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Ok, thank you...So would the 595's be a HUGE improvement over 485's?
How do I tell?
  Do you not count Sennheiser HD 485s as hifi phones? lol  
Hi, will the Sennheiser HD 595s sound great with a 120gb Zune? Would they be to their full potential if they are not amped? Do I really need to amp them? If so, what is the best amp for them under $100? Would a 1980s pioneer cd player be enough power for them? Thank you
Sennheiser HD485s are $80. Aviators are like $150. They aren't that cheap for the quality that you get  
Can someone please answer my question...Would the ath-m50s have more detail or soundstage? Or would they be a step down from hd485s?
Reply to me lol, is this really who I think it is? Just tell me lolz  
I have the senn hd485s but I am thinking about getting the ath-m50s. Are the ath-m50s an upgrade or what? I know they are closed but it there more detail in them? Which is better?
What is GMP 435?
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