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  Haha, I actually like my AD700 a lot more than my HD485s. I just absolutely hate the AD700s bass.  
HAHA! Okay, I would be using an internal DAC with my CDP. I still haven't really got a good answer on whether it would make a noticable difference to have an external one. The Crack and Dynalo should be good amps for it (from what I have read).  
If I buy a Crack, I would have to spend around $500 on it. I am not brave enough to build it myself.   I am concerned over whether it is still a good value if I spend that much on it.   There are possibly some other tube amps for $500 that might be better, right?  
I am going to name some genres and artists that I listen to the most. Maybe that will help you all decide on which one of these headphones for me to buy.   Artists:   Elvis Presley Pink Floyd Katy Perry Taylor Swift Creed The Killers Air Koop Third Day Kutless Josh Turner   Genres:   Chill-out Jazz Acoustic Country Contemporary Christian Rock Pop World Big Band Dance Electronica    
Would there be a breathtaking difference? I love music, but I am hard-pressed for money.  
  Wow, I really like the look of this one. How long did it take you to build it?
Sorry, I didn't see those posts at first. I guess it is a split decision over the two amps.  
I can't decide between the two because I listen to such a broad range of music. I honestly need them both, but I don't have enough money right now.   I wish that I could get by with just one. I need to spend the rest of my money on a speaker system.
Does the DT880 have noticeably more details that the HD600?  
So, I guess it's a no-go on the Crack and the HD600?   I wouldn't be using a Gilmore Lite. I would be using the Sheer Audio HA-006++.   I assume that they are the same?
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