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Apparently the DT770's are really good all around cans, but the sub bass is mediocre, and the Darth Beyers are supposed to totally fix that and give them the perfect sounding bass and kick.
Sorry for making a thread, I know there's tons already, but I need a quick answer since I found a really good sale on the HFI580's, and I don't want it to expire before I make a decision.   So I have the HD598's(Home use), and HD 25-1 ii's(Outside/travel use), and I'd like a versatile, bass-heavy pair of headphones.   I have two friends with Sony XB headphones (500, 700), so I know that there are definitely headphones out there with a lot more bass and punch than...
They don't really get that "kick" until the volumes pretty far up. My 598's have better bass IMO.
Awkward. I have those headphones on right now.
Bass Headphones Needed (Probably the most common topic)   Best for bass? I want something that thumps in my hip hop and hard electro, not something that ****s on the track like beats. I'd like it to be fairly portable, something that I can take to school and wear as a necklace or shove in my bag without it being damaged or safe inside of a carrying case. I'd also like it to be closed and have decent isolation. Ideally it'd be something that the Beats Bitches put on...
Hey guys, I have my HD 25-1 ii's and my HD598's and I love em both. I'm kind of a basshead though, so I want an alternate pair for blasting bass heavy hip-hop/electro. My friend has XB500's and they're pretty awesome so that can be kind of the reference. How do they compare to HFI 580's (usually recommended for bassheads)? Any others? I'm looking to spend under $200. Doesn't matter if it needs amping, I have my FiiOs. Thanks,
I don't know anything about Grado's but HD 598's seem the best for your price range if you want good all around sound.
HD 598's are the gateway cans for just about everyone nowadays. They were my first and I don't regret it at all. If you underspend on your first pair you might be put off because going from a $100 budget to a $200 budget has phenomenal sound differences and way more choices. Splurge, you won't regret it. I promise.
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