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Interest check for my Valhalla 2. I'm the original owner. Purchased from Addicted to Audio. Amp is in mint condition. Will be packaged with original tube set, plus a pair of Amperex Bugle Boy (1960's) and a pair Orange Globe (1974 A-frames) input tubes.   Buyer pays for postage. Preferred payment is AusPost Cash on Delivery.
The HD800's bass is much more articulate than the HD650's emphasised mid bass presentation. Sub-bass on the HD800 is also better resolved. Sound staging isn't even a contest. I've lived with both the HD650 and HD800 for extended periods. Whilst I agree with many of the points @mikoss and @MattTCG make, the HD800 for me wins over the HD650 in most aspects and the HD650 gathered dust when both were in the stable. I can understand how the HD650's distinct signature is...
Were both dacs using the same firmware?
That's a nice looking stack. Give it time for yours ears to adjust. You could very well find that the sound you were previously accustomed to is thin and abrasive compared to the M51's presentation. Happy listening.
Y'all should hear the M51 with the UpTone usb REGEN in place. Didn't think the M51 could be improved upon and that I'd quickly sell the REGEN off to recoup the cost. I was wrong. Very wrong.
So you ended up acquiring another M51? The multibit Gungnir is enticing but I just can't part with the M51. I doubt the improvements (if any) would justify sacrificing the M51's features and the additional cost (MB Gungnir is $2129 in Australia). The UpTone usb REGEN (amber) has also elevated the M51 to another level. You should try to audition one if you haven't already heard it in your system.
The HD800 is not a one trick pony - renowned for its resolution because it's fooled listeners by simply accentuating the top end. EQ out the treble peaks around the 6khz region, or apply various materials to the cavernous cups to lessen the reflections and you still have a highly resolving headphone that's still the benchmark that newer and more expensive headphones concede to. You can't simply boost treble on any mid-tier headphone and expect performance to match the...
I concur, but I think it's a matter of semantics. I'd never describe the HD650 as harsh, but I can certainly understand critique of a slightly grainy or unrefined quality that is evident when compared to higher end headphones. It's telling that those bemused by this critique don't have extended experience with headphones that are actually better than the HD650 on a technical level (personal preferences aside).
My post was clearly about a closed headphone alternative to the HD650. Reading comprehension is a requisite.
 The HD650's are $200 now?    ^ This was the initial question.
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