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Do you know if speakers ever wear out, like headphones? It looks like the AMTs were made in the early 70's.   I would be concerned about buying a wore out pair.   I guess you would need a subwoofer for these, right?   Also, how can you tell when the speakers are placed right?  
This absolutely made my day.
I have always been curious about the claims that you must spend much more on speakers than headphones to get the same resolution.   I have heard this in many places. One claim is the Sennheiser HD5xx series sounds as good as $500 speakers. I just don't see how that could be right. Has anyone else heard this?   I think that the claims are only about resolution and detail. Can anyone else weigh in on this? Does anyone have $300 speakers that match the detail and...
What amp was used for your HD 600 impressions?  
Ick. So, 333 mW?  
Does anyone know how many mW a Crack puts out?   I am not sure if it can drive the HD 600 to its *full* potential.
I am probably going to get flamed to death for not knowing this, but can someone tell me a little about the relationship of vinyl record speeds and sizes?   I got to hear some early 1900s '78 records on a horn record player yesterday. It peaked my interest in the sizes and what they should be called.   What speed are LPs played at? Are they called anything different?   What size are '78s?   What size is a 33 1/2 record?   As you can see, I am...
I can't get past the idea of channel volume imbalance. A stepped attenuator is the only fix, right?  
Does the Crack have a stepped attenuator?
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