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Thank you for chiming in. Did you ever notice any channel imbalance?  
  I am glad to hear that the Grados don't make your HD600 sound boring. How much better are the highs on the 325is?  
  I always research a bit too much. =P       EQ is a possibility, but I never understand all of the HZ, and what each does to the sound. I can never get it to sound quite right.
  Does your HD600 sound a little boring after you listen to your MS1is? I have yet to hear the Alessandros, or the HD600, so I wouldn't know.  
Are guitars in the mids? Do they sound exciting on the HD600s?  
I don't guess a stock Bottlehead Crack with the DT880s would rival the mids of the HD600, right?  
You could look at some of Sennheiser's closed models.   Try this one:   Also, this post may help:  
The AD700s are far from dull, they give me ear fatigue often. I think that they would be a good choice for you, if you don't care about bass impact.
One of the best.  
I am torn between the two. I keep seeing that the DT880 has recessed mids, and I don't want that. The HD600 seems to have veiled highs, and I like a little sparkle in the top end. It doesn't seem like either of them are for me, but they seem like the most recommended in that price range for value.   In your opinion, does the HD600 sound veiled to you? I like for drum cymbals to be VERY clear, and sizzly. That is one of my favorite parts of music. I would be using a Dynalo...
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