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Okay...I just got my Fiio E10 and I am already having problems. The first time I tried it there was clipping, hiccuping, skipping, popping, static, and distortion. I used a different USB and it sounded perfect. I unplugged it and then later I plugged it back into the working USB and now I hear the same thing again. I have tinkered with all the settings and nothing is working. I have tried plugging and unplugging to no avail. This is a problem with all of my media...
  I have tried the download at that URL. Unfortunately, there was no option available in WMP for ASIO. Thank you for your help. 
  The old batch sold out in all of the retailers?
  Hmm... This isn't good. I need to use WMP with ASIO because of my Zune Pass files. Foobar won't play them. Can I use ASIO4All with WMP?   Someone needs to work out a solution for me! :D
  Do you think I should use WMP with the Asio plug-in, or just leave it how it is? I want to make sure that there is a pure signal going to the Fiio (with no computer interference).
  Thanks. Could you explain a little about what Asio is? I mean...what's the benefit of using it on WMP with a Fiio?
  I did ask Headroom about it. They told me that they has the latest batch. I'm not really sure which on the "latest" is. I was asking on here to see if anyone had bought one from them lately.    Does anyone know if Windows Media Player will work well with the Fiio E10? Sound quality wise.
  Okay, cool. Where can I find the Asio plug-in?
Does anyone know what batch Headroom currently has?   If I understand this right, the gold RCA connectors reduces the delay down to .1S?
Hi,   What is "asio"?
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