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Hi all,    1.) What should my buffer length be set to when using the E10?   2.) Should my gain be on low or high for a Grado SR60i?   3.) Should I use 16-bit or 24-bit?   4.) Does the gold RCA connector completely fix the time delay?   Thanks, Shane
Hey all,    I am going to buy the Fiio E10 to use with my Grado SR60i's. I have mostly Zune Pass protected WMA files. It has just come to my attention that foobar2000 won't play these files.    I am wanting to know if Windows Media Player could sound as good as Foobar with Wasapi...   Is there a way to restrict all signals with WMP like there is with foobar2000?   Thanks,  Shane
Hi all,   I recently noticed that the channels are not balanced on my Grado SR-60i's. I listened to quite a few different songs and it seems like the singing is louder on the right side. The singing should be directly in the center, yes? I put the left earpiece on my right ear and vice versa to make sure that I was correct. I'm not sure what to do now. It's annoying me to death and I'm past the 30 days for returning them to Headroom. How much would it cost to ship...
  I would get the cheapest Stax, of course.   I'm tired of taking small steps up the chain. I want the best now!
I agree. I've been thinking about upgrading soon. I love the Grado sound! On the other hand, I think that Stax would float my boat too.
I know that I will be criticized for asking this question...but I am going to ask it anyway. I have a little OCD and it's been on my mind lately. I have the Grado SR-60i and I had read somewhere that you could change the sound by placing your hands over the earcups while the music is playing. I did this...and it sounded worse...but then I got to thinking that I may have damaged my headphones by doing this. Can the drivers be damaged by trapping the sound waves and...
Just got my SR60i in the mail today and I am already liking them more than my HD485 and my AD700. I think I may have found my favorite brand (still haven't listened to Stax yet though). The way that these reproduce cymbals is AMAZING! I must just love treble but I think I could listen to almost any genre with these. Does anyone use them for jazz?
I have the AD700 and I am wondering how much of an upgrade it would be to by an MS1 for rock. Or...an SR60i or SR80i. Which of these is best for rock? Is it even worth paying $100 for an MS1 if I already have an AD700?
I would also like to know if I will even be able to tell a difference in SQ when using the Fiio E10 (as opposed to my stock PC soundcard). I will be using Audio-Technica AD700 with it.
Hi all,   I am getting ready to purchase a Fiio E10, and I need some help with my configuration.   1. Should I use Wasapi for Foobar 2000?   2. What exactly does Wasapi do?   3. Is my soundcard being used at all whenever the Fiio E10 is plugged in?   4. What should my buffer length be on in Wasapi?   5. If I don't have any 96,000hz songs, should I still change my soundcard to 96,000hz?   6. How do I connect Wasapi, my soundcard, and my Fiio...
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