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Been away from HF for a few months and find the same folks talking about the same thing, with purrin stirring the nest as usual. Lol. Hai guise!
 The HD800 is my favourite headphone but no way does it diminish the HD650 to the point that it's not worth owning. You have a nice collection of headphones. May as well add an unassailable classic.
Loving the HD650 a lot of late. It gets just as much head time as the HD800. Haven't changed or added anything to my rig for some time now. Finally stopped thirsting for different or more... stuff. Just enjoying the music.
Thanks for the heads up. 1.39 for life!
 My Mjolnir exhibits the same symptoms. Right channel zizz, except it's a seemingly random occurrence for me. My unit also buzzes. I have my amp on my desk, an arm's length away. The buzz is sometimes audible through open headphones during quite passages in the music. Annoying, but I've learned to live with it. The Vali has no such issues, and neither have the other amps I've owned.
 Got a good chuckle out of this. Maybe we can get have our dedicated HD650 thread back? 
 HD650 from the Mjolnir is the business. My Audez'e (x2) also gathered dust with the HD650 in house.
Unless a stealth update is implemented (eg silver screen HD650) I doubt a company like Sennheiser would allow for wild variance between units. purrin has done measurements of HD800s to prove the tight tolerance levels. Sennheiser is not Audez'e.Do you have your old HD650 on hand to compare? If there is a difference it could be a number of things. Stiffer pads in the new headphone, or pre burn in signature of the transducers (if you believe in such things).As to...
 What do you hope to achieve here?
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