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I am hoping for HD600s and a nice SS amp to go with them!  
Are the HD600, or the DT880 600 ohm more neutral?
I think that the worst thing that I ever put in my mouth was a pickled egg.   I am very paranoid about eating sushi out at any restaurant. You never know if it has layed out on the counter for days on end and grew countless bacteria. I think sushi should be made at one's own house, with fresh caught fish, from ye local crick.   I still don't really see how people can eat octopus and other slimy sea creatures. I have never tried it myself, but I can't seem to...
It's fine, I understand how you can appreciate both of the different sound signatures.  
Do you like your DT880s, or your speakers more?  
I would take off the non-audiophile brands (such as Beats), if I were you.
You did. =D   I could totally see something like that happening.   I actually saw the Seventh Day Slumber drummer with some Beats on the other day. I can't believe professional musicians have fallen into the trap too! =( 
Do you know if speakers ever wear out, like headphones? It looks like the AMTs were made in the early 70's.   I would be concerned about buying a wore out pair.   I guess you would need a subwoofer for these, right?   Also, how can you tell when the speakers are placed right?  
This absolutely made my day.
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