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I'm wondering this as well. The one complaint I have is that they get too harsh at times, I can't even imagine how the original M6 was 
I've also gotta say, I believe the reason these can be called "stage IEMs" is because of the instrument separation. I had never heard the instruments so clearly distinguished. This is helpful for me because I'm a bass player and they have helped me to figure the bass parts out in some songs I cover. My previous headphones/earphones didn't allow this. 
I just got these and, I must say, I'm pretty impressed. I've had the Shure SE215, VSonic GR07 MKII (my favorite so far), V-Moda M80s, and some other earphones; these surpass all but the GR07, imo. The instrument separation is amazing, to say the least. I really like the powerful (yet not overpowering) bass and the detailed highs. I hear some sibilance when there's trumpets in a song but it's not that big of an issue. The soundstage is also quite likeable.   As far as the...
 I've also noticed they sound... big. I can't find another word for it. they just sound big. like the sound is all around you and just envelops you, sort of. I love it! :)
I just can't get over how sexy the M-80s are. they look sooo good!
I'm enjoying these sooo much. they're the most fun-sounding headphone I've owned!   the good: - the bass has a really nice slam but it does not overpower the rest of the sound. - the mids are gorgeous, vocals and guitars sound so pretty! - the highs could be better, but I really can't complain. - the soundstage is very, very nice. I feel it's pretty spacious, horizontally. - I also find them to be pretty detailed.  - the instrument separation is amazing! it's the...
does anyone else find these to be quite picky with the audio quality? if I play things that are not very well recorded they are less forgiving than any other earphones/headphones I've had... but when I play good quality music, they just shine so much. so is it just me or are they really picky headphones? maybe I need to burn them in a bit...
I have a question regarding shipping. I ordered mine 2 weeks ago (December 9th) and have yet to receive them. It's international shipping, so how much longer should I wait without worrying?
agreed. these are much more balanced. the bass is amazing for my taste: it's got less quantity than the SE215, but it's much more accurate. and they're currently like $35 off Amazon, so it's really a no-brainer.
I just bought a pair of XBA-1. The price seemed attractive and I needed some cheaper IEMs to use outside. I have to say I don't regret my purchase in the least. Mind you, I just started listening, but I already like them a lot. They're not exceptional in any part of the spectrum, but their signature is really fun. Compared to my GR07 they lack a bit of clarity and detail, and the drums don't sound as breathtaking, but they're pretty amazing. Especially when you take the...
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