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Here's my Swiss Legend Tungsten T8010-55:  
It would help if we knew what kind of sound signature you prefer.   Do you like treble, neutrality, or bass?
Do you like treble, neutrality, or bass?   We can point you in the right direction if you give us your sound signature preference.
Tell us a little about the sound signature that you might be looking for.   Do you like treble, neutrality, or bass?
I actually find the AD700s very bright. My ears get fatigued after a few hours.
I have the AD700s, and I think that they are excellent for some types of music. They really don't have much bass impact, but you can hear the bass notes, and the bass is well controlled.   The AD700s have a very wide soundstage, but it doesn't really have much depth to it. I still find this type of soundstage enjoyable.   Could I ask what you mean by "stale"?
I am hoping for HD600s and a nice SS amp to go with them!  
Are the HD600, or the DT880 600 ohm more neutral?
I think that the worst thing that I ever put in my mouth was a pickled egg.   I am very paranoid about eating sushi out at any restaurant. You never know if it has layed out on the counter for days on end and grew countless bacteria. I think sushi should be made at one's own house, with fresh caught fish, from ye local crick.   I still don't really see how people can eat octopus and other slimy sea creatures. I have never tried it myself, but I can't seem to...
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