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Would love a straight and shorter with an extension going to 3meter total and 1.3 meters on the short cable.
What's your definition of balanced? The 580's ARE basshead cans right up their with the Denon D1100, Shure SRH750DJ, Sony XB500/700.
I've always found coiled cables to be more agrivating on the road or at home. they stretch out if they even get snagged on anything and pop up when tugged hard enough, they don't fit well in a pocket  and tangle something fierce.
Well not to many of these headphones should be considered portable in the least. The only other noteable headphone I can think of would be the Sony MDR 7509 Pro's which are about as nautual of a sound( Balanced, absolutely incredible sound sig for recording or tracking.) They aren't small but they isolate fairly well, got to use them last week and though it's not my personal favorite sound sig( I'm a V shaped person) I still found them to be very good for what they...
Umm the DT770 have REALLLY over powering bass which really recesses the mids(AB'd them against the M50's at a local Guitar center about last month) You seem to be confused or you've read the wrong reviews cause some of the things you're assuming have been plain wrong.  How about you try listening with your ears, I suggest a guitar center or a Sam Ash or something they should have something to use.   If your gonna ask me of the ones you've listed I'll say the 840's and the...
That ultrasone has a wieghter low end then the M50's, have you ever used the M50's?
Only had a few times to use them, but every time Iwas worried I was gonna break them. I'm not saying they are gonna break after gentle use like the HD5xx series, but there are some nioticiable build quality issues with these Sens.  
NWA was pretty damn well mastered my dear sir.
Not really, the HD650's feel pretty fragile to me.
    I disagree with this, but your obviously diluted audiophole so I wont waste my time.   OP use your own ears and judge for yourself if you really feel their is ANY difference between 320kpbs and Lossless FLAC or ALAC and you feel it is worth the trouble and space issues( especially the moving of the files) then by all means go ahead and do yourself a favor and use lossless. I've done blind testing with Lossless and 320 and found it indistinguishable.
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