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What amp was used for your HD 600 impressions?  
Ick. So, 333 mW?  
Does anyone know how many mW a Crack puts out?   I am not sure if it can drive the HD 600 to its *full* potential.
I am probably going to get flamed to death for not knowing this, but can someone tell me a little about the relationship of vinyl record speeds and sizes?   I got to hear some early 1900s '78 records on a horn record player yesterday. It peaked my interest in the sizes and what they should be called.   What speed are LPs played at? Are they called anything different?   What size are '78s?   What size is a 33 1/2 record?   As you can see, I am...
I can't get past the idea of channel volume imbalance. A stepped attenuator is the only fix, right?  
Does the Crack have a stepped attenuator?
Wow. Okay, I hope enough people order by Sunday. I should probably go ahead and order mine.   You have give me some very good information about the build, but I still feel like I could ruin the whole thing.   What kind of return policy do they have? Would they give me back my money if I did something horribly wrong?  
  Haha, I actually like my AD700 a lot more than my HD485s. I just absolutely hate the AD700s bass.  
HAHA! Okay, I would be using an internal DAC with my CDP. I still haven't really got a good answer on whether it would make a noticable difference to have an external one. The Crack and Dynalo should be good amps for it (from what I have read).  
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