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The Jot's SE output is excellent, but the balanced output is better, IMO. When volume matched (with a dB level meter), there is more body and control in the lower registers and percussion instruments have more impact. And against expectation, balanced also sounds smoother to me. It's not night and day, though it may appear so when switching between the two without careful volume matching. I'm not asserting that the Jot has this wide gulf between SE and balanced. Your...
 Agree with the sentiment, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better amp than the Jotunheim for a mere $300 more.
 There's no magic in that $300 cable. You're simply hearing the inherent difference between the Jotunheim's SE and balanced output, exaggerated because you can't quickly switch between the outputs with the same transducers connected and volume matched. Re-terminating the stock HD650 to balanced yields the same result - at 1/10th the cost of your "audiophile" cable. This is the cable I use. It's made of braided, Norne Audio 22awg ultra pure OCC copper. Love the look and...
Loving the feel of this balanced cable. It's light and ergonomic - made of 4 braided wires of Norne Audio 22awg OCC copper, encased in transparent black jacket. Sounds great too.    
Yes. I turn my powered speakers off by extending my arm and reaching behind the speaker. Sounds hard, but I don't even have to get out of my chair!
 The multibit Modi is very affordable but I'd rather a multibit Gungnir tier, fully balanced dac inside a Jotunheim sized case. Until that happens I'm quite content with the convenience and surprising excellence of the Jotunheim's internal dac.
I'm streaming Spotify premium on the iPad mini. I'm not streaming wirelessly to the dac. The iPad mini is connected via usb to the Jotunheim's internal dac.
 Outside your budget unfortunately, but I'm loving the sound and simplicity of an iPad mini 2 streaming Spotify premium to the Jotunheim dac/amp combo. Got tired of the OCD management of my FLAC library. Gradually down-sized from a NAD M51 and Ragnarok and now slumming it with the much simpler setup below. Glad to concede that whilst it's not the absolute best I've heard the HD650 sound - it's still quite wonderful and more than good enough for me. 
I've "down-sized" to just a Jotunheim with internal dac and an iPad mini 2 streaming Spotify premium. Not a bad place to slum it: 
Wrong. The Jotunheim's DAC board is not USB powered. It is only the USB input that's USB powered.
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