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 I've also noticed they sound... big. I can't find another word for it. they just sound big. like the sound is all around you and just envelops you, sort of. I love it! :)
I just can't get over how sexy the M-80s are. they look sooo good!
I'm enjoying these sooo much. they're the most fun-sounding headphone I've owned!   the good: - the bass has a really nice slam but it does not overpower the rest of the sound. - the mids are gorgeous, vocals and guitars sound so pretty! - the highs could be better, but I really can't complain. - the soundstage is very, very nice. I feel it's pretty spacious, horizontally. - I also find them to be pretty detailed.  - the instrument separation is amazing! it's the...
does anyone else find these to be quite picky with the audio quality? if I play things that are not very well recorded they are less forgiving than any other earphones/headphones I've had... but when I play good quality music, they just shine so much. so is it just me or are they really picky headphones? maybe I need to burn them in a bit...
I have a question regarding shipping. I ordered mine 2 weeks ago (December 9th) and have yet to receive them. It's international shipping, so how much longer should I wait without worrying?
agreed. these are much more balanced. the bass is amazing for my taste: it's got less quantity than the SE215, but it's much more accurate. and they're currently like $35 off Amazon, so it's really a no-brainer.
I just bought a pair of XBA-1. The price seemed attractive and I needed some cheaper IEMs to use outside. I have to say I don't regret my purchase in the least. Mind you, I just started listening, but I already like them a lot. They're not exceptional in any part of the spectrum, but their signature is really fun. Compared to my GR07 they lack a bit of clarity and detail, and the drums don't sound as breathtaking, but they're pretty amazing. Especially when you take the...
You won't regret it, trust me and everyone who recommends the GR07s. About the portable DAP, my personal suggestion is an iPod Nano 7G. I use it with my GR07 all the time and they pair up nicely. The Sansa Fuze, Clip, and Clip+ are also highly recommended here, they're reliable and have an upgradeable memory. Look into those and you should be good to go!
That's just waaaaay too cute! 
Another album suggestion: re-Foc by Rodrigo y Gabriela. Their music is acoustic guitar based. It's a mix of rock and various Hispanic/Latin genres, which makes it heavy but also incredibly rhythmical. The album is very well recorded, and the GR07s present it in a way I find hard to describe with words. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen!   
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