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Hi there,   Looking for an excellent condition B&W P5 Wireless headphone. Let me know if you have one and are interested in selling!
I had that too with the screw. You have to do about 5-10 minutes of surgery.    Take off the pads, unscrew the driver, then just tighten the screw underneath that metal thing. It'll come right back in, and you're good to go. It was easy enough for me. You just need a very small screwdriver.
Selling a hardly used pair of Sennheiser HD650s. Excellent headphones, recently bought (silver drivers, purchased less than five months ago) and with very little use. Has been on a Woo Audio stand for most of its life. No functional or aesthetic flaws from what I can see.    Comes with box + everything it came with. An excellent sounding headphone, but it turns out I need closed headphones at home due to my living situation.    Asking $sold
Selling an excellent condition (like new really, and used maybe 2-3 times) G-Cush Grado Jumbo Bowls. Loved them, but unfortunately had to sell my RS-1s at some point, so these have no use at my place anymore.   Selling it for less than retail (and tax obviously). Shipping on me. US only.    Cheers, Mark
Hi guys,   I'm selling a pair of like brand new Grado RS-1e headphones. These are the newest RS1s with the 50mm drivers. These are in excellent condition, sound amazing, and were bought only a couple weeks ago.    Nothing wrong with them, in perfect condition, comes with adapter, the extension cable, and box (the box is written on, long story).   I had a chance to audition these against the PS500e, the old RS1i, and a pair of SR80s. I ended up keeping the RS1e's...
Truth is that I've been downgrading my setup to simplify, but am left now with just an Apogee Duet 2 headphone out to run a pair of headphones.   I still do want to maximize what headphone I use with this source/amp, but am wondering if I feel like I'll miss out too much by getting a headphone that really requires a powerhouse of an amp to drive them (like an HD800). That's why I was thinking perhaps a Grado might be the best option, but maybe a headphone like the LCD-X...
Hello everybody.   I'm selling an excellent, only once used Focusrite Forte. This was used in a professional studio for literally no longer than 4 hours. It comes with everything in the picture (which is everything minus the box). Will ship CONUS.    Sounds amazing, works great, no problems whatsoever. Works great as an interface but also a DAC and even headphone amp.    Looking for the asking price + 3% paypal (or 0% if by gift). I'll take care of...
Hello,    Selling an excellent condition Pico DAC from Headamp. Been my DAC setup for the past several years, paired with my GS-1 amp.    I've tried some A/B tests with much larger DACs and never found the difference really worth it to go up, so it's been my go-to setup for quite some time. 
Happy to answer that.   As far as I'm concerned, side by side with the RS-1 and SR80e (both of which I have on hand at the moment), the PS500e is actually the least hot on the high frequencies. It's the only one that doesn't make my face cringe ever so slightly when a recording is particularly loud on the mid-high freqs. Perhaps you're just not used to the Grado sound? They're generally known to be a bit bright and forward-sounding.   G-Cush might help in the sense...
Sorry no trades.
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