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Is this the cheapest that I can buy them new, anywhere?  
Where can you buy the HD 600 for $259? The cheapest price that I see on the whole internet is $315, at Amazon. Why does no one think that $259 for these was the best deal around? Where can I get them for cheaper than $315?  
Does anyone else have any recommendations? I have been looking at Skylab's ranking of the 32 tube amps, and I am really curious about why the Woo Audio WA6 made it so much higher up on the list, than the WA3. I didn't figure that there was that much difference between the two, for only $100.
  Very helpful information! Thank you!   Is "mine" the Crack, or the WA3?
I really like the Woo Audio WA3, but it is considered the most "tubey" sounding of the Woo amps, and I want a lively sound. The other Woo amps are all too expensive. :(   I could get a Crack, but I would have to get them to build it for $150, and I wouldn't be able to get the Speedball upgrade. I don't know if that is a good deal or not, versus other amps in that price range.
I would also like to know which tubes would give a lively sound, on the Crack.
What would be a good tube amp for the HD600? It needs to be cheaper than $500, and have a lively sound, to bring the HD 600 alive.
Has anyone got to hear the 449's yet? I will eventually have to get a good closed pair of HPs.
They are listed as "Coming Soon!" on, so I think that they are very new.      
Has anyone here heard the ESP950 AND the HD600?     I was thinking about buying the HD600 and a Dynalo, but the ESP950 may be better.
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