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@Stillhart - SS Mjolnir 2 vs Liquid Carbon? Tube Mj2 vs LC? TIA
I really missed the Mjolnir's elegant form factor when I replaced it with the behemoth that is the Ragnarok. An SS/tube Mjolnir is an instant buy. It'll be pitted against the Liquid Carbon whenever mine gets shipped. GG Schiit. GG.
Wonder if there are units already allocated to Schiit's overseas distributors. Would prefer to order locally than through Schiit.
Lol. Get ready to rage then.Should've cancelled your order following the announcement.
And since your "helpful" comment also mentioned the ROK, which people have correctly pointed out does accommodate IEMs and does so without compromise.
@Stillhart - thanks for the insightful review. Your impressions have reinforced my suspicion that the LC will be a very good match for the HD800.
It's a misconception that the HD800 needs to be filtered through coloured/warm components to make it bearable. My approach has always been to drive it from a capable amp free of brittleness or etch in its signature, without smothering the detail presented by an equally capable, resolving and neutral dac. Lesser components have flaws that are forgivable through less capable transducers. The HD800 presents all the warts.   You can either try to address the warts upstream...
I'm ready to order the [REDACTED] and hopefully a new balanced tube amp above the Valhalla 2. 
 The HD800's ceiling is higher than the HD650 and it takes stepping up to a certain tier of components to start glimpsing this potential. This, of course, entails careful consideration and additional expenses on suitable components (people fixate on amps but source is also vitally important for the HD800). It's not surprising that people who don't accommodate for this are struck with that remorse and sense of diminishing returns.
It's odd that there's very little feedback on the LC's synergy with the HD800. Most impressions are with planars. The H800 is not a rare bird. It's the ubiquitous, ToTL dynamic headphone and perhaps the ultimate (sq) test for an amp like the LC. I'm sure you've already placed an order for the LC (as I have) and we'll soon hear for ourselves how the LC measures up. There must be others who are still on the fence though, seeking more detailed impressions on this pairing.
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