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Nevermind that, they are refurbished.
Hi all,   I found the HD600 for around $200 at Dakmart. What's the catch? That's a whole $100 less than Amazon. It does say that they are B stock. I'm not exactly sure what this means. Would this be a safe buy? Why are they so cheap?     Here is the link:   http://www.dakmart.com/p4509/Sennheiser-HD600-HD-600-bstock-Hi-Fi-Professional-Headphones/product_info.html#description&osCsid=02mjeipd2vfc46uim606ofchj3
Can someone post a link to the Elenco power supply? I can't seem to find it.   I am still trying to decide the HD600 w/Crack and the ESP-950 w/E90 & Elenco.   I haven't been able to find a good description of the sound signatures by anyone yet. Can someone help, please? :)   My only problem with the HD600 is the treble. I like sparkle, and a little bit of sharpness.   Is the ESP-950 treble a big improvement on the HD600 treble (in that ^^^ regard)?    
Hi all,   What is a nice, cheap Stax amp that I could use with the Koss (new)?   Also, is it possible to buy the headphone without the energizer (new, of course)?   Thanks
Hi all,   I am seriously considering the Koss ESP-950 system. I know that most people don't use the energizer that comes with it. Are there any cheap Stax amps that will work with the Koss? I would also love for someone to find a place where I could buy ONLY the Koss headphone, without the energizer (new). I have looked around a little, but most of the places sell the energizer with the amp. I really want to take the costs down, since I don't need the included...
I really don't know. I guess that I could try to go for the WA6, but I don't see how it could be much better, for only around $100.
Is this the cheapest that I can buy them new, anywhere?  
Where can you buy the HD 600 for $259? The cheapest price that I see on the whole internet is $315, at Amazon. Why does no one think that $259 for these was the best deal around? Where can I get them for cheaper than $315?  
Does anyone else have any recommendations? I have been looking at Skylab's ranking of the 32 tube amps, and I am really curious about why the Woo Audio WA6 made it so much higher up on the list, than the WA3. I didn't figure that there was that much difference between the two, for only $100.
  Very helpful information! Thank you!   Is "mine" the Crack, or the WA3?
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