I ordered by $10 but still an amazing deal nonetheless
Apparently the DT770's are really good all around cans, but the sub bass is mediocre, and the Darth Beyers are supposed to totally fix that and give them the perfect sounding bass and kick.
Sorry for making a thread, I know there's tons already, but I need a quick answer since I found a really good sale on the HFI580's, and I don't want it to expire before I make a decision.   So I have the HD598's(Home use), and HD 25-1 ii's(Outside/travel use), and I'd like a versatile, bass-heavy pair of headphones.   I have two friends with Sony XB headphones (500, 700), so I know that there are definitely headphones out there with a lot more bass and punch than...
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