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I just got 2 Monk+ today. This order was way faster than the previous one! It took less than a month, I'm really pleased. As for the sound... well, what can I say that hasn't been said already? I love them! I ordered one with the extra accessory package, and the ear hooks are great. I'll be using them to satisfy my need for music at the gym and college. Thank you so much for a great product, Lee! Edit: vocals sound sooo pretty. These are the perfect gift! I got one for my...
LMAO, I see what you did there ;)
I honestly don't see why so many people say they lack bass. the bass is there, and it's very much present, but only when it's necessary. it has great impact and speed, but it stays very controlled. these are by far the IEMs I've liked most out of the ones I've had. they're great for pretty much any genre and they don't require too much fidgeting to get them to seal and fit properly. they're also really comfortable, I can wear them for ~2 hours without any discomfort (which...
I just got these and lord oh lord... I had never heard the higher frequencies like this. I owned the GR07 and, from memory, the lows on them were more pronounced. but these have just the right amount of everything, I've already listened to EDM, house, classical, jazz, prog rock, and rap and nothing has disappointed me. of course, for the more bass-oriented genres (rap, EDM) you might find that you'll crave a tiny little bit more bass... but they're just so musical and...
 lol, that's what attracts me the most to these phones! $5 seems like a hell of a deal for great sounding buds. I just want them to be an upgrade over the Apple earbuds, and I bet he'll really appreciate the gift.  also, you have great taste in music 
I'm thinking of buying a few pairs of these, a few for myself (in case they break or get lost, since they're just $5) and one pair for my grandfather. He listens mostly to classical music and some rock, do you guys think these are a good fit for those genres?
I'm wondering this as well. The one complaint I have is that they get too harsh at times, I can't even imagine how the original M6 was 
I've also gotta say, I believe the reason these can be called "stage IEMs" is because of the instrument separation. I had never heard the instruments so clearly distinguished. This is helpful for me because I'm a bass player and they have helped me to figure the bass parts out in some songs I cover. My previous headphones/earphones didn't allow this. 
I just got these and, I must say, I'm pretty impressed. I've had the Shure SE215, VSonic GR07 MKII (my favorite so far), V-Moda M80s, and some other earphones; these surpass all but the GR07, imo. The instrument separation is amazing, to say the least. I really like the powerful (yet not overpowering) bass and the detailed highs. I hear some sibilance when there's trumpets in a song but it's not that big of an issue. The soundstage is also quite likeable.   As far as the...
 I've also noticed they sound... big. I can't find another word for it. they just sound big. like the sound is all around you and just envelops you, sort of. I love it! :)
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