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ClieOS, Would you happen to know how the OBJECTIVE2+ODAC REV B sounds when paired with HD600? I am wondering if the synergy is optimal there. I'm also wondering if the amp has enough power to cure HD600s slow and veiled nature.
I will definitely check to see if lossless TIDAL can be played offline. If it can't, that will be a deal-breaker for me. Somehow I have to find out if these $300-$400 amps are going to be enough to power the HD600 to its full potential. It looks like some people are satisfied while others aren't.
That sounds like a good idea! Um, do you think an iPod Touch and TIDAL lossless would work also? I am sort of considering that. iPod Touch doesn't have auto upsampling, does it?
LOL! If I can remember, I will surely update you. As of now, I have to decide between iPhone and Android. It seems that Android is definitely the cheaper route, but I am going to need a third-party app in order to use with TIDAL, which isn't ideal since I'm not so educated on the technicalities of such an app. iPhone is much simpler since a third-party app is not needed, but I can't pay $600 for an unlocked iPhone. So... Now I need to find out the minimum iOS version that...
Woah... I love your intelligence, grammar, punctuation, and how learned you seem. Very, very cool. Trivial activities of the mind... I can't imagine what that might be. But thank you for explaining the signature! And thank you for the best wishes!
 You have literally been so helpful. I have a lot to think about and research now. This is random, but I see your signature, and it makes me wonder about your philosophical and religious beliefs. I'm guessing nothing really matters only if we weren't made by a personal deity?
That is an excellent idea. I will surely do that. Do you believe that the Oppo and Mojo are the two top ranked, most respected, or are there any others I should consider?
This is super, super helpful. Thank you so much!!!
Thank you so much for commenting. I am also open to getting an Android phone though. How can I get I figure out which Android phones are compatible with DACs? Also, is there a ranking somewhere of DAC/amp combos that will work with phones?
Hello everyone, I am planning to buy the Sennheiser HD600 and use it with a DAC/amp combo in a portable context. The source is going to have to be a Microsoft smartphone, as I need the Groove Music online app in order to have monthly subscription music downloads. My issue is that I have no idea how to connect a DAC/amp combo to a cellphone, and I have no idea if that is even compatible. I'm also worried about the amp not being strong enough, resulting in my HD600s...
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