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I have the AD700 and I am wondering how much of an upgrade it would be to by an MS1 for rock. Or...an SR60i or SR80i. Which of these is best for rock? Is it even worth paying $100 for an MS1 if I already have an AD700?
I would also like to know if I will even be able to tell a difference in SQ when using the Fiio E10 (as opposed to my stock PC soundcard). I will be using Audio-Technica AD700 with it.
Hi all,   I am getting ready to purchase a Fiio E10, and I need some help with my configuration.   1. Should I use Wasapi for Foobar 2000?   2. What exactly does Wasapi do?   3. Is my soundcard being used at all whenever the Fiio E10 is plugged in?   4. What should my buffer length be on in Wasapi?   5. If I don't have any 96,000hz songs, should I still change my soundcard to 96,000hz?   6. How do I connect Wasapi, my soundcard, and my Fiio...
Thanks for the replies, everyone.   I think that I will just settle for headphones, since I'm not ready to spend money on room acoustics. I am still trying to find a headphone that suits my signature preference, but I don't know if there is such a thing. I want neutrality. The HD 600 couldn't be neutral because of the rolled-off highs. The DT 880 is said to be neutral but it has exaggerated highs, and slightly recessed mids. I thought about looking into an...
Has anyone had the MMG and say...an HD 600? Help me out here. :)
Hi all,   The Magnepan MMG loudspeakers cost $600. Would it produce music less/more realistically than a highly-regarded $600 headphone (exclude the amp/source, etc.)?   How much money would one have to spend on loudspeakers to get the equivalent "being there at the performance" sound quality of a Senn HD-600 (exclude the amp/source, etc.)?
I don't like the fact that they are refurbished. I think I would rather just pay the extra $100, and also know that Amazon is trustworthy.
Nevermind that, they are refurbished.
Hi all,   I found the HD600 for around $200 at Dakmart. What's the catch? That's a whole $100 less than Amazon. It does say that they are B stock. I'm not exactly sure what this means. Would this be a safe buy? Why are they so cheap?     Here is the link:   http://www.dakmart.com/p4509/Sennheiser-HD600-HD-600-bstock-Hi-Fi-Professional-Headphones/product_info.html#description&osCsid=02mjeipd2vfc46uim606ofchj3
Can someone post a link to the Elenco power supply? I can't seem to find it.   I am still trying to decide the HD600 w/Crack and the ESP-950 w/E90 & Elenco.   I haven't been able to find a good description of the sound signatures by anyone yet. Can someone help, please? :)   My only problem with the HD600 is the treble. I like sparkle, and a little bit of sharpness.   Is the ESP-950 treble a big improvement on the HD600 treble (in that ^^^ regard)?    
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