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  Weird, i always felt that my M50's were significantly better than the XB700's whose muddy bass used to drive me insane. The mids of the XB700 were pretty bad and metal sounded pretty pathetic IMO. 
Thanks for the graphs. Does it apply to the DT770's too ? Since some people have reported huge sound differences in the sound quality of the DT770 250 and 600. 
I dont think so. I didnt notice any difference whatsoever running a rockbox'd Fuze at flat EQ settings
The ipod touch 4G actually has a 0.7MP cam whose picture quality is significantly lower than the iphone 4G's Its a 960X640 res. Even the videos are recorded at this resolution but upscaled to 1280X720. 
Well i already have the s:flo2 on the 2.30 firmware and am using a pair of M50's with them connected straight through the LO with the EQ on -9 across all frequencies. Whenever i switch to the HO, there isn't much of a difference - the sound becomes a little warm and bass gets reduced a little though i haven't noticed the dullness in the treble as yet however slight it may be. It sounds awesome though, better than my 3G touch.   I dont have any cash on me right now but...
What about the LO ?
Its been around 1 and a half months since i received my M50S and i have to say, they are freaking awesome. Never though that they would be so much better than the HD415's which i had previously. Plus they even make explosions in movies and games come to life with their oh-my-gawd bass. 
You could also take a look at the Audio Technica M50 if you like a lot of bass. they are pretty good headphones for $100 and should suit your needs since they can run off an ipod just fine without needing any external amplification. 
I too use the S:flo2 with the M50 and the sound is amazing. I plug them directly into the LO (with the EQ at -9 across all frequencies) since its more neutral and has a bit better bass compared to the HO which sounds warmer IMO and the bass is a bit lighter than the LO. Sometimes, when i need even more bass , the bass boost of the E5 does it for me. Its of first decent audio setup and i an extremely happy with it. The only irritating thing is that whenever i am...
My first post here. Just got my M50's 2 weeks back and have been listening to them a lot because the sound is just amazing with perfect bass (I'm a basshead ). Not as comfortable as the Senn HD555's i tried but way better sound in my opinion. 
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