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^^ We'll see what we can do for you!   Actually if we can get on a roll and get the game together we have a chance at making a top 10 run for the last 3 years. Sad fact but all of us around the Big 12 know how truly bad OSU has been in the past. We more than welcome the consistency, we have a big hill to climb to make it to the top and it won't happen over night but top 25 with a possibility of top 10 over the last few years is a very welcome change if you ask me.
Good to see another OSU fan here. Are you in Stillwater too?
I agree with this 100% and that was not typical Bill Young defense. We were horrible on the defensive side and if we want to continue to win they need to figure it out quick.
We had 3 turnovers ourselves so turnovers don't really say much here. And it was by no means well played, we put together a few good drives and an extremely impressive 3rd qtr. I know we had nearly half their yards but we also had possession for half as long. We aren't there yet and have a lot of work to do but the tools are there to be a great team! That's all I'm getting at. Anyone that's only seen last nights game would agree that OSU is probably just a decent middle...
Great game last night, I'm dragging a$$ this morning though. It was a late night for us in Stillwater. That was also the first game I've ever been to that ended in a walk off field goal. We could have played better and came out DEAD in the first half but got it rolling again late. I'm proud of my boys and they played pretty good at times.   Obviously I'm going to be bias here but I disagree. I think we're a good football team with potential to be great. Like I said above...
  Still here, lurking mostly. I decided to keep my mouth shut this week (you know, poke choke...) We did play very well and pretty much the entire first squad was out after the 1st half but it was against Tulsa so I'll reserve judgment for after our Thurs game with aTm. Although the WSU and Tulsa game looked very similar so I'm hoping that's the path we'll be following this year!
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New Posts  All Forums: