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 Thank you! The rage and hostility that stemmed from my post was rather baffling. As someone who has lived with both the LCD-2 and HD650 on two separate occasions, with gear that has been regarded as fine components for either headphone, I could relate to your concise impressions. I was simply putting forth the view that whilst we all enjoy the HD650, it has inherent limitations that peg it below the LCD-2 in technical terms. The Audez'e has a distinct smoothness and...
 Careful, you might rile up the angry mob with such an "inflammatory" statement. 
Not sure why y'all have gotten so worked up about my posts. Read back and understand the context. The hissy fit and claims of the top tier Schiit amps as inadequate for the HD650 are some of the most absurd things I've seen on this forum.
Quoting this for posterity. Comedy gold.
I've always driven the HD650 from decent amps, from Audio-GD's to the Schiit Lyr, Vali and Mjolnir. My current system is in my sig. Are you suggesting this is inadequate for the HD650? Lol.
How so?
My comment was aimed at the post suggesting that the HD650 may have been hampered in the comparison against the LCD-2. I suppose you could bridge the gap somewhat if you ran the HD650 from a ToTL system and compared to an LCD-2 from a cheap MP3 player, but there is no denying the Audeze's technical prowess over the HD650. Why are you so butt-hurt? I'm only stating the bleeding obvious and have also expressed my preference to the HD650 over the LCD-2. LOL indeed.
No amount of POWAH will ever grace the HD650 with that same pristine clarity you hear from orthos. Nor can it match the extension of the bass region into subterranean depths. The HD650 is a little rough around the edges. Yes, it scales very well, but so do higher end transducers.   I love the HD650 and do (almost inexplicably) prefer it over the LCD-2 (which I've owned twice), but I'm not averse to conceding that the Audez'e stomps it in most aspects of sound quality.
Balanced. Not once have I utilised the single ended headphone out.
Geek Out to a Vali looks like a good modest setup for the HD800. Enjoy it.
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