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I hate not being able to wear these with my glasses. Any tips?
I can't wait to see nc8000s response to the Jaycar set, I bought mine at 200 dollars almost a year ago and feel kicked in the balls.
Oh man, the DBA-02 Mk IIs just dropped! I wonder when LFF is going to review them...
I paid two hundred dollars for these. This upsets me very much.   I just dropped them a private message on Twitter with those links, I'll keep you guys posted.
A while back I got confirmation from Fischer over Twitter that Yoga designed the headphones, not them. Still love 'em though!!/FischerAudioEng/status/149959952411271169
Stopped reading there. /s
Could you please do a full review of the FA-003s some time soon for your video series here on Head-Fi? It would be interesting to hear your opinions on the set after spending some time with it.
Wait, these aren't real leather?
Aw man, have any shots of the redesign circulated yet?
I sincerely hope that these new cans don't sound as cheap as they look!   (seriously, those things look like bargain-bucket drugstore monitors)
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