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Those look truly amazing but I am just wondering if the MMGs would be acceptable to use...I know they would be a downgrade from the 3.7s but I don't really know how much of a downgrade...I can't spend what the asking price of the 3.7s are.
Your joking, right?
Ok thanks much. So basically, you are saying that if I get the MMGs that I will want to step it up?
Ok, I have many songs that are WMA Lossless. Now, when I put these onto my Zune 120, are they still lossless? I know I have saw that some players can only handle 320 kbps, and lossless files are normally 900-1300 kbps. Does my Zune 120 downgrade the file to 320 when I sync it on? I do know that my songs are around 60 MB on the computer but then are only around 20 MB after they are synced to my Zune. I can tell this by looking at the device song list on the software. Does...
I am not sure what you mean by "research". There really isn't much to find on the internet and there isn't an audio store near me. I don't know what to do. I really just want a whole system that is around $2000. I hear that the MMGs and the Pro-Ject III is a great combo. That is why I am asking you guys. Are the MMGs audiophile worthy?  
So, I take it that I probably shouldn't just buy the $2000 Absolute Sound recommended system? That is what I really feel like doing but I don't know if it would be for the best. I do know that each piece of that system has gotten great reviews. It may not fit my listening room, I have no idea.  
Well I am very new to audio so I couldn't give you very much advice. I do know that if you want good sound quality you should always use 320 kbps Mp3s or Lossless WMAs. When you get some detailed headphones you will notice how terrible youtube videos and any Mp3 under 320 kbps sounds. I do know that the HD 580s have been discontinued so it may be hard finding them. I would say to just type the names of the headphones that you were considering into the search forum bar at...
Do you listen to Mp3s on you Droid or just youtube videos etc.?
Bump :/
I am really just thinking about going with the "Under $2000" recommended system that I saw in a Absolute Sound magazine. It had Magnepan MMG, Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable, NAD Amp, and some kind of phono stage and cables. If I had no way of hearing this system would it be fine to buy it anyway? All I want in my system is a lively, tonal rich, super detailed sound. I listen to chill out music, country, r&b, Christian, and alternative. Can I trust the Absolute Sound...
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