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What would be a good tube amp for the HD600? It needs to be cheaper than $500, and have a lively sound, to bring the HD 600 alive.
Has anyone got to hear the 449's yet? I will eventually have to get a good closed pair of HPs.
They are listed as "Coming Soon!" on headphones.com, so I think that they are very new.      
Has anyone here heard the ESP950 AND the HD600?     I was thinking about buying the HD600 and a Dynalo, but the ESP950 may be better.
Thank you for chiming in. Did you ever notice any channel imbalance?  
  I am glad to hear that the Grados don't make your HD600 sound boring. How much better are the highs on the 325is?  
  I always research a bit too much. =P       EQ is a possibility, but I never understand all of the HZ, and what each does to the sound. I can never get it to sound quite right.
  Does your HD600 sound a little boring after you listen to your MS1is? I have yet to hear the Alessandros, or the HD600, so I wouldn't know.  
Are guitars in the mids? Do they sound exciting on the HD600s?  
I don't guess a stock Bottlehead Crack with the DT880s would rival the mids of the HD600, right?  
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